Among Us Download for Windows 7 PC 32-64 bit

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Among Us is a multiplayer action role-playing game that is quite interesting and the style is quite similar to Werewolf Online game. The main theme of the Among Us game is around teamwork and betrayal for 4 to 10 players in a small space setting.

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If you want to play Among Us, you can play online with 4 to 10 friends you can either play over local WiFi. In the game, the main mission is to find a way to launch the spaceship to leave space, but be careful because one or more random players among the crew are anonymous killers!

Download Among Us for Windows PC 7/10 32-64 bit OS

Download Among Us for Windows PC 7/10 32-64 bit OS

Download Among Us for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Vista, Windows XP & Mac PC, directly from our fast and secure downloading server for free. This is an offline installer setup of Among Us latest version 2022.2.23 and you can install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Among Us Download is also available for Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Developer: Innersloth
  • Version: 2022.2.23
  • Use: Paid
  • Downloads: 83,144
  • Operating System: Windows 10/711
You can play with 4 to 10 people online
You can play with 4 to 10 people online

How to play the game Among Us

In the game Among Us , you can choose one of two factions:

The Crew (The Crew)

  • Win by completing missions to prepare ships or chase all impostors.
  • Quick response to fix Imposters vandalism.
  • Check the Admin map and the Security camera to keep an eye on other teammates.
  • Report any corpses immediately to begin speculating about the Impostor.
  • Hold emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior by members.
  • Vote to remove suspicious people.
In Among Us, you can choose one of two factions - The Crew and The Imposter
In Among Us, you can choose one of two factions – The Crew and The Imposter

The Imposter (Impostor)

  • Kill teammates and bystanders.
  • Pretend to perform quests to blend in with teammates.
  • Sneak through the vent to quickly move towards the ship.
  • Create vandalism to cause chaos and divide the crew.
  • Close the door to trap the victim and kill them in private.
Vote to remove suspicious people
Vote to remove suspicious people

Outstanding features of the game Among Us

  • Color options and hats for your spacesuit.
  • Lots of options to make the game more interesting: more imposters, more quests, etc.
  • Built-in text chat feature.
  • Playable cross-platform on PC, Android, and iOS.

Why Can’t I Type in Among US?

If you are playing among us game as a guest without logging into the game, in the guest mod you can’t use the chatbox for typing. To Type and chat with your friends while playing among us you have to create an account and log in to the game.

Update Among Us

Among Us Update (March 3, 2022)

In the previous update, Innersloth added some new content such as: New characters, Cosmicubes accessory and item system, and support for playing up to 15 players at the same time. Currently, the development team of Among Us has worked on and added a new update, including updating the Friends List and improving the quality of the environment in the game.

Friends List features will include:

  • A unique Friend Code.
  • Added the ability to send and receive friend requests.
  • Invite friends to your own lobby.
  • See who you’ve played with recently.
  • Added the ability to block other players.

The changes in game quality will be carried over to an upcoming update in the near future as Innersloth is currently focusing on improving a bunch of other aspects of Among Us like Cosmicubes, chat, and experiences. other user experience.

Among Us Update (February 17, 2022)

Among Us version 2022.2.8 is the latest Steam-only update to improve overall server stability during gameplay.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Among Us to get bug fixes and improved gameplay. This update should resolve connection issues some players are experiencing, but if you’re still having connectivity issues let the developer know by contacting [email protected], Attached to the email is the game version number you downloaded and the error message you received.

DLC Among Us Missing Error

If you are missing any of your purchased DLC Among Us, please email support (@) so the developer can assist you!

Among Us Update (January 27, 2022)

Small improvements to Star purchases

Hello crew! This is an update only for those who have made a Star purchase. The developer just rolled out a small fix for the quality of Steam purchases.

When you buy Stars in Among Us:

  • The Steam in-game overlay will now show the price in the currency you want to use.
  • Prices may vary in currencies other than USD.
  • This small adjustment will make it easier for you to see exactly how much your Stars will cost without having to manually convert to another currency depending on your region.

Note about the lack of DLC:

If you are missing any DLC Among Us despite your purchase, please email support (@) so the developer can assist you!

Among Us Update (January 7, 2022)

Along with the launch of Among Us’ Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the game also includes a small patch to fix some of the ongoing bugs people are having:

  • The scroll wheel will operate more smoothly.
  • Stabilize false ban commands to ban hacking.
  • Minor connectivity fixes.
  • The Right Hand Man hat item is no longer lost in the closet.
  • Fixed an issue where the Engineer character could stay indefinitely in a vent that they needed to clean.
  • An impostor is no longer considered a shifted character when moving while an emergency meeting is in progress.
  • General usability improvements and graphic fixes.
  • Some minor interface changes.

Note: If you have any problems especially with Among Us’ Star purchase and DLC redemption, please email support (@) so the developer can help you.

Update Among Us (December 18, 2021)

Christmas event

  • Two new Cosmicube blocks – Snowflake Cube (earned with Bean) and Snowbean Cube (earned with Star). Holiday themed, here are warm winter gear for your Crewmate.
  • These blocks will only be in the store for a limited time – collect them now before they disappear!
  • Remember: once you have redeemed the Cosmicube in the shop, it is permanent and you have as much time as you want to collect the items in it. You just need to redeem it before it disappears from the store.
    • Snowbean Cube: contains 6 skins, 11 hats, 3 visors, 3 nameplates.
    • Snowflake Cube: contains 1 skin, 22 hats, 1 mask.

