I Will Support the Government in No-Confidence: Ahmed Hussain Dehar’s

ISLAMABAD: PTI National Assembly member Ahmed Hussain Dehar has said that he will support the government in the no-confidence motion.

Ahmed Hussain Dehar in a statement said that I went to the assembly session today as a member of PTI, I have five demands and all of them are related to the poor, therefore I appeal to Imran Khan to accept my demands.

I Will Support the Government in No-Confidence: Ahmed Hussain Dehar's

He said that he would give you time till the no-confidence vote.

Ahmed Hussain Dehar said that those who accused me of money laundering, I am very sad about the attack on my house, I am thinking of claiming contempt on these allegations

“I am with the party, accept my demands,” he added.

Earlier, in a conversation with the media, the journalist asked Ahmed Hussain if his reservations were over. On this, Ahmed Hussain said that they are still going on, they are talking, they are meeting the Prime Minister, God willing.

The journalist asked whether he would support the government or the opposition in the no-confidence motion. On this Ahmed Hussain said that inshallah I am with the government, I have some problems which they will solve.

The journalist asked, “Are you voting for the Prime Minister in distrust?” On this Ahmed Hussain said that my brother has some conditions and he is fulfilling them.