Fortnite: What Is The New Pizza Party Item For In-Game?

Fortnite: What Is The New Pizza Party Item For In-Game?

With the “Pizza Party” object, Fortnite offers players the opportunity to share a snack during the game! Each part regenerates 25 points of life, but also of the shield. QUORA TV tells you everything from A to Z!


With each new Fortnite update, data miners dig through the files in the hope of learning more about the next arrivals.

Last week, they had thus discovered the presence of a new object called “Pizza Evening”. A few days later, it lands in the game.

But what is it exactly? Neither more nor less than a pizza kept in its box. Yes, you read it correctly! Rest assured, it still has a use.

To use the item, simply throw it on the ground. The box will then open, revealing eight evenly cut slices of pizza. Just that!

Two choices are then offered to the player: keep the slices of pizza in his inventory, or consume them immediately. Quite a dilemma!

Each of them regenerates 25 life points, but also a shield. Not bad! Note that you cannot go beyond 50 shield points.

In addition, if you choose to keep the pizza slices in your inventory to consume them later, you should know that you can only take two.

There you go, you know everything about this new item available in Fortnite. All you have to do is take out the napkins and share this meal with friends ! QUORA TV tells you more.


Released in July 2017, Fortnite has established itself as the reference Battle Royale to this day. No other seems to be able to compete… And for good reason!

Despite fairly simple mechanics and redundant objectives in each game, players never really have time to get bored.


Indeed, the developers are constantly renewing their little gem. They regularly add new things and attract the public in different ways.

Every week, loyal gamers can complete quests and challenges to add to their Battle Pass. There are tons of rewards up for grabs!

They can also take part in special events to win even more gifts. These are regular and all more original than each other.

What makes Fortnite so successful is also and above all its many collaborations. As soon as it has the opportunity, the Epic Games studio thus confuses the universe of its title with that of other very popular licenses.

Cult films, successful series, and legendary video games, there is something for everyone! Not long ago, on the occasion of the release of  No Way Home, Spider-Man entered the game.

We let you discover the new object “Pizza Party” already available!

Tout le monde aime la 🍕, y compris les Klombos !

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