Simba Stock Free Download Inventory Management Software for PC

Simba Stock is a sales and inventory management software that helps you manage your store in the smartest way. Simba Stock software with many outstanding features helps you manage the entire import and export process; sell; collect and spend money on the computer.

Also thanks to the quite detailed import, export, and inventory reporting system, business owners quickly control goods, prevent loss of goods to the maximum extent and take the initiative in importing new goods. In particular, Simba Stock software is also decentralized to each user, so the security is very high.

Download Simba Stock software to start your own sales management

Download Simba Stock’s latest version 4.0.0 for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC, directly from our fast and secure downloading server for free. This is an offline installer setup of Simba Stock and you can install it on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Simba Stock Download is also available for Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Developer: SimbaStock
  • Version: 4.0.0
  • Use: Free Trial
  • File Size: 27 MB
  • Downloads: 34,625
  • Operating System: Windows 7/10/11/XP/Vista
Simba Stock Free Download Inventory Management Software for PC

All information in Simba Stock software is stored systematically, helping to quickly lookup and compare. Help managers easily compare, compare and control to quickly make the right decisions, suitable for each development stage.

The software provides a management reporting system to help managers have a basis for making a sales plan on the basis of statistics on easy-to-sell items, time of purchase of customers, buyers, etc. At the end of the day, we will also have import, export, and inventory reports to help control goods, prevent the loss, and be proactive in importing and purchasing.

Simba Stock Warehouse Management Software Features

Purchase manager

Management of domestic and imported purchases.
Manage accounts payable details by the supplier.
Keep track of debts paid and payable to suppliers under each contract.
Purchase report by item, supplier, case contract, input form…

Sales Manager

  • Grouping customers according to many criteria: Region, region, type…
  • Manage sales, and sales of each employee and department.
  • Manage and analyze revenue and expenses for each contract.
  • Sales report by item, supplier, case contract, part, and details according to many criteria selected by the user…
  • Compare periods (weeks, months, quarters, half years…).

Print invoice

  • Print sales invoices, and purchase receipts.
  • Print export and import slips.
  • Support printing on paper types: A5, A4, 3-point punch…
  • Support VAT invoice printing form to fill in the blanks (VAT invoices have been ordered to be printed outside).

Debt control

Manage receivables and payables for each customer or supplier.
Statistics of debts of customers and suppliers according to the time they want to see.
Collect debts, compare debts, print a list of debts, and detailed debts of customers.
Debt repayment, debt reconciliation, printing list of debtors, detailed debtors of suppliers.
Detailed statistics of receivables and payables at the end of the period for each customer, supplier, or all customers and suppliers.

Import, export, inventory management

  • Declare the list and parameters of goods and materials according to the directory tree.
  • Import and export management of goods and materials: Import and purchase, import from production, import from processing, other import, export and sell, manufacture production, export processing, export and move warehouse, other export…
  • Import report: Detailed report by item or all items; details by warehouse or all warehouses; details by the vendor or all suppliers…
  • Export report: Detailed report by item or all items; details by warehouse or all warehouses; details by the vendor or all suppliers…
  • Inventory report: Detailed report by item or all items; details by warehouse or all warehouses; details by the vendor or all suppliers…

Utilities & System Administration

  • Declaring and assigning detailed permissions for each user (Decentralization by the module for each detailed document by each business: view, add, edit, delete)
  • Manage log edit and delete documents…
  • Store (backup) data, lock data Maintain and check data.
  • Simba Stock with light installation capacity, LAN connection machine
  • Not affected when reinstalling windows (software installed on D drive)
  • High security, detailed authorization to each user, each module to each detailed document for each operation to view, add, edit, delete
  • The drill-down feature makes checking and correcting documents quick and convenient
  • Easy EXCEL printing and rendering
  • Easy upgrade for financial accounting and tax reporting