Patch 2021.12.15

  • Smoother rudder.
  • Minor connectivity fixes.
  • Right Hand Man hat is no longer missing in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Engineer role could stay indefinitely in a vent that they needed to clean.
  • The impostor is no longer considered a changed character while moving during an emergency meeting.
  • General usability improvements and visual fixes to the interface.

Update Among Us (November 9, 2021)

Fixed – Version 2021.11.9.2

  • Duration up to 6 hours after disconnecting/leaving (intentional or unintentional)

Errors being handled:

  • Irrational bans when a player leaves the game/lobby or disconnects.
  • DLC pop-ups don’t appear for some people on PC.
  • Missing items – RHM hats, Halloween hats,…

The latest major update for Among Us – version 2021.11.9 – is out and now available on all platforms! The Role & Cosmicube update features adjustable Roles, including a brand new store and a development system.

New role

Among Us has just added 4 brand new roles, adding new levels of complexity and gameplay, promising new experiences.


  • Scientist: Access Vital at any time. Complete the missions to recharge the battery.
  • Engineer: The vent can be used.
  • Guardian Angel: Creates a protective shield around the remaining Crew members.


  • Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by transforming into any Crewmate.

These new roles are fully customizable – you can customize the character however you want, even changing the individual’s abilities.

New hat

Brand new customization options – both free and paid. Special masks and nameplates make changing your look even more fun, along with tons of extra pets, hats, and skins.

Among Us Update (July 7, 2021)

New additions:

  • Added vent cleaning task: Cleaning the vent will prevent any Impostors from using that vent, but they can still use other vents. If the Impostor has camped in a hole and then you start cleaning that vent, it will make an impressive sound and you will know who it is!
  • New language: Added traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Irish interfaces.


  • Fix stuck in place after meeting: This is the biggest problem with the latest update, so give it a try now!
  • “SHH” screen scaling fixed: The world was aligned again, the scale was fixed after it was weirdly distorted.
  • Eyepatch Geoff is now a mask again.
  • Clouds on the Spaceship no longer move in the wrong direction.
  • The process of loading Phone Color Data has been fixed.
  • All master nodes are now localized.
  • Other minor localization and visual fixes.

Among Us Update (April 28, 2021)

Here is some content for the latest update of Among Us

  • The account login process has been significantly reworked.
  • Multiple users can now log in to the same device (no more Mism MatchProductUserIDs errors).
  • Missing skins from the Airship Pack will be edited and added.
  • Updated graphics for text and dialogue.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Setting an invalid date of birth no longer affects account creation.
  • The Sabotage menu no longer replaces the minimap for Impostors.
  • Room names are now layered consistently across the map.
  • The Develop Photos task does not complete immediately.
  • You can now repair communications sabotage created by ghosts and impostors.
  • Many other fixes.


The developer is in the process of improving the graphics of Among Us. Don’t worry, though, as it’s not too different from the original – the outlines of the characters and their surroundings will be clearer.

15 new corridors

Prepare to gather all your friends as developers Innersloth are scaling the lobby!


There are a total of 6 new crew colors in this update. It’s really hard to find visually distinct colors. But the developer will try to create colors that help people easily identify each other.

New meeting screen

The larger lobby means the old meeting screen won’t be able to accommodate all the new crew members, so expect a new, more modern alternative!

New map

New map Airship has been updated in Among Us! Now on all platforms, you can work together on the spacecraft to realize great plans. The free Airship map update includes:

  • The 4th and largest map.
  • New missions include polishing jewelry, emptying trash cans, and more.
  • The ability to choose the room in which you start.
  • Added new areas to explore (or get killed).
  • Improve mobility with ladders and moving platforms.
  • New free hats include heart pins, fury brows, unicorn heads, and more.

Among Us Update (January 20, 2021)

New feature of Among Us

  • Account: The developer is working on launching a game account in the near future. This will allow players to report malicious or hacked accounts. Additional aspects such as the friend list are also being rushed to complete.
  • New Map: The Henry Stickmin-themed map will be larger than Polus, contain many new missions, and will be freely available to all players.
  • Translation/Localization: Among Us is currently translated into only a few languages. The developer is planning to update the translations for many new languages.
  • Linked Support: This new patch contains some support information for colorblind players. Innersloth will continue to monitor to improve this feature in the future.

New space ship map update

The new Starship map inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection will be a huge map with all the new missions and rooms to explore. Choose the room you start from, run around in new outfits and even climb up and down ladders! Crewmate technology has advanced a lot and there will be a free update!

Among Us Update (November 24, 2020)

Changes and updates

  • Can sabotage to hide the quest arrow.
  • The red light no longer gives immediate feedback on the exact location of the subject.
  • New Map: The developer has launched the official Among Us Twitter with a new map blueprint! Stay tuned now if you want to know the latest information.
  • Shop: The official tool shop in Among Us is out! Now you can sabotage/repair the spaceship in the style you like.


  • Fix camera flicker on security cam.
  • Fixed incorrect admin panel on Polus.
  • Fixed Polus panels accessible through the wall.
  • Complete private reactor/seismic mining repair.
  • Fixed alignment tool and soft key exploit.