Can Minecraft Java and Bedrock Play Together on Realms? Latest Guide 2023

When it comes to playing Minecraft, it’s natural to sometimes feel a little lonely when playing solo. We all yearn for the ability to connect and play with our friends instead of just sharing our experiences with them.

The question on every Minecraft player’s mind: Can Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions join forces and play together on Realms? Let’s explore this topic further and find out!

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Can Minecraft Java and Bedrock Play Together on Realms? Latest Guide 2023

Minecraft Bedrock Platform List

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is playable on a lot of consoles listed below:

  1. Windows 10 and 11
  2. Xbox One
  3. Xbox Series S and X
  4. PlayStation 4 and 5
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Fire OS/TV
  7. Android
  8. iOS
  9. Windows Mobile
  10. Samsung Gear VR

If you look at the list above, there are many system options for cross-playing the game because Minecraft Bedrock allows you to switch between consoles, phones, and/or computers. By using Minecraft Bedrock Edition you can add your friends and play with them on those platforms above, just make sure that all of you are playing the same Bedrock edition.

Crossplay: Connecting Minecraft Players

Playing Minecraft alone can sometimes feel a bit lonely. We yearn for the chance to team up with our friends instead of just sharing stories about our adventures. Luckily, Minecraft is a cross-platform game that allows players on different devices to connect and play together. It’s time to dive into the details and discover if Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions can truly unite.

Understanding Minecraft Editions

Before we can tackle the crossplay question, let’s first understand the different editions of Minecraft. When you purchase the game, you might not see the word “Bedrock” in the edition name. For example, the PC console version is simply referred to as “Minecraft for Windows 10.” But rest assured, if you’re playing on a console or phone, you are indeed playing the Bedrock edition.

The Bedrock Edition Platform List

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft supports a wide range of platforms, making crossplay a breeze. You can join forces with players on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS/TV, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and even Samsung Gear VR. With so many options, you can seamlessly switch between devices and enjoy multiplayer adventures with friends and family.

Minecraft Java Edition: A Different Path

Now let’s talk about Minecraft Java Edition. While it doesn’t support Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox consoles, it remains the version of choice for Mac and Linux users. This edition is often referred to as the original Minecraft and offers PC players some unique advantages. PCGamesN highlights its features, such as access to larger multiplayer servers, extensive modding possibilities, and a more powerful engine optimized for high-performance hardware.

Limitations of Minecraft Java Edition

When it comes to platforms, Minecraft Java Edition is exclusive to PC/Computer, Mac, and Linux. Unlike the Bedrock Edition, cross-platform play and multiplayer in Java Edition are more complex. Additionally, the availability of Java Edition is not as widespread as the mainstream versions.

The Crossplay Dilemma: Java vs. Bedrock

Now, the burning question: Can Minecraft Java and Bedrock players team up and play together? Unfortunately, according to Minecraft, Java and Bedrock editions use different servers and cannot directly join each other’s games. This means that, officially, crossplay between Java and Bedrock is not supported.

Finding a Solution: GeyserMC Plugin

But don’t lose hope just yet! There is an unofficial solution called the GeyserMC plugin. By installing this third-party plugin, Bedrock players gain the ability to connect to Java servers, enabling Java/Bedrock cross-play. It’s important to note that using unofficial plugins comes with some risks, so it’s crucial to carefully evaluate your options before proceeding.

Conclusion: Exploring Minecraft Together

In conclusion, while official crossplay between Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions is not available, the GeyserMC plugin offers a potential workaround for players looking to unite the two. Remember to consider the risks associated with unofficial plugins before making a decision.

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Now it’s time to gather your friends, choose your edition, and embark on epic Minecraft adventures together. Learn, How you can play Minecraft with your friends?