Minecraft Java Edition Download for PC

Game building open world combined with survival

Minecraft Java Edition is the most renowned and widely downloaded edition of the open-world game Minecraft, featuring its signature Magical Squares. With Minecraft Java for PC, players can unleash their creativity to build their dream worlds.

This unique edition of Minecraft allows players to arrange blocks and embark on epic adventures. Version 1.17.1 of Minecraft Java offers a multitude of player-created worlds, each with diverse terrains like icy mountains, swampy ponds, vast grasslands, and more, brimming with secrets, wonders, and dangers.

Developed by Mojang Studios and released in 2011, Minecraft has become a global phenomenon, boasting over 200 million copies sold across all platforms.

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Download Minecraft Java Edition for Windows 7, 10 PC

Free Download Minecraft Java for Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC. This is the offline Minecraft Java Edition installer setup file and will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Download Information

  • Release: Mojang
  • Version: 1.17.1
  • Use: Free of charge
  • Capacity: 30 MB
  • Downloads: 8,244.828
  • Request: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Minecraft Overview 2023

In this sandbox video game, players can explore, gather resources, craft, and build within a virtual world made up of blocks. The randomly generated world comprises various landscapes, from forests and mountains to caves and oceans. As they explore, players may encounter monsters and other hazards that they must defend against.

Minecraft is known for its high customizability, offering a vast array of mods and custom content that can transform the game’s appearance and gameplay. A vibrant community of players and developers contributes to the game’s ongoing success, providing abundant online resources for learning and creating custom content.

The latest version of Minecraft is filled with exciting features awaiting discovery. If you are adventurous and daring, you’ll surely find many thrilling elements to enjoy! To experience these new features, you can download Minecraft from Download.com.vn or find more information about the game on its official homepage: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/

Minecraft Java Edition Download Installer for Windows 7/10 PC

Minecraft is available in several different versions, including a Java Edition, which is written in the Java programming language and can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The Java Edition of Minecraft offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Single-player and multiplayer gameplay: Players can play Minecraft alone or with friends online.
  • Creative mode: In this mode, players have unlimited resources and can build and create freely without any monsters or other dangers.
  • Survival mode: In this mode, players must gather resources and survive against monsters and other dangers.
  • A wide range of blocks: Minecraft includes a variety of blocks, including dirt, stone, wood, and more, that can be used to build and create in the game.
  • A wide range of items and tools: Players can gather and craft a variety of items, including weapons, armor, and tools, to help them survive and explore the world.
  • A variety of mobs: Minecraft includes a variety of “mobs,” or non-player characters, such as zombies, skeletons, and creepers, that players can encounter and defend against as they explore the world.

How to play Minecraft game?

To play the Java Edition of Minecraft, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Purchase and download Minecraft Java: You can purchase the Java Edition of Minecraft from the official Minecraft website or from a retailer. Once you have purchased the game, you will need to download it to your computer.
  2. Install Minecraft: Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Minecraft on your computer.
  3. Launch Minecraft: Once the installation is complete, click on the Minecraft icon to launch the game.
  4. Create a new world: When you first launch Minecraft, you will be prompted to create a new world. You can choose the type of world you want to create, such as a creative or survival world, and customize the settings for your world.
  5. Explore and play: Once you have created your world, you can start exploring and playing the game. You can gather resources, build structures, and craft items to help you survive and explore the world. You can also encounter and defend against various mobs as you explore.

To play Minecraft with other people, you will need to join a multiplayer server. You can either join an existing server or create your own. To join a server, click on the “Multiplayer” option in the main menu, then click the “Add Server” button. Enter the server’s address and click “Done” to join the server.

Minecraft is a highly customizable game, and there are many resources available online for players looking to learn more about the game or create their own custom content.

How to play Minecraft game?
Start playing MineCraft

Play Minecraft Java with friends

Minecraft Realms are servers provided by Mojang, just for you and your friends. This service has the effect of helping you always be able to access and maintain online activity in the developing world, even if you have logged out of your account. Play Minecraft Realms and Bedrick with Friends on your PC.

Minecraft Realms ensures your safety! Only invitees can enter your world. Everything here is up to you: create, survive or compete!

You and up to 10 other people can play together at a time – and there’s no invitation limit.

You are free to do whatever you want on your personal server! Create giant machines, magnificent castles or cities in the sky; Search for resources to survive the dark night or hunt for precious treasures to aid you in the excursions ahead.
Minecraft Realms is your world, in other words, you own Minecraft.

Play Minecraft with friends

Update Minecraft Village & Pillage

The new community, a new threat

Discover the most adventurous update yet! Watch out for new threats, build new blocks, and experience life in all-new villages.

Features changed in the latest Minecraft Java 1.17.1 version

Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17.1:
This update changes some features in Caves & Cliffs: Part I, and focuses on bug fixes.

