PS5: The New Free Games On PlayStation Plus In December!

PS5: The New Free Games On PlayStation Plus In December!

In this month of December 2021, the PlayStation Plus offers you access to three new games on PS4, but also and especially on PS5.

From December 7, 2021, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access three new games for free. Discover the list of upcoming titles on PS4 and PS5. 


Each month, Sony gives free access to a selection of games to those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus. We finally know the list for the month of December 2021!

We start with  Mortal Shell,  an RPG developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, but also on PS5 and Xbox Series, the title is released in August 2020.

Strongly inspired by the Souls series,  it features a knight who evolves in a world between life and death. The latter must then face horrible creatures in order to save humanity.

Be careful, the difficulty is quite high. Don’t be afraid to start over again! The game is therefore recommended for the most seasoned players.

We continue with  LEGO DC Super-Villains,  a title available since October 2018 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by the DC universe, it is developed by the British studio TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Here, no superheroes, but a ton of super villains!

The player embodies a new villain who sows terror around him. There are also big names in crime such as the Joker, or Harley Quinn.

The last game on the list, and without a doubt the most anticipated, is called  Godfall. This is another RPG this time developed by Counterplay and published by Gearbox Software.

The title is available since November 12, 2020, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

PS5: The New Free Games On PlayStation Plus In December!
 PS5: The New Free Games On PlayStation Plus In December!


In this month of December 2021, Sony offers  Godfall in its Challenger edition. What is it about? The Japanese firm gives the answer!

“The Challenger Edition focuses on three unique game modes,” she explains. We, therefore, find “Bearer of Light, Stones and the Tower of Infinite Trials”.

“These three modes are available once the game is over,”  says the very famous Japanese company. But you will have deadly weapons and skill points at your disposal. “

“You will be able to play in cooperation with up to three players to show off your skills, refine your equipment and crush your opponents”, we can then read.

You will no doubt understand, the game available on PS5 is revealed here in a trial version. Which does not seem to really thrill the players …

“This Godfall is like giving Diablo 3, but only allowing access to the Nephalem Rifts,” annoys a PS5 player on Reddit. Godfall was supposed to be their redemption after a really bad year, but they decided to screw it up with this rotten version. “