Coc Coc Browser Download Offline Installer for 32/64-bit Windows 10/7 PC

The web browser supports downloading videos and downloading files very quickly

CocCoc (Coc Coc) is the number 1 free web browser in Vietnam today. CocCoc browser with many excellent utilities such as: downloading videos without software, speeding up file downloads, playing online games, accessing blocked websites, etc … developed by a team of Vietnamese programmers so CocCoc is really the right browser for Vietnamese people.

  • Highlights of CocCoc
  • Why should you use Coc Coc to browse the web?
  • Updates in CocCoc browser
  • Coc Coc installation guide
  • Tutorials and tips

In addition to the great features that Coc Coc brings, now the browser also has an online game store that is very attractive to players, with mini-games built into the browser. You can play without having to install it.

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Coc Coc Browser Download Offline Installer for 32/64-bit Windows 10/7 PC

Download Coc Coc Web Browser’s latest version for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 11, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC. This is an offline installer setup file of CocCoc browser and will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Download Information

  • Developer: Cup Cup
  • Version: 97.0.206
  • License: Free of charge
  • File Size: 647.5 KB
  • Downloads: 13.573.436
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Coc Coc Browser Features and Highlights

  • Website access is blocked.
  • Increase file download speed 8 times faster than normal. Support downloading Torrent files.
  • Automatically add Vietnamese accents as soon as you type text on the browser.
  • Look up the dictionary without leaving the original website.
  • Pin Videos and watch even if you switch Tabs.
  • Play games directly in the browser.
  • Block ads for faster web surfing.

Why should you use Coc Coc to browse the web?

Coc Coc will now aggregate content from the most popular websites, blogs, etc., into a New Tab. As a result, users can easily access their favorite content as soon as they open the browser and are not afraid of information overload.

In addition, the new tab interface also comes with a social chat toolbar on the left side of the screen and a feature to pin your favorite web pages for instant access.

Unlimited, unblocked, ultra-fast web access

CocCoc helps to access blocked websites without support components and without affecting speed. The browser’s feature of accessing blocked websites has been tested and appreciated by technology reports.

Download videos from Youtube, Zing… super fast

Coc Coc allows downloading files, downloading videos from media stream viewing sites, listening to music such as Dailymotion, Zing, Nhaccuatui, online movie sites… can download all available formats of that clip such as Full HD, FLV, 3GP…

Coc Coc has an automatic spell check tool when users type text, this checking tool has an accuracy of 94%, it will automatically add Vietnamese accents to help reduce text typing time from 20 to 50%, especially useful for those who are not proficient in typing with 10 fingers (or on computers that do not have applications to support Vietnamese typing ).

Look up the dictionary while surfing the web “Western”

Coc Coc browser has a built-in dictionary mechanism, convenient in the process of reading and learning English online. Just double-click on the English word to look it up, the browser will give the pronunciation and meaning of the word right away, without you having to leave the website to look it up.

Super fast loading with 8 processing threads

Coc Coc can download with 8 parallel streams to increase download speed up to 8 times to ensure superior download speed – exactly how many times depends on connection speed and bandwidth limit information of each server. In addition, it also has a mechanism to automatically resume the download process when the connection is interrupted.

Download Torrent files without installation support

With the launch of this feature, CocCoc will support users who specialize in downloading movies, downloading games, and large software (with .torrent files) without installing any other 3rd applications. Just click on ” download torrent ” or ” download magnet link ” and Coc Coc will automatically download the file to your computer, reducing the operation by half compared to normal torrent software.

Save more when shopping online

If you are an online shopping expert, Coc Coc also has a tool to automatically search for products and suggest products with the best prices. With a toolkit that scans thousands of major online shopping websites, the browser will make you a smart shopper and consumer when choosing the best products at the best prices.

Continue watching videos even when switching Tab

Coc Coc for PC allows you to pin and watch videos even if you switch to any other tab screen. So, with this really great feature, you can work and still watch your favorite videos on the same computer screen.

