20 Best Tower Defense Games on Steam for PC 2023/24

Tower defense games are a unique blend of strategy and excitement, where one moment you’re leisurely pressing buttons, and the next, you’re facing an onslaught of enemies threatening to dismantle your carefully crafted defenses. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions, a delicate balance that keeps gamers coming back for more. In this guide, we explore the top 20 tower defense games on Steam, offering a mix of old favorites and hidden gems that cater to both casual players and hardcore strategists.

The Ever-Popular Appeal:

20 Best Tower Defense Games on Steam

The simplicity of tower defense games often translates to affordability, with some even available for free on Steam. Contrary to the notion that free games equate to low quality, these gems serve as excellent training grounds for mastering the art of managing chaos. So, whether you’re a seasoned defender or a newcomer to the genre, there’s something for everyone in the world of tower defense.

Tower defense games have experienced a resurgence, especially on Steam, thanks to the rise of mobile devices. The quick, intuitive gameplay of tower defense aligns perfectly with touch-screen devices, and this trend has found its way back to PC and Steam. With an impressive array of new games and innovative mechanics from indie studios, it’s high time to revisit the list of the best tower defense games.

Let the Countdown Begin:

1. Ninja Kiwi Archive:

Ninja Kiwi Archive: Best Tower Defense Games on Steam

This collection is not your typical off-brand Fruit Ninja TD hybrid but a nostalgic trip to the Adobe Flash era. With classic tower defense titles from that golden age, Ninja Kiwi Archive provides a generous collection that still holds up well, offering a diverse experience for players.

2. Zombie Defense:

Zombie Defense

Venturing into hybrid territory, Zombie Defense combines elements of real-time strategy and tower defense. Survive the zombie apocalypse from a top-down perspective, managing resources while pushing back waves of the undead. A thrilling experience awaits, and there’s even a mobile version for those seeking a more relaxed zombie-slaying experience.

3. Sang-Froid – Tales Of Werewolves:

Sang-Froid - Tales Of Werewolves:

This action-packed tower defense game merges the best of action and strategy. Set in a world of rabid wolves and werewolves, players defend a farmstead using Van Helsing aesthetics, relying on strategic management and setting up defensible areas to survive the onslaught.

4. The Defender: Farm And Castle:

The Defender: Farm And Castle:

A callback to browser-based games, The Defender: Farm and Castle offers a simple yet exciting tower defense experience. With basic graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay, players defend their castle against monsters, upgrading their lone archer to be more effective in the battle against pillaging foes.

5. FrankenStorm TD: Prologue:

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue:

Embark on a humorous journey inspired by old horror literature and film. In FrankenStorm TD: Prologue, players take on the role of Dr. Frankenstein, defending the castle from pesky villagers by crafting clever mazes, laying traps, and focusing on bringing Frankenstein’s monster back to life.

6. The Riftbreaker: Prologue:

The Riftbreaker: Prologue:

A must-play gem that transcends the traditional tower defense genre, The Riftbreaker: Prologue delivers a unique blend of action RPG, strategy, and tower defense. Players fend off alien hordes while mining valuable resources, immersing themselves in intense action and breathtaking graphics. It’s a complete package that promises a gaming experience of the highest caliber.

7. Prime World: Defenders 2:

Prime World: Defenders 2:

A sequel that surpasses its predecessor, Prime World: Defenders 2 introduces endless waves of creeps and tough bosses. This hybrid tower defense and collectible card game (CCG) require players to grind for cards, enhancing their efficiency in defending the base. Dive into the deep, free-to-play gameplay, but be cautious of its aggressive monetization scheme.

8. Bloons Adventure Time TD:

Bloons Adventure Time TD:

The delightful world of Adventure Time meets the strategic challenge of Bloons in this colorful tower defense franchise. Controlling Finn, Jake, and friends, players defend the Candy Kingdom against evil balloons. The authentic touch, thanks to the original voice actors, adds to the charm, making it a must-play for Adventure Time enthusiasts.

9. Vectorio:

9. Vectorio:

Despite its basic vector graphics, Vectorio stands as a highly-rated tower defense game. In early access, this deceptively simple yet engaging title captivates players with fluid base-building and defense mechanics. Akin to a circuit board, late-game scenarios unfold, proving that simplicity can lead to intense and hypnotic gameplay.

