MediaFreeware Free Duplicate File Finder Downlaod & Review 2022


MediaFreeware Free Duplicate File Finder

Scan & remove all similar files and regain disk space easily

MediaFreware Free Duplicate File Finder is a simple yet effective solution for finding duplicate files on your computer. These duplicate files often occupy large disk space, thus removing all duplicate files from your computer allows you to regain valuable disk space and facilitates in reducing the backup size and time.

Download & install the latest version 1.0 of Free Duplicate File Finder for Windows. Works with both 32bit – 64bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

More About Duplicate File Finder

Right off the bat, when you install the latest version of the MediaFreeware Free Duplicate File Finder program you’ll experience a simple user interface with minimal options. Click on Add a path option at the top and add the path to find the duplicate files.

Next, click on the Search Engine tab, here the app offers an extensive set of parameters that enable the users to find duplicate files and discard them. Beginners can use the Basic Engine program to eliminate unwanted files.

How to find duplicate files on your computer?

Finding out similar files using this software is very easy. All you need to do is, choose a basic or advanced search option. Basic Search options offer Content match byte by byte, match file names. Users can search for files by specifying the criteria such as the File Name, File Date and Time and File Extension.

Professional users can utilize the Advanced Engine as it includes additional search options like content match by SHA-1 hash, find duplicate music files, match duplicate folders.

It includes several options such as File Size range, File Modified Data range, Hidden files and folders, Filter tab, Title, artist, album similarity, ignore id3 tags and match files, and so forth.

Limit the search by predefined files types

Using Filter options to narrow down your search results, helps you find files quickly and accurately. Use appropriate settings to limit the search by predefined file types, file data range if you want to limit the search according to file, age, file size, and range if you want to limit the search according to the file size.

Exclude specific folders and extensions from scanning

Add a list of folders and extensions that you want to exclude from the scanning. Adding, the folders or the extensions into the exclusion
list helps you to filter the search results and speeds up the entire process of finding the duplicate files.

Once the search process is completed the users can choose the duplicate files and remove them from the hard disk. The duplicate file finder also helps to reduce the problem of synchronization. The searched file information can be exported to text or HTML format.