1. What devices should I use for my pet to travel by car
  2. Other precautions when taking your pet on a trip

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  • Prevents fines for violating the Traffic Regulations.
  • Avoid driver distractions and therefore accidents.
  • Makes your pets travel safer.

Knowing the options for taking your pets in the car helps you choose the most appropriate according to their species and size. Pets can get nervous in certain situations, so if they are not properly secured they would cause a greater problem. The means used to transport them also avoid stress and provide greater comfort.

What devices should I use for my pet to travel by car?

The Traffic Regulations do not currently specify how to transport pets in vehicles. The only mention he makes regarding pets is that they should not be carried between the driver’s legs or arms. To do so would imply the application of a fine for the risk of distraction.

Regardless of this, both for the comfort and safety of the pet, as well as that of the rest of the passengers, it is advisable to use a suitable means for the animal. Some of these could be:

  1. Harness-type belt. Keeps the pet in its place freely enough to make it comfortable, provides security, and prevents it from reaching the driver.
  2. Cage. This must be appropriate in characteristics and size to the pet being transported. It can also be hooked on the car’s seat belt to prevent it from being thrown in the event of a collision.
  3. Protractor. It allows them to travel comfortably and safely within an object that is familiar to them. Remember that you can add some of his toys to make him feel more confident.
  4. Nets or barriers of various materials. These means serve to keep the pet in the rear seats, avoiding any distraction to the driver.
  5. Other specific means for each animal.
  6. Although dogs and other pets enjoy sticking their faces out of car windows to feel the air, this is not safe. They could be in a serious accident by hitting their heads against fixed objects or flying out of other vehicles.

Other precautions when taking your pet on a trip

As an added precaution, you should bring a harness for your pet when you are out of the car with her. This will prevent you from losing it in an unknown place for it, as well as allow you to maintain control to prevent it from causing any harm to third parties. If it is somewhat aggressive, it is best that you also include a muzzle.

Remember that as the owner of your pet you are responsible for whatever it may cause, be it material damage or bodily injury. Home insurance usually includes protection for pets even outside the home. You could also check with your insurer if you can also buy it with your auto policy.