Hola VPN Extension for Chrome Free Download

Hola VPN Extension for Chrome

Hola VPN Extension for Chrome is a remarkable Chrome extension that grants you the power to safeguard your online privacy and security while navigating the vast expanse of the internet. This extraordinary VPN extension, available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers, ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

With Hola VPN’s Chrome extension, you can fortify your device against potential hacking and tracking threats. It achieves this by dynamically altering your IP address, preventing websites and servers from storing your original IP address when you venture into the world of public Wi-Fi networks and private browsing.

If you cherish the sanctity of your saved logins and vital banking passwords, then installing the Hola VPN extension on your Chrome and Firefox browsers is a non-negotiable imperative.

Securing Hola VPN Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Acquiring the Hola VPN Extension on your Chrome and Firefox browsers is as straightforward as can be. You can obtain the extension by simply clicking the “Free Download Button” below or directly from your web browser. Follow the steps below to install the Hola VPN Extension seamlessly:

Download information

  • Developer: Hola
  • Version: 1.216.978.0
  • Use: Free
  • File Size: 2.09 MB
  • Downloads: 22,395
  • Operating System: Chrome, Firefox

Hola VPN for Chrome: Download and Installation

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and enter “Hola VPN Extension for Chrome” in the Google search bar.Hola VPN Extension for Chrome
  2. Click on the first result titled “Hola VPN – The Website Unblocker
  3. On the Chrome Web Store page, you’ll spot the “Add to Chrome” button. Click it.Hola VPN - The Website Unblocker
  4. A pop-up window will appear at the top of your browser. Opt for “Add Extension” and wait for a moment.Hola VPN - The Website Unblocker
  5. Congratulations! The Hola Free Residential VPN extension is now successfully installed in your Chrome browser.
  6. Embrace the freedom of unlimited, 100% free VPN within your browser. You can find more details in the accompanying video.

Hola VPN for Firefox: Download and Installation

  1. Launch your Firefox browser and input “Hola VPN Extension/Add-on for Firefox” into the Google search bar.
  2. Click on the first link in Google with a heading “Hola | Fast, Secure, and Reliable Proxy Unblocker & VPNHola | Fast, Secure, and Reliable Proxy Unblocker & VPN
  3. On the Hola Official page, Click on The “Get Hola It’s Free” button.
  4. It will Download an Hola-Setup-C-HP.exe file of Hola VPN Extension.
  5. Open your download folder, double-click on the file to execute it. After installation, refresh your Firefox browser.
  6. You will now spot a freeHola VPN extension at the top-right corner of your Firefox browser. Simply click the button to embrace the liberty of a free VPN.

With Hola VPN Extension for Chrome and Firefox, you’re equipped with the armor to shield your online activities and maintain the privacy you deserve. Take control of your digital world today and surf with confidence!