  • Only blue axolotl can be obtained through crossbreeding.
  • Non-screaming goats rarely have a chance to produce screaming goats during breeding.
  • Status effects on goats are also applied when the goat jumps or butts.
  • Increase drop rate of copper ingot from Drowned to 11% + 2% per loot level.
  • Snow powder fills the cauldron 2 times faster than before.
  • Zombie, Zombie villager, Husk and Drowned cannot pick up glowing ink bags.
  • The name of the mob sacrificed will be saved in the log.
  • In the case of DNS-based redirects, the client sends the hostname used to connect.
  • The sun, moon and/or clouds are not displayed if the distance is less than 4.
  • Charms are saved as minified, but loaded and used with the standard value.
  • Fixed duplicate content of U+00B7.
  • Fixed wrong U+1FEC in Minecraft font file.
  • Pistons and suction machines are used to create ghost blocks through the powdered snow.
  • Create a ghost item using /item.
  • Fixed an issue where Calcium was different from other blocks.
  • And fixed a lot of other small bugs.

Minecraft 1.16.20 (Bedrock)
New feature:

  • Piglin Brute
  • Piglin Brutes is a stronger version of Piglins, living in the ruins of the fortress and protecting the treasure there.
  • Unlike his cowardly and greedy counterparts, Piglin Brutes is not attracted to gold and is not afraid of anything.
  • Pigling Brutes will attack the player instantly regardless of their appearance.
  • Pigling Brutes use axes and do not need armor because their bodies are extremely tough.
Minecraft 1.16.20 (Bedrock)
Minecraft 1.16.2 introduces the new Piglin Brute character, changes the crafting interface and fixes many other bugs

Changes in the crafting interface:

  • The recipe Select button is displayed when hovering over crafting books that cannot be crafted via the controller (MCPE-79725).
  • Hover over the selected item placed in the crafting grid with the controller to see the tooltip name.
  • On a controller, hovering over recipes will display them in the crafting grid when no recipe has been selected.
  • On the controller, the player can deselect the selected recipe when hovering over it. Also removed the crafting grid when clicking the right button.

In addition, Minecraft Java 1.17.1 also fixes a lot of bugs related to performance and stability, general gameplay errors, mobs, blocks, items, sounds, player interfaces, commands, and other add-ons.

Minecraft 1.17.1 – Nether update

Discover the dark side of Minecraft

Beyond the familiar Overworld is an ancient kingdom, unexplored by most Minecraft players. The Nether update is your chance to explore a brilliant dimension with new biomes, mobs, and blocks.

Learn Netherite – a material stronger than diamonds

Pure Netherite is the strongest, most durable material in the block world. The only way to collect it is to mine Netherite scraps from ancient ruins.

Minecraft 1.16.1

Prepare to fight or negotiate with Piglin

Pigling is quite fastidious but it is willing to trade items if you offer valuable items. Try to please it for successful trading.

Avoid Hoglin or hunt them

Is it the best mob in the Minecraft game? Always avoid Hoglin or hunt them if you are brave enough. Please approach it with caution.

Target block

Ever wanted Redstone to be more flexible? Try target block.

Minecraft 1.15.2

  • Bees no longer get angry when a neighboring hive is destroyed with the Silk Touch tool.
  • Added doPatrolSpawning and doTraderSpawning game rules that control the frequency of patrols and related wandering traders.
  • Added gui_light option in solid models to allow users to control lighting when rendering the model as an item in the GUI.
  • Control lighting when showing blocks inside a position. If set to one side, the model will be displayed as a block. If placed in front, the model will be polished like a flat surface.
  • Any birch or oak tree growing near a flower within 2 blocks at the same y coordinate has a 5% chance of getting a hive.
  • The hive now has a 2% chance to spawn in the flower forest.
  • Hives now have a 0.2% chance to spawn in the Forest, Wooded Hills, Birch Forest, Tall Birch Forest, Birch Forest Hills, and Tall Birch Hills ecosystems.
  • Other bug fixes.
Minecraft 1.15

Minecraft 1.15

Minecraft 1.15 was officially released on December 10, 2019. This update has added bees and many other items related to this species. In addition, you will also see significantly improved performance, the error in the old version is also gone.

