Is Yt1s Safe? How to Use Yt1s YouTube Downloader Safely?

Google top-ranked YT1S online YouTube downloader Review is an online YouTube downloader tool that’s allows you to download any YouTube Video in a variety of formats and qualities using Video URL. Yt1s allows you to download unlimited videos from YouTube and it has no limitation to getting offline videos on your PC or android mobile.

Although, is a free site to download videos from internet, a great numbers of users want to know that “is Yt1s Youtube downloader safe”? In this article, we have explained all the issues related to YT1s Safety, and the methods to use this online downloader safely on your computer and mobile devices.

Is Yt1s Youtube Downloader Safe?

Honestly speaking, using the Yt1s YouTube Video downloader tool can be risky if you have not enough knowledge about pop-up ads and malwares. The tool itself is not a virus or malware, but the platform that this website is using to monetize their tool is not safe. is using Propeller ads network for monetizing which shows pop-up ads and those ads can install unwanted software and malware on your computer.

Whenever you visit the site and click anywhere on the homepage. the pop-up ads will take you to a new window and ask for downloading some software and stand-alone apps or watching adult videos known as (PUP).

If you ever want to use or similar services, you should remember not to rely on any of their ads and pop-ups. Also, we assure you that downloading any of the apps they offer can be a big mistake as you can easily install PUPs, browser hijackers, or adware.

Is Yt1s Safe? How to Use Yt1s YouTube Downloader Safely?

Reddit Users Views About Yt1s Safety?

Most Reddit users highlight as a threat to PC because they use malicious codes that trigger Antivirus software and mark this site as a risk to use. “I used Yt1s it and it made my cursor move on its own I couldn’t move it and then said that it had my ip and call there phone immediately and also said that if i turn my pc off it may erase all my data and get identity theft.”

However, one user clarified that the media file (mp3 or mp4) Yt1s is providing not contain any virus. may track your location and cookies. if you have an AdBlocker installed on your PC or android you will be fine.

How to Use Yt1s YouTube Downloader Safely? is a very popular and helpful tool for YouTube video downloading, for safe downloading from yt1s, follow the steps below…

  1. Open
  2. Copy YouTube video URL and paste it on YT1s Search bar.
yt1s download & convert
  1. Click on “Convert” to start downloading video.
  2. The pop-up ads will take you to new tabs, close the newly opened tabs and return back to the yt1s home page and Choose the video quality and click on “Get Link”.yt1s convert
  3. Every single time you click on window a new pop-up ad will appear. Close the ads. pop up ads
  1. Click on “Download” button to start the download.
  2. You will get the videos on your device in few minutes.

Note: Remember not to click on the ads or links, and use antivirus to safe and secure your video downloading. You have to be more strict about the ads and don’t click any ads while downloading videos and music with

Is is a virus?

Yt1s itself is not a virus, it’s a simple web based tool that helps you to grab unlimited videos from YouTube for free, but the ads network which yt1s is using to monetize its tool is not trusty. is using Propeller ads network and this ad network can install viruses on your PC. Alternative To Download YouTube Videos

To ensure your online safety, we suggest you to download Vidmate 2014 APK on your android device to download videos on your mobile. Windows and Mac users can download and install free video downloader software’s on their PC to get rid of malware and virus comes with Yt1s downloader you can download Viddly YouTube Downloader, Allovsoft, and 4k Video Downloader, free for Windows PC.