PS5: These Eagerly Awaited Features For Future Updates!

PS5: These Eagerly Awaited Features For Future Updates!

The PS5 is expected to unveil updates soon. New features are therefore expected for the new console.

Good news for gamers! New updates are indeed to be expected on the PS5 . Today, the editorial team therefore reveals the most anticipated features on the console. 


Since its release in November 2020, the PS5 has never ceased to be talked about . And for good reason ! Sony’s latest creation quickly became a scarce commodity.

No sooner had it hit the shelves of stores than it was already considered a highly sought after item. The reason ? The stockouts followed one after another.

However, the Japanese brand has just celebrated a brand new record. The PS5 has indeed sold more than 10 million copies. A big figure that seems to make the Japanese company very proud.

A few weeks ago, Jim Ryan also sent a few words to celebrate the very first anniversary of the new gen console.

“ Time has gone by so quickly since the first day gamers got their hands on our new console. I am sincerely honored and touched to celebrate this incredible first year with all of you. So much has happened in a year, since the day we lit up several landmarks and iconic places to mark the arrival of the PS5. “

He adds: “  Incredible games have emerged . (…) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Returnal or Deathloop. (…) We have unveiled the next-gen virtual reality for the PS5. It has been a busy year. The PS5 is still in its infancy. The inventive creators and publisher partners we work with have already produced over 360 games on PS5. “

“In addition, over 25 games are currently in development for the PS5 within PlayStation Studios.

PS5: These Eagerly Awaited Features For Future Updates!
PS5: These Eagerly Awaited Features For Future Updates!


But while the PS5 has just blown its first candle, it looks like new features are already on the way. Eh yes ! Updates continue to improve the gaming experience for gamers around the world.

The editorial staff at Melty therefore looked at the changes that could cause a sensation in the world of tech. Starting with the possibility of changing the theme of the menu.

While this option is available on the PS3 and PS4, the PS5 does not give players the opportunity to customize the interface. So much so that they would very much like to see an improvement at this level.

But that’s not all ! It is also necessary to be able to create folders. In addition, the happy owners of the new gen PlayStation seem to want a change on the statistics side.

A small update would therefore not be a luxury. It remains to be seen whether Sony will hear the prayers of gamers. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the Japanese company does not intend to rest on its laurels. Quite the contrary!