Starfield Money Glitch Free Credit: How To Get Infinite Credits (100% Working)

Unlocking Wealth in Starfield: Fastest Starfield Money Glitch +72,000 Credits (Guaranteed 100% Working Methods)

Are you craving limitless credits in the world of Starfield, yearning for the fanciest ships, the mightiest weapon upgrades, or even a luxurious space apartment? Well, fret not! While venturing through the vastness of Starfield may be time-consuming, resource acquisition doesn’t have to be. Players have stumbled upon a remarkably effective Starfield money glitch that opens the door to infinite riches.

Until Bethesda rolls out a patch to address this peculiarity, take advantage of these glitches to amass an endless fortune. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore two fresh methods, as well as an old but reliable approach, to exploit the Starfield Money Glitch and bolster your credit reserves.

Starfield Money Glitch Free Credit: How To Get Infinite Credits (100% Working)

Unearth Infinite Credits in Starfield: A Puddle of Wealth Awaits

To access an inexhaustible stream of credits in Starfield, you’ll want to focus on a specific location – the area outside Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City, nestled within the Akila planet, Cheyenne star system. Follow these steps to unlock your financial freedom:

  1. Switch to the third-person view within the game.
  2. Locate and make your way towards Shepherd’s General Store.
  3. Amidst the scenery, you’ll spot two puddles; hone in on the smaller one for ease of identification.
  4. Position yourself behind the diminutive puddle, facing the store’s front, and assume a crouching stance.
  5. Once you’ve pinpointed the sweet spot, a plethora of Shepherd’s inventory will unveil itself – thousands of credits, ship components, weapons, and more.
  6. Collect the credits and miscellaneous items, ready to be sold to the Emerson Shepherd vendor for additional credits.
  7. After accumulating your desired wealth, exercise patience for 24 in-game hours, and Emerson’s chest will miraculously replenish its contents.
  8. Rinse and repeat this lucrative endeavor to your heart’s content, ultimately amassing an immeasurable fortune in Starfield, affording you the indulgence of extravagant ships or opulent space apartments.

Note: Rest assured, this Starfield money glitch does not classify as theft within the game, so your in-game reputation remains untarnished.

Mastering the Starfield 72,000 Credits Glitch

In Starfield, a bountiful sum of 72,000 credits awaits you in New Atlantis within the Jemison region, nestled in the Alpha Centauri star system. Before embarking on this journey, ensure you possess a Rescue Axe, dagger, or any melee weapon. Follow these specific steps to breach the wall and seize the 72,000 Credits concealed within a crate:

  1. Upon reaching your destination, proceed down the ramp, veering towards the room nestled in the farthest corner.
  2. To execute the Starfield infinite credit glitch, initiate a sprint, jump, and block action simultaneously in an attempt to pass through the wall.
  3. Coordinate your movements to trigger both the block and forward actions concurrently.
  4. Landing on a specific piece of terrain is crucial; perseverance may be required.
  5. Upon a successful breach through the wall, you’ll undergo a teleportation, finding yourself relocated.
  6. Traverse forward to unveil a crate laden with 72,000 Credits.
  7. Be patient, as mastering this maneuver may necessitate a degree of finesse and practice – your perseverance will be duly rewarded in credits.

Unearthing the Old Yet Reliable Starfield Money Glitch

If you’re seeking a different avenue for amassing wealth in Starfield, consider revisiting an older method that has proven its worth:

  1. Begin by utilizing fast-travel to Neon Core, a cyberpunk settlement situated on Volii Alpha within the Volii system, west of Alpha Centauri.
  2. Upon your arrival, scout for the Trade Authority building, situated to your right. Employ your boost pack to leap onto the yellow Trade Authority sign, then progress toward the adjacent ledge.
  3. From this vantage point, aim to reach a higher ledge slightly to your left. Wait for your boost pack to fully recharge, then execute a powerful leap, ensuring you target the highest point of your ascent to reach the ledge.
  4. Embark on another substantial leap to your right, which will propel you onto a rooftop expanse.
  5. Follow the rooftop’s course to your right, surmounting two imposing walls with precise jumps. Ultimately, you’ll descend to a location featuring a transparent ceiling – maintain a slight leftward trajectory to avert falling through it. Just before your landing, employ your boost to cushion your descent.
  6. Progress straightforwardly, descending from the ledge before you. This descent will position you beneath the entrance to Ryujin, where you’ll encounter three accessible chests. The first chest contains weaponry and can be reached by edging to the ledge’s edge. As for the remaining two chests, descend to the tier below, using your boost to maneuver beneath them. Upon approaching proximity, activate the Transfer function to claim your loot.
  7. With each run, you’ll accumulate approximately 10,000 Credits and a slew of valuable gear. To return to the primary map, you can opt to leap through the upper-floor or descend into the void below or even fast-travel back to Neon Core.
  8. Venture forth to vend your items at the Trade Authority or Newell’s general store. Savor your newfound riches while awaiting approximately 48 in-game hours, accomplished by taking a seat on a chair or bench. Thereafter, execute a repeat performance of this process.

Note: For optimum effectiveness, consider procuring a boost pack imbued with the Power Boost trait. Such packs are available for purchase at Outland in the Commercial District of New Atlantis, or you can modify a standard boost pack to incorporate the Power Boost attribute.

With these cunning exploits at your disposal, your financial aspirations in Starfield are destined for unparalleled heights. Seize this opportunity to amass boundless credits and elevate your galactic adventures to new, opulent horizons.

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