Updates in Coc Coc browser

Features Coc Coc Read News 2.0

The latest version of Coc Coc Read Tin has added Customization, allowing users to actively manage the content they want to see. When the user changes the Customize newspaper reader on the new tab, it will quickly update the content to bring the news that matches the user’s requirements.

  • Favorite Content: Select favorite topics to follow in the news like Economy, Science, Entertainment, Life, etc.
  • Hidden feeds: View and restore hidden feeds to stay on top of the news feed.

Ad filtering feature

  • Bad content that affects the user experience will be blocked such as: pop-ups, autoplay videos, etc. Besides, it will reduce the risk of privacy invasion and information theft.
  • Allows users to control and display friendly, distraction-free ads.

Replace background/widget on new tab

The new tab utility set on Coc Coc was officially launched in September 2019, allowing users to customize the new tab page in their own style, to bring a more convenient browsing experience than ever:

  • Change the new tab background from your library of sharp, delicate images.
  • Update useful information such as today’s weather, upcoming football matches or football scores, time, air quality index (Air Quality Index).

How to use the new tab widget is quite simple, just click on the pencil icon (Edit page) in the bottom left corner of the Coc Coc new tab screen.

Here, there are many wallpapers available for you to choose from or turn off the optional wallpaper feature.

Note: In some cases, the wallpaper will show ads instead of the optional background image.

If you want to add, remove or move utilities, just left-click on the utility and select Add. Utility information such as time, weather, and football scores will be updated automatically. After adding a widget, you can move the mouse to adjust the position of the widget, and delete the widget on the new tab screen.

Release tab

One more extremely useful feature to significantly increase browsing speed is the “Free tabs” feature. For computers running 4GB Ram or more, this feature automatically turns on, of course, you can choose to use or not use this feature in the Settings section on Coc Coc browser. At the Settings interface, scroll down and click Advanced.

Relase tab Coc Coc Browser

Then, continue to scroll down to the section Automatically release tabs, this feature has some highlights:

  • Automatically release tabs at preset intervals from 30 seconds to 1 day.
  • Do not release pinned tabs.
  • Do not release tabs containing unsaved content (file download page, Facebook status in progress, etc.).
  • Do not release tabs that are playing music or videos.
  • Do not release the tabs in use on each window.
Coc Coc Browser for PC

In addition, you can also manually add some websites that do not use this feature.

Automatic Tab Sorting

Many users have the habit of opening many tabs when browsing the web, so it is easy to confuse, even turn off the wrong tab. Just click the “Arrange tabs” button in the top right corner of Coc Coc browser (Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A ), which will automatically group neatly by website, very convenient.

More interestingly, Coc Coc also allows previewing the title as well as the tab interface by moving the mouse pointer into the area to be viewed.

Chat Facebook on the quick access bar

You can easily access Facebook and Messenger right on the quick access bar of Coc Coc. Receive notifications of new messages, pin chat, chat on many different Facebook accounts… extremely convenient.

Look up the dictionary on the spot

No need to install any additional software, even without having to switch tabs, you can look up the dictionary on the spot thanks to the English-Vietnamese/Chinese-Vietnamese dictionary lookup feature right on Coc Coc browser.

In general, Coc Coc meets most of the basic needs of users, the tab opening speed is quite fast, supports typing and checking Vietnamese spelling right on the browser without the need for supporting percussion-like Unikey. , VietKey … So what are you waiting for, with the preeminent features that has introduced to you above, quickly download Coc Coc and enjoy a great Vietnamese web browser. !

How to Install Coc Coc Browser

Step 1: Download Coc Coc according to the above link, then double-click on the setup file, wait a moment, the installation interface will appear. Here you can choose:

  • Set Coc Coc as default browser.
  • Set Coc Coc as default torrent client.
  • Start the browser with the system.
  • And if you don’t want to select any item, just uncheck it, depending on the purpose of each person’s use, choose accordingly, and then click Install.

Step 2: The Coc Coc installation process takes place, wait a moment to complete the installation of Coc Coc browser. The installation process is fast or slow depending on your computer configuration.

Step 3: Then the main interface of the browser will appear as shown below:

Now you can freely surf the web, read the news, download YouTube videos, download Zing MP3 music.