Download Minecraft 1.15 and get the latest changes:

  • New Mob: BeeBees in Minecraft 1.15
  • New items: Honeypot and honeycomb.
  • Blocks: Honeycomb, honeycomb, honeycomb.
  • Command /gamerule
    • doInsomnia – Ghosts can appear during the night.
    • doImmediateRespawn – Player respawns immediately without showing death screen.
    • drowningDamage – Player is injured by drowning.
    • fireDamage – Player injured by fire.
  • Gameplay
    • Added 3 new upgrades:
      • Sticky Situation – Falling due to landing on a block of honey.
      • Bee our Guest – Safely collect honey from the hive by lighting a campfire.
      • Total Beelocation – Bring a hive with 3 bees inside.
    • Sneak and Sprint action tasks can now be switched between Hold and Toogle modes in Accessibility Options.
    • Add new elements and tags.
  • Change
    • Minecraft now requires OpenGL 2.0.
    • Right-clicking on a bed in daylight will now set the player’s spawn location on it.
    • The bell in the new version will ring if activated by a flint signal.
    • Flaming Fireworks will now move in the direction they were fired.
    • Wet sponges will now dry when placed in the Nether.
    • Dispenser can now be used to collect honey bottles, water bottles, bees, and place Armor Stands.
    • Iron monsters will now crack when losing health and can be repaired with iron ingots.
    • Campfires can be extinguished with a shovel.
    • Composters can now be crafted with wooden panels instead of fences and boards like before.
    • You can now craft Dark Prismarine from black dye instead of Ink Sacs.
    • End Stone Brick now has a hardness of level 3 and an explosion resistance of 45.
  • Fixed all 303 errors.
Minecraft 1.14.4

Minecraft 1.14.4

  • Bug fix
  • Improve the performance
  • The secret casserole from the poppy plant will give the player night vision instead of speed.
  • Additional reporting/debugging for more detailed player insights.
  • Fix memory leak.
  • Remove the camera axis in first person.
  • Improved loading of wooden blocks when traveling at high speed.
  • Fixed incorrect Pilager layout.
  • /reload and /forceload are now available with game masters.
  • function-permission-level is a new setting in server.properties , which controls access to command line features.
Minecraft 1.14.4
  • Villagers can now stockpile more items.
  • Villagers will now remember copper news after becoming a Zombie Villager.
  • Improved Villager pathfinding performance.
  • Villager can now work without restocking at the same time.
  • Rumors of players turning into zombie residents will now last longer.
  • The Player Activity button on the Realm desktop has been removed.
  • Villagers now wait to restock until they have a transaction that needs to be restocked.
  • Villager sieges no longer happen on Mushroom Island.
  • Mobs will no longer find their way through the bamboo forest.
  • Additional human sounds.
Player Activity button on the Realm desktop has

Minecraft 1.14.3

  • Change
    • Players can now repair items by crafting them again.
    • Revert the magic system to the previous version.
    • Flashlights, lanterns and press plates can now be placed on grass and iron bars.
    • Lanterns can now be attached underneath iron bars and grass.
    • The game no longer requires saturation for the “How did we get here?” upgrade.
    • You can now disable attacks with ‘/gamerule disableRaids true’.
  • Changes in patrols
    • The defense is no longer a member of the patrol.
    • Doubles the minimum time to spawn from more than 5 (up to 1) minutes to 10+ (up to 1) minutes.
    • Patrols no longer spawn if the block light level doesn’t allow spawning.
    • Patrols are now allowed to spawn in any biome, except the mushroom biome.
  • Paniced villagers now have a better chance of spawning Iron Golems, even, sometimes they can work & sleep.
  • “Last slept” and “last worked” are now correctly saved in Villager.
  • Farmers now spend more time planting while they are working.
  • Farmers can now always donate food, even if others don’t need it.
  • Improve the performance.
  • Fixes.
Minecraft 1.14.2

Minecraft 1.14.2


  • Recalculate all light sources when the player first opens the saved world in the previous version.
  • The error encountered when loading the zone is now saved in detail in the log file.
  • Fixed the issue of spawning carrots on grass blocks and not grass blocks.
  • Added server-side log counting for screen debugging.
  • Adjusted the intruder spawn rate so they can only spawn on finished wood blocks.
  • Increase the search radius of the bell at the start of the raid from 48 to 64 blocks.


