How to Unlock Android App Lock?

Friends, in today’s post you will know how to break App Lock in android mobile. Sometimes you forget the password of your android applock app or if you want to check the phone of any of your friends or girlfriend by opening any gallery like you, GBWhatsapp, Videos, Image gallery, etc. But he has installed App Lok on his phone’s app and he is not even telling you the password!

Although it is not so easy to break any app lock, with the help of the method I am going to tell you today, you can break the app lock of any mobile very easily!

Unlock Android Locked Apps Without Password

If you want to break the app lock of anyone’s mobile, then you have to follow the steps given below! If the person in front has locked it with the help of App Locker then:

How to Unlock Android App Lock?
  1. First of all you have to open the settings of his phone.
  2. After this you have the option of Apps!
  3. From here you have to select the App Locker app.
  4. Now you will get the option of Force Stop here, you have to tab on this!

So, friends, your work is done, now you can open any app on the front phone and see it! You will not be asked for a password!

How to protect your App Lock from breaking?

Now the trick that I have told you if you do not want someone to break your lock like this! So for this, you have to follow the steps given below. And after that, no one will be able to unlock your lock!

  1. Go to your mobile’s settings!
  2. Go to security!
  3. After that go to Device Manager.
  4. Now enable App Lock!

If you do this much work on your phone! So after this, no one will be able to break your app lock in your phone! And your mobile and your data will be completely safe!

So, friends, this was our today’s post about breaking the App Lock in android phones. I sincerely hope that you will definitely enjoy this information! So if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends too! And if you have any questions related to this post! So you can ask by commenting below this post!