Astar VPN Download for Windows PC & APK for Android

Free and fast VPN for everyone

Astar VPN is a free and fast VPN service available for chrome, android, and Windows PC. AstarVPN encrypts your internet connection to unblock restricted websites and provides you with a secure proxy server for online surfing. The plug-and-play feature of lets you enjoy the unlimited free VPN just after installation. Download and install the Astar free VPN and click on “Connect” button to establish a secure proxy tunnel between you and our VPN server.

Here you will find the direct link to Download Astar VPN latest full version for Chrome and PC. By clicking the free download button below you will get direct links to download Astar VPN for Windows 10/7, chrome browser, and Astar VPN APK for android devices. The offline installer setup for AstarVPN will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Download Information

  • Developer: Astar VPN
  • Version:  1.0.8
  • License: Free trial
  • File Size:  31.4 MB
  • Downloads: 9,777
  • Operating System: Windows 7,10, 11/Chrome & Android
Astar VPN Download for Windows PC & APK for Android

Astar VPN is 100% safe to use on all devices, as we have downloaded, installed, and tested this application on the latest chrome browser on Windows 10 and found it safe. AstarPN will never save and sell your data and information on the internet.

How to Download Astat VPN Chrome Extension?

You can download Astar VPN extension for chrome browser directly from this site. Click the “Free Download for Chrome” Button to grab the free Astar VPN Extension for chrome, and follow the steps below to Add Astar VPN Chrome extension to your web browser.

Steps to Install Astar VPN Chrome Extension

  1. The above download button will redirect you to AstarVPN Chrome Web Store Page.
  2. Click on “Add to Chrome” button, Next to the Heading of “Free VPN for Chrome – VPN Proxy Astar VPN“.Install Astar VPN Chrome Extension
  3. 3. Click on Add Extension to install.Add Extension
  4. Wait for the system to download and Install the extension on your browser.
  5. Open the extensions from the top right corner of your chrome browser to switch on AstarVPN. See the image below to use the Astar VPN extension on chrome.

How to use Astar VPN Chrome Extension?

Follow the Steps to open and use AstarVPN Extension in chrome browser.

  1. From the top right corner of Chrome browser click on Astar VPN logo.
  2. Click on the Power icon to turn on Astar VPN extension.
  3. Click on the > arrow next to the country flag to choose your desired country. It will change your current IP with your selected country’s IP. See the image below for details.Astar VPN Chrome Extension
  4. That’s it, your browser is now secure with Astar Proxy.

Is AstarVPN free to use?

Yes, AstarVPN is also available for free to use for all devices with some limited features. But you can download and use Astar VPN chrome extension for free with no limitations. If you want to enjoy full features you can choose a monthly or yearly plan of AstarVPN. See pricing below…