Swag Meaning in Hindi | What Does Swag Mean?

Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is the meaning of Swag? But have you ever wondered what Swag means? “Swag Meaning In Hindi” If you do not know but you want to know, then read today’s post in full.

Swag is a very famous word but many people heard it for the first time when a Salman Khan movie came out in 2017 called Tiger Zinda Hai. There was a song in this movie “Swag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat” then people Curiosity to know its meaning.

So if you are also searching for the meaning of Swag on the internet, then you have come to the perfect post. Today we are going to tell you the full details of the word Swag.

By the way, this word has many meanings in Hindi which are used in different places such as staggering, falling into the water, bribery, booty, bouquet of flowers, valuables, starfish etc. But Swag is actually an English word that is spoken a lot in big cities.

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Swag Meaning in Hindi | What Does Swag Mean?

Swag Meaning In Hindi Full Details

So, friends, Swag meaning is walking with confidence and arrogance or you can say that style which shows your arrogance or pride. An overall different way of presenting yourself.

Swag का मतलब होता है कॉफिडेंस ओर गुरूर से चलना या आप बोल सकते हैं कि Style जिसमे के आपका गुरूर या अभिमान नज़र आता हो।कुल मिलाकर ख़ुद को पेश करने का अलग अंदाज।

Other than that Swag has many meanings which you can read below

  1. Booty
  2. Loot – Loot
  3. Spoil
  4. Disguise – Guise
  5. Route – Way
  6. Form – Form
  7. Mood – Manner
  8. Mood

Now let’s get to know some words similar to swag.

  1. Prize
  2. Catch – Catch
  3. Receipt – Haul
  4. Take – Take
  5. Treasure – Treasure
  6. Theft – Pilferage
  7. Unexpected – Windfall

Swag Antonyms Word

Let us now learn about some of the antonyms of Swag.

  1. Distend
  2. Stiffening – Stiffen
  3. Growth – Rise
  4. Straighten
  5. Rested – Unbend
  6. Wave – Uncurl

Dear friends, I hope you have now understood what Swag means, i.e. Swag Meaning In Hindi.

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