  • Fixed the problem of jamming the fence gate and Doorway.
  • Fixed entities pinning through the block after moving through the final portal.
  • Fixed an issue where natural light sources didn’t work on some wooden blocks.
  • Fix the bug that can’t swim when hiding.
  • Fixed an issue where when hovering over a world to update, the game called the current version as a snapshot even though it was an official update.
  • Fixed an issue where long teleportation on the server caused players to be pinned to the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where the server stopped responding after an account exit error.
  • Fixed Hebrew letters not being assigned to the correct structure.
  • Fixed an issue where players had to crouch when swimming towards the ceiling.
  • Fixed sound looping when villagers trade when pressing Shift key.
  • Fixed an issue where Ender Dragon’s breath hit the highest block placed in the center of the portal column.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no sound when villagers selected items.
  • Fixed an issue where Golem monsters wouldn’t attack the player when they hit a villager.
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum item weight was ignored when using the new trade menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Ghost End” crystal remained behind the Ender Dragon spawn area after being destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where the color of the beacon would be wrong if the grass was of a color that was not directly on the beacon.
  • Fixed missing Shulker box name.
  • Fixed mobs not appearing on soul sand.
  • Fixes a bug where an empty Shulker box broke in Creative mode causing it to fall on its own.
    Fixed guard noise repetition.
  • Fixed a bug where the sound was lost when villagers planted trees.
  • Fixed an issue where cutting the Sandstone was not part of the block card.
  • Fixed animals, villagers, item frames, armor stands, etc. disappearing.
  • Fixed build and set of beacons with no upgrades.
  • Fixed Wither attacking undead mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where sold camels would instantly disappear when spawned from eggs.
  • Fixed an issue where spellbook sharpener could not customize the name.
  • Fixed game bug after breaking villager’s point of interest.
  • Fix the main FPS drop after running the farming mob for 30 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where flaming arrows could light up flooded camps.
  • Fixed observer not updating redstone properly.
  • Fixed RegionFiles not closing when cleared from cache.
Minecraft 1.14.2

Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 update will be called The Village & Pillage Update with a lot of interesting upgrades.

Official Update Village & Pillage

  • Lots of accessibility improvements.
  • Add bamboo blocks to the game.
  • Add bamboo forest to the world.
  • Add hedges, bells and sweet berries.
  • Add combustion chamber.
  • Rewrite the book and edit the pen for easier use.
  • Add campfire, map board.
  • Separate cats and South American wildcats into separate species, and update new features for cats.
  • Added compost, crossbows, many new decoration blocks and other first-time blocks.
  • Added new Fletching table block, potion, flower.
  • Added some suggestions from the community.
  • Updated credits list.
  • Add an error or feedback button.
  • Improved rendering so that it works correctly in many cases as expected by users.
  • Added stone grinding, “Hero of the Village” effect, leather horse armor, lantern, platform, loom.
  • Players can now craft their existing special banner pattern into a new item that won’t wear out when used, called the Banner Pattern.
  • Added new “Globe” banner and widget template, note block sound.
  • Add pandas, foxes.
  • Add bandits, patrols, Ravagers, wandering merchants, smoke workers…
  • Changing villagers
  • Additional stone cutters, forge tables.
  • The village structure is based on the biome.
  • Many other tweaks and changes.

Minecraft 1.13.2

  • Improved world upgrade performance.
  • Improved boot time.
  • Improved pathfinding performance for turtles.
  • Improved mob spawn performance.
  • Other overall performance improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where containers next to the bar border could lose items when upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue with repeating mobs that spawned and regenerated quickly in high positions on the Y axis (causing lag).
  • Fixed hostile and neutral mobs rarely spawning on the Z axis.
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException throwing when world upgrade.
  • Fix crash setting when loading world 1.8 at 1.13.
  • Game crash when switching right-click a shulker box while holding the bone dish.
  • Fixed an issue where hatching eggs wouldn’t yield valid entities, allowing the property command to execute in some cases.
  • Fixed a crash when creating near the top of the world.
  • Fixed crash when displaying block entity.
Minecraft 1.13.2

In addition, the latest version of Minecraft also contains many other interesting things. Surely you are a brave, adventurous person, right? Then let’s discover the remaining interesting features for yourself! You can download Minecraft at Download.com.vn to find out the new features of this great version of the game right now or get more information about Minecraft at its homepage here: https:// www.minecraft.net/en-us/

Instructions on how to play the basic Minecraft game

When you start playing you have to create a new world, the World Selection window appears, click the Create New World button.

Then enter the new world name and the empty box in the World Name field or choose a game mode:

  • Survival game mode: Search for resources, craft, level up, health and forage to survive.
  • Super Hard Mode: Same as survival mode but only one life.
  • Innovative game mode: Unlimited resources, can fly freely and break blocks instantly.

After setting up, click Create new world.

Moving buttons in Minecraft game

  • W– Go straight (press twice to run fast).
  • S– Retro grade.
  • A– Go left.
  • D– Move right.
  • E– Open the inventory.
  • Shift– To hide/crouch… (Hold still to prevent falling from high places).
  • Right Click Place blocks or use some items.
  • Left mouse: To attack, destroy, collect…

If you want to change these keys, you can go to Option -> Control to customize as you like.

Inspired by the game Infiniminer, Minecraft was created by the Swedish programmer Markus Persson and later published by Mojang. Apart from building, Minecraft players can engage in various professions such as woodcutting, farming, herding livestock, and more, all essential for surviving in this vast world.

While the graphics of Minecraft may not be as visually stunning as some modern games, its strength lies in the players’ ability to freely create their unique styles. Countless unexpected and interesting situations further contribute to the game’s irresistible charm and allure, drawing players into its captivating world.