4 Actionable Tips to Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok [Latest 2023]

What! Didn’t you know that a verified TikTok account can increase your profile online exposure? Of course, you can! One of the world’s most well-known social networking platforms, TikTok, you can attain that. As the app is gradually growing, it might be difficult for aspiring TikTokers to gain credibility and authenticity. But being verified on TikTok can bring many benefits and help them stand out from the crowd. So, getting a verified blue checkmark on TikTok is a must.

Remember to create and post engaging content to get this verification batch on TikTok. So that many viewers can watch your video and even use the TikTok downloader app to download your video if it is visually appealing.

This article will assist with four actionable tips that you can use to increase your chances of getting that blue checkmark on TikTok. Whether you’re new to TikTok or have been using it for a while, these tips will help you optimize your profile and content for the greatest impact. So, without further delay, let’s get started!

4 Actionable Tips to Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok [Latest 2023]

What Does TikTok Verification Mean?

Similar to other social media platforms, a blue checkmark on TikTok means that your account has been verified. This verification batch will generally inform the platform that you are well-known and prominent and keeps your account authenticated from scammers. You don’t have to be very famous to get verified on TikTok. Then what’s the need for this blue checkmark on TikTok? Let us first understand the importance of this verification batch.

Why Is TikTok Verification Necessary?

Getting a blue checkmark on TikTok will help you to strengthen and solidify your profile. For instance, if you are an actor, musician, writer, or even an ambitious business owner, a verified badge on TikTok can uplift your career. But here are some reasons why TikTok verification is essential.

1. Originality

A verified blue checkmark on your profile will showcase your originality. This specific blue checkmark seen next to your username will tell users that you are the real deal and lends credibility.

2. Exposure

The verification batch will result in great exposure to your TikTok account. More exposure will help your content to gain more likes and followers. That means there is a high chance of being featured on TikTok’s For You Page.

3. Credibility

A blue tick verification from TikTok will let your audience understand that your video content is legitimate and unique from other TikTokers. Once they understand that you are credible, they continue to watch your videos and can even download them. In that case, TikScoop might be a lifesaver. You can easily download and watch your favorite creator’s videos in your free time.

How to Request Verification on TikTok?

You might have noticed that a TikTok with thousands of, millions of followers but no blue tick. It is because TikTok does not automatically verify a large follower account. Instead, you can apply a verification request to TikTok. Applying for request verification might be easy, but proving you are qualified for a blue checkmark will be more challenging. So now, let us proceed with the steps to request verification on TikTok.

Step 1: Click the ‘Profile’ option at the bottom right corner, then click the ‘Menu’ option.
Step 2: Select the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.
Step 3: Click ‘Manage account’ and ‘Verification.’ You can do the same steps whether you have a business or personal account.

Follow these steps to submit your verification request. Finally, you can wait till the TikTok team processes the verification request. Usually, it may be at most 30 days.

Four Actionable Tips to Get Blue Checkmark on TikTok

As stated in this article, applying for verification on TikTok is easier, but ensuring your approval account is trickier. Not to worry, here are the actionable tips that will help you get a blue checkmark on TikTok.

1. Discover Your Specific Niche and Keep Making

It has become mandatory to stay updated on this platform once you have attained a special place. Doing this allows you to retain and keep growing your TikTok followers easily. Try to post content consistently to maintain your niche. In addition, you can leverage TikTok SEO with trending hashtags and soundtracks to make your TikTok video more engaging and visible to a broader audience.
Music plays a main role in TikTok, so you can participate or start your own challenges by employing Tiktok’s music library in your videos. Also, make use of the Duet and Stitch feature while creating your TikTok video.

2. Get Verified on Other Social Media Applications

TikTok is brilliant as it ensures the verification process of the users by looking at their other social media application profiles too. It means you must get verified on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook before moving on to TikTok.
Even if you have already got verified on all or any of your social media platforms, you have a better chance to get a verified blue checkmark on TikTok. So, be consistent with what you post on other platforms to gain authenticity and authority.

3. Create Outstanding Content to Go Viral

It is obvious that most verified TikTok accounts will have at least one viral video. Also, creating unique video content will increase the chance of featuring on For You Page. It will also boost your followers and engagement rates of your TikTok profile. Ensure that your video’s first three seconds are intriguing to capture your audience’s attention.
You can even create a storytelling video because only some are versatile dancers, so these kinds of videos will increase the chance of going viral on TikTok. Along with these, you can collaborate with famous influencers to get better engagement.

4. Follow TikTok’s Guidelines

Last but not least, following TikTok’s guidelines and terms of service is always necessary while making and posting videos on this platform. Never violate the TikTok rules because it will significantly affect the possibility of getting the blue checkmark on your profile. Stay aware of the content type you are creating, and never post absurd videos. You can look at other creators’ videos to create videos within TikTok’s guidelines for reference purposes. Besides, you can use TikScoop to download the videos easily and watch them offline whenever you want.

Wrap Up

Getting a blue verification check mark on TikTok might seem like a daunting process, but with the help of these four actionable tips and your consistent effort, you can greatly improve your chance of success. In addition, discovering your niche, creating unique content, and building your online presence on other platforms will showcase your TikTok profile’s authenticity. While there is no significant formula to get a blue checkmark, you can utilize these tips to achieve it effectively.

That’s it, guys. Now it’s all up to you. Feel free to share the tip that worked well for you in the comments below. Best of Luck!