Qatar Ban on Sale of Alcohol In Football World Cup FIFA 2022

FIFA and the government of Qatar have banned the sale of alcohol, beer, and alcoholic beverages during the World Cup. A statement issued on Friday said FIFA had decided after discussions with World Cup host Qatar that beer and alcohol would not be sold in eight of its stadiums during the tournament. Qatar is an Islamic country where alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

According to the news agency AFP, this sudden decision, which came two days before the opening of the World Cup, is surprising. FIFA has said in its statement that this ban on alcohol will be applied to fan zones, after which the sale of alcohol or beer will not be allowed even within the boundaries of the stadiums during the World Cup and such stalls will also be removed.

Qatar Ban on Sale of Alcohol In Football World Cup FIFA 2022

Doha, Qatar, ahead of the FIFA World Cup, 2022. Photo Writers.

It should be noted that dozens of beer tents were set up outside the grounds before the start of the tournament on Sunday. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will continue for 29 days, with one million fans expected to attend, according to Qatari government estimates. #FIFAWorldCup2022

Beer maker AB Inbio has long been a sponsor of the soccer World Cup and FIFA. A statement banning the sale of beer at the tournament said that the management appreciates AB Inbio for understanding the decision.

Beer will also not be available in the VIP suites of the stadiums during the tournament. In addition, the sale of beer will also be banned in FIFA fan zones, some private fan zones, and 35 hotels and restaurants in Doha.

Note: The information included in this news is taken from the news agencies AP’ and ‘Reuters