Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS Download

iPhone/iPad Data Security Software

Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS is a free security application for iPhone and iPad devices. Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS will help you access Facebook, access the network more securely. Download Hotspot Shield VPN for free for iPhone/iPad to experience the safe and effective internet world.

Many people think that the phone is unlikely to be attacked by malware or hackers. However, even if you use an iPhone or iPad in a public network, a wifi hotspot, you can still be attacked from many different sources. Hackers will scan these networks to capture unencrypted data as it is being sent. Users can completely lose credit card data along with other sensitive information into the hands of hackers.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN & Wifi Proxy for iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices

Download Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS Devices Free VPN software. Get the best VPN software offline installer for your Mac PC today and enjoy access to all your favorite content privately and securely. You can also get the Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS Devices full version by activating your VPN with the original license key.

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Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone will protect users from security threats by creating end-to-end encrypted gateways. This makes it impossible for hackers or eavesdroppers to steal important data every time you access the internet from public wifi hotspots with your iPhone or iPad device. In addition, this application also protects iPhone and iPad devices from dangerous malware with support to block more than 3.5 million types of malware.

Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS Download

Benefits of Using Hotspot Shield on iOS/Apple Phone

Here are the top benefits of Using Hotspot Shield on iOS/Apple Phone in the list down below…

1. Cost savings:

Carriers are constantly increasing data bandwidth usage fees. This VPN solution saves users from having to pay high data charges. As the data passes through the application’s secure server, it is compressed so that users can download twice the amount of data for the same amount of bandwidth costs. This is really helpful when you are watching a lot of videos or roaming abroad. The Hotspot Shield application also has a feature that allows users to track the amount of data saved after each web surfing.

2. Access to prohibited websites:

Many websites and services, especially music and video streaming services, are the most common targets for IP-based access blocking. Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone allows users to bypass these barriers. Now you can comfortably access US, European and Asian websites from anywhere.

3. Fast and Stable VPN Service for iPhone/iPad:

All networks, software, and hardware support Hotspot Shield. As a result, users will get the fastest and most stable VPN service on iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. Since Hotspot Shield doesn’t depend on 3rd parties, you can rest assured that your VPN connection is reliable and durable.

Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone Top Features:

Internet security and privacy: Protect yourself when using wifi hotspots (VPN encrypts all traffic); Protect identity, IP address and prevent background tracking. Share and communicate privately.

Save money and data:

Hotspot Shield Data Compression reduces data usage and saves users money. This app saves 50% of mobile data, especially useful when traveling abroad.

Protect your phone effectively:

Protect and notify about spam, phishing, and fake websites with anti-malware, spam, phishing, and bot mechanisms.

Access to prohibited websites:

Gain access to your favorites like Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, VOIP, and more.

Comprehensive management:

Users can select the IP address of the country they want, change the level of data compression and choose to start the VPN automatically or manually.

Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone Pro Version Features

Hotspot Shield for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is free to download. Users can easily access all premium and optimized features through the following 2 auto-renewing subscription options: $4.99 monthly subscription and $29.99 yearly subscription (50% off).

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless canceled, charges will be charged to the credit card associated with your iTunes account. Manage subscriptions in settings > manage subscriptions in the app after registration.

Note to iPhone Users:

  • Since the publisher cannot respond to comments and reviews on the App Store, please visit the FAQ section or contact us directly via the website.
  • Some Gmail users may not receive notifications from Google due to suspicious credentials. This situation occurs because the device is notified to change the IP address from the VPN.
  • To uninstall, remove the app and go to iOS settings > general > profile, remove Hotspot Shield Profile.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or later.