Goverlay Ubuntu 22.04 Download for Linux

GOverlay 3.5 is an open-source program designed to create a Graphical UI to help manage Linux Ubuntu Vulkan/OpenGL overlays for users who really like Gaming on Linux Ubuntu. Currently, Goverlay Linux is available for MangoHud, vkBasalt, and ReplaySorcery.

GOverlay is a feature in the LCDSysInfo software program that allows you to display a customizable graphical overlay on top of your desktop. It can be used to display system information, such as CPU and memory usage, as well as other data, such as the weather or stock prices. The GOverlay can be configured to display this information in a variety of ways, such as in a text or graphical format. It can also be set to update the information at regular intervals.

LCDSysInfo GOverlay is a useful tool for displaying system information and other data on an LCD display panel. It can be especially useful for computer enthusiasts who want to monitor their system performance or stay up-to-date on important information while using their computers.

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Free Download GOverlay for Linux Ubuntu 32/64-bit Operating system. Here you will find the direct link to Download GOverlay Linux (deb, eopkg, rpm, zst) version 2022 for Ubuntu 22.04. Click the Download Button below to Download GOverlay 3.5for Linux Ubuntu offline setup Latest version 2022 for your PC. Download goverlay linux packages for ALT Linux, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Mageia, OpenSUSE, Solus, and Ubuntu operating systems.

Download Information

  • Developer: MangoHud
  • Version: Latest 2022
  • License: Zlib license
  • Usage: Open Source
  • File Size: 90 KB
  • Downloads: 8,887
  • Operating System: Mac OS X/Linux

Goverlay is not a commonly used program by every gamer so installing and using this program is a bit technical. In this article, we will help you easily download and install Goverlay on your Linux Ubuntu PC. The download link will take you through the GOverlay Classic to download the latest version from our fast and secure download server.

Goverlay Ubuntu 22.04 Download for Linux

How to Install GOverlay on Ubuntu 21.04 & 22.04 PC?

You can install install goverlay on Ubuntu 21.04 using three different ways, by using apt-get, apt, and aptitude. You can choose one of the easiest methods from the list below to install Goverlay on your Linux operating system.

Method 1 – Install goverlay Using apt-get

Update apt database with apt-get using the following command.

sudo apt-get update

After updating apt database, We can install goverlay using apt-get by running the following command:

sudo apt-get -y install goverlay

Method 2 – Install goverlay Using apt

Update apt database with apt using the following command.

sudo apt update

After updating apt database, We can install goverlay using apt by running the following command:

sudo apt -y install goverlay

Method 3 – Install goverlay Using aptitude

If you want to follow this method, you might need to install aptitude first since aptitude is usually not installed by default on Ubuntu. Update apt database with aptitude using the following command.

sudo aptitude update

After updating apt database, We can install goverlay using aptitude by running the following command:

sudo aptitude -y install goverlay

How To Uninstall goverlay on Ubuntu 21.04

To uninstall only the goverlay package we can use the following command:

sudo apt-get remove goverlay

Uninstall goverlay And Its Dependencies

To uninstall goverlay and its dependencies that are no longer needed by Ubuntu 21.04, we can use the command below:

sudo apt-get -y autoremove goverlay

Remove goverlay Configurations and Data

To remove goverlay configuration and data from Ubuntu 21.04 we can use the following command:

sudo apt-get -y purge goverlay

Remove goverlay configuration, data, and all of its dependencies

We can use the following command to remove goverlay configurations, data, and all of its dependencies, we can use the following command:

sudo apt-get -y autoremove --purge goverlay

How to Fix Ubuntu 22.04 and GOverlay not running

A Users post a thread on Reddit, “Is anyone else here having issues getting GOverlay to run? From the terminal, I get the error can’t get” If you also getting this issue on your Ubuntu 22.04 operating system, read the article to fix this issue.

  1. Start your games with the MANGOHUD = 1 argument, or turn on the Global Enable switch in the Mango Hud tab of GOverlay.
  2. To do the former, add MANGOHUD = 1 %command% to any game’s launch arguments in Steam. You need to do this on a per-game basis.
  3. The other option is as simple as opening GOverlay, and turning on Global Enable*. This will set MANGOHUD = 1 globally for you, so no need to enable it per-game.
  4. Restart your PC now.
  5. That’s it

*Note that this only works on Vulkan applications, OpenGL will still require you to manually enable the HUD with launch arguments. This is due to differences in how Vulkan and OpenGL work.


  • GOverlay works with all versions of Ubuntu including 21.04 and Ubuntu 22.04 on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • GOverlay requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to work, you will most likely have this already installed, if not, you can download it from Microsoft.