Record Cast Online Screen Recorder for Desktop PC

Save things For in Near Time

Surely, you had ever thought about recording your classes or capturing digital presentations. Well, now, you can use Record Cast Screen Recorder. It’s fun. It’s super comfortable and flawless handling it.

There is no install hectic or additional software requirements and hence capable of recording in full-screen mode and handling audio from your system or a microphone.

Online Learning is on its surge. With growing time and pace, the students need to grab things later on if they miss something during the lecture. 

Record Cast Online Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder for PC

Record Cast Online Screen Recorder for Desktop PC

RecordCast makes it nice enough to record whatever there is on the screen. It is simple and convenient to use and it’s super useful to demonstrate a solution to a computer problem or create video exercises. 

You can select between the entire screen, a single application window, or a single browser tab. Then put it on the recording, while you can do other stuff. Remember, whilst you are working on other things, RecordCast will keep recording the movements and save it to the clipboard.

In addition to all the recording modes, you can also choose whether to record the microphone or the sound built into the system. You can, however, also choose not to record any sound. Once you capture everything there on the screen, you can download the video as a WebM file.


RecordCast online screen recorder has made things very easy and comfortable. First up, it’s free. Next, it is super efficient for those, let’s say, bloggers who want to demonstrate or create tutorials in a visual way. An Internet connection and a computer are all that you need.

I like that it does offer live audio capture while allowing you to embed webcam in screen recording. It allows you to download the video in high-resolution so that you can share it with your friends. One more thing, if you want to, you can pause the video during the recording.

App Specification

  • License
  • Free
  • Version
  • November 25, 2020
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  • 0.00 KB
  • Operating System
  • Windows
  • Developer
  • PearlMountain Limited