Interesting Memes on Qasim Suri by social Media Users

At present, social media users have started making interesting comments on Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Suri.

The no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan was rejected by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly as unconstitutional and the meeting was adjourned indefinitely while President Arif Ali Assembly dissolved.

Consumers are very active on social media on the historic day of Pakistan’s politics and ‘surprise’ has become one of the top trends in this regard.

According to pro-government users, the Prime Minister gave a real surprise to the opposition, however, people started making interesting comments on Qasim Suri.

See interesting comments:

A user named Malik said that this was the best moment in the history of the National Assembly when the no-confidence motion was rejected. What a surprise.

A social media user shared a meme on Qasim Suri and wrote that the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly did so with the opposition.

One user shared a photo of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and laughed, saying that the man had trolled 176 members of the opposition in less than a minute.

One user called the deputy speaker king.

Abrar Mahmood said that Qasim Suri handled the whole matter with style.

Another social media user said that the opposition was crying because of the deputy speaker.

Malik Fazal Abbas wrote that our leopard did a great job by rejecting the no-confidence motion.