Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug: Fix Now

In the ever-expanding universe of Starfield, players often find themselves grappling with quests gone awry and perplexing game mechanic hiccups. The latest conundrum centers on a perplexing bug: the Starfield outpost landing pad not working or mysteriously vanishing, leaving gamers scratching their heads.

It’s a frustrating scenario – you can’t land, whether with a shipbuilder or on a colossal landing port. Even constructing a sizeable landing pad fails to resolve the issue. When you attempt to land on a freshly minted landing pad, your ship defies logic by touching down at its previous location, disregarding the operational landing pad. Equally befuddling is the disappearance of the outpost landing port altogether.

If you too find yourself grappling with the Starfield outpost landing pad not working or missing conundrum, fret not. Here, we’ve compiled tried-and-tested workarounds to guide you through your interstellar quest.

Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug: Fix Now

Why Is My Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working?

Your Starfield Outpost Landing Pad may be experiencing issues for a variety of reasons. Here are some common culprits:

  1. Landing Pad Absence: First and foremost, ensure that you have constructed a landing pad at your outpost. Without one, your ship has no designated area to land.
  2. Size Mismatch: Starfield offers two types of landing pads – small and large. Small pads accommodate compact vessels, while the larger ones cater to more substantial ships. Attempting to land a ship too large for the pad you’ve built will invariably result in failure.
  3. Obstructions: Be vigilant for obstructions like structures or objects that may impede the landing pad’s clear space. A cluttered pad can spell trouble for safe landings.
  4. Structural Damage: The condition of the landing pad is crucial. If it’s damaged, it may be incapable of supporting your ship’s weight during landing.
  5. Game Bug: Occasionally, in the complex world of gaming, bugs rear their heads. If none of the above issues apply, a game bug might be the source of your troubles.

Quick Fix

To navigate this issue, you’ll require an extra vessel. Visit the ship builder located on the landing pad and designate the alternate ship as your ‘home ship.’ Then, return to your primary vessel and designate it as your ‘home ship’ as well. Upon exiting the menu, your ship should be positioned on the landing pad, granting you access to the transfer container.

How To Rectify the Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Issue

1. Take Off and Land on the Planet

For those encountering fast travel problems, this workaround may prove effective:

  • Depart from your current planetary location.
  • Instead of attempting direct fast travel to the outpost landing pad, access the Star Map.
  • Locate your outpost on the Star Map.
  • If the outpost boasts a sufficiently large landing zone, your spaceship should elegantly descend there.

2. Upgrade Your Landing Port

To tackle the Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug, adhere to these steps:

  • Confirm the landing pad’s size at the outpost. Small landing pads are tailored for ships under 20 meters in length.
  • Modify your ship’s size if necessary. Reduce its dimensions by removing specific components or opting for a smaller vessel.
  • Try fast travel to the outpost after ensuring your ship fits within the landing pad’s size parameters. This adjustment should resolve the bug.
  • Should your ship outgrow the current landing pad, consider upgrading to a larger pad, enabling the accommodation of more massive ships during fast travel.

3. Construct a Landing Pad on Your Owned Land

If your Starfield outpost’s landing pad is causing headaches, consider this potential solution:

  • Scrutinize the placement of your landing pad within the outpost’s buildable territory.
  • Be wary of small red square sections within your outpost circle; these denote areas where you might lack full ownership. Landing pads in such regions can trigger issues.
  • Relocate the landing pad to a different spot within your outpost’s buildable territory, ensuring it rests entirely within an area under your control.
  • Try landing your ship once more. It should now touch down without complications or conflicts with other created landing icons atop your outpost.

4. Switch to an Alternate Ship

To address this particular in-game issue, follow these steps:

  • Access the terminal within the game interface.
  • Opt for the “switch to another ship” option.
  • Temporarily select the “home ship,” even if immediate use isn’t planned.
  • After this selection, return to the terminal and switch to the ship you intend to use for your ongoing gameplay.

5. Resolve Landing Port Disappearance

Implement these steps for a potential solution:

  • In the planet view, hover over the base icon.
  • You may observe multiple landing locations within a specific radius.
  • Select the outpost landing pad by hovering over it and pressing the designated button (e.g., “X” on Xbox) to set it as the landing location.
  • This action should trigger the landing option, permitting you to touch down on the pad.

6. Demolish All Existing Landing Pads

To address the problem, try this approach:

  • Remove all current landing pads in the vicinity.
  • Construct a new landing pad in a flat, hazard-free area, ensuring your ship can land without complications.

7. Build a Large Landing Pad

To resolve the issue of the landing pad missing or failing to appear in Starfield, attempt the following solution:

  • Erect a Large landing pad, granting you the capability to modify and enhance your ship.
  • Position your landing pad control panel conveniently close to your beacon’s spawn point for quick access.
  • Access the control panel and choose the option to edit your ship. Make a minor color adjustment to a section of the ship, altering it by a single notch on the color scale to avoid noticeable changes.
  • Save the modifications.
  • Upon exiting the control panel screen, your ship should now occupy the landing pad, resolving the problem effectively.