Let the Children Live | Bachon Ko Jeeny Do!

According to a research, children who top the class are lagging behind in life those children who are average in studies.

The suicide rate among the younger generation is increasing day by day. One in three suffers from depression and depression. We don’t pay much attention to psychological issues. We are the ones who treat headaches and stomach aches on their own. They go to the doctor only when the disease is severe, otherwise, they ignore every pain as minor. Then how can we be serious about mental illness?

When a close friend of ours commits suicide, the friend says, “I wish he would share his troubles with us. Some solution to the problem would come out.” No one asks while alive, after death everyone becomes sympathetic.

Most people hide their problems from friends and keep mixing inside. Some people are alone in the crowd. They want to hear what they have to say but no one listens to them. He goes home in his distress and becomes a victim of despair. When despair overreacts, he turns away from life. He sees no reason to live. Conversely, if people who have good friends, they get rid of this condition very quickly. Young people who commit suicide are often fed up with inflation and unemployment. Others are students with whom parents and teachers have high expectations. The tendency of students to commit suicide is increasing day by day, in which it is the fault of parents and teachers who put more burden on the delicate shoulders of the child than he can bear.

Let the Children Live Bachon Ko Jeeny Do

Just a few days ago. Our close friend’s younger sister Kiran (a ninth-grader) committed suicide under severe stress. Every eye was filled with tears over the death of this innocent girl. After all, in whose grief so many little girls committed suicide. Kiran’s suicide was caused by her class teacher, who valued the most intelligent and capable girl in the class more than all the other children and wanted her to get perfect marks in the papers. Despite being worthy, Kiran lost her courage before the exam and ended her life.

Such news is heard and read on daily basis in newspapers and TV channels. Still, parents and teachers don’t care. Even if the children die. Parents want their child to have great results throughout the family, and they get a good wow. Teachers are concerned about their school results. They impair the mental capacity of children in the race.

There was a time. When the result of the tenth and twelfth came, the children would come home and say only to the mother, “I have passed.” Then mother would be charitable. Nobody cared about grades or numbers. Just passing was considered enough. The child was also flying in the air that thankfully I passed. Parents and teachers now put so much tension on children regarding grades that they end their lives in depression. It is one thing to expect a child, but it is quite another to put pressure on an innocent soul to achieve its desired goal. Intelligent children do not have to have strong nerves. Both parents and teachers should not put so much pressure on the child for the sake of good grades that the child commits suicide due to mental distress. Do not make children’s intelligence and ability their weakness.

Some children do not come home early when the result is low. They hide in fear of their parents’ anger and beatings. Then the school and the teachers with whom beautiful memories are associated, the child does not get embarrassed even after wanting a lot after the result has come. Usually the children who top go to see the old school teachers. Do not cause undue stress to children by bringing average or low grades before the exam.

According to a research, children who top the class are lagging behind in life those children who are average in studies. They understand social life well and lead successful lives. Parents and teachers think that what they want for their children is the best. It doesn’t matter what the children want.

A child cannot choose his subject. Many gifted children are interested in the arts, but there are some schools that select talented children before the end of the eighth grade and create a separate section to pay special attention to these children. Parents also need a child doctor, engineer. They also force me to read science subjects.

Parents and teachers need to change their attitudes. What do children want? What do you want to do and be in life? They should be given opportunities to move forward according to their mental abilities. And by acknowledging the educational weakness of the children, encourage them and enable them to face every difficult situation. How can a child be a successful and confident person unless you acknowledge your child’s weaknesses? If attitudes do not change, children will continue to suffer from depression and embrace death.

This Article is taken from Expressnews Urdu blogs: Written by Sundas Zohra for the educational purpose….