10. Guns UP!:

10. Guns UP!:

In the realm of literal wargames, Guns UP! combines tower defense with strategy. Players control military bases, aiming to destroy the enemy’s stronghold. The strategic allocation of resources becomes crucial, showcasing a gameplay experience that defines the essence of tower defense, where efficiency reigns supreme.

11. Guardian Chronicle:

 Guardian Chronicle:

Breaking away from the serious tone, Guardian Chronicle infuses tower defense with visual calmness. Despite a competitive meta, this game stands out with its relaxing visuals. Players engage in competitive tower defense using Guardians, and the charming aesthetics make it a unique addition to the genre.

12. Dungeon Defenders 2:

Dungeon Defenders 2:

Embracing chaos, Dungeon Defenders 2 presents a hero-based tower defense game where players assemble a team to thwart waves of enemies. Multiplayer components allow players to showcase their defenses against an invasion in the land of Etheria. Cute visuals draw in casual crowds, offering a delightful mix of chaos and strategy.

13. Bloons TD Battles:

 Bloons TD Battles:

A modern equivalent to Tetris battles, Bloons TD Battles adds a competitive edge to the classic Bloons formula. Engage in split-screen battles, competing to defend bases against evil balloons. Whether in solo matches or head-to-head competitions, the identical gameplay and graphics create a familiar yet thrilling experience.

14. Infinitode 2:

Infinitode 2:

Originally shining on mobile platforms, Infinitode 2 doesn’t disappoint on Steam. A free-to-play geometric warfare game with touchscreen controls, it’s an ideal fit for the new Steam Deck. Protect your base with a variety of shape-like weapon systems, showcasing a colorful romp with fifty stages and an expansive upgrade tree.

15. Defense Grid: The Awakening:

Defense Grid: The Awakening:

Overlooked by some, Defense Grid: The Awakening remains a solid and rewarding tower defense adventure. With seamless 3D gameplay, diverse elements, and a non-intimidating learning curve, this title has stood the test of time. Master the placement of fortification towers to fend off a variety of alien foes.

16. Gemcraft – Frostborn Wrath:

Gemcraft - Frostborn Wrath:

Puns aside, Gemcraft – Frostborn Wrath has carved its niche as a hidden gem since its release in early 2020. This game offers a unique blend of flat scenes, subtle details, and variety. As a liberated wizard wreaking havoc, players strategically deploy gems, merge them, and utilize various skills and spells to stave off pursuing monsters. A fusion of RTS, puzzle, and tower defense, Gemcraft provides a captivating fantasy twist to the standard formula.

17. Plants Vs. Zombies (GOTY Edition):

Plants Vs. Zombies (GOTY Edition):

PopCap Games struck gold with Plants Vs. Zombies, creating a delightful tower defense experience. With zany zombie themes, vibrant visuals, and accessible yet gripping gameplay, this game has become a hallmark of the genre. Players strategically place weaponized plants, walnuts, and other items on their lawn grid to fend off the sauntering undead. The variation in traits, strengths, and abilities of both plants and zombies adds a light strategic touch to this newbie-friendly masterpiece.

18. Orcs Must Die!:

Orcs Must Die!:

As fantasy aficionados well know, orcs make for fantastic enemy targets, and Orcs Must Die! from Robot Entertainment delivers on that promise. Players assume the role of a versatile war mage, armed with an arsenal of spells, weapons, and traps. Across a story-based campaign, the game provides a plethora of ways to creatively take down orcs in two-dozen fortresses. From freezing moves to spinning blades and fiery brimstone, the arsenal is diverse and entertaining.

19. Minion Masters:

Minion Masters:

Breaking conventions, Minion Masters blends tower defense with competitive gameplay, drawing inspiration from Rocket League, MOBA games, and collectible card games. In a small arena, two players compete to knock out each other’s nearby bases, creating a claustrophobic yet thrilling experience. With familiar graphics reminiscent of popular MOBA titles, Minion Masters adds a captivating collectible card game mechanic, keeping players engaged and eager for more matches.

20. DOTA 2:


Technically unconventional but undeniably a tower defense marvel, DOTA 2 takes the top spot. Structured as a reverse tower defense game, players control endless creep wave bosses attempting to destroy enemy towers and bases. Lagging behind means transitioning into a full-blown tower defense scenario. With a rich esports presence, an elite community, and solid tower defense mechanics, DOTA 2 stands as a timeless titan in the genre.


As we wrap up our journey through the Top 20 Tower Defense Games on Steam, these titles stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of strategic defense gameplay. Whether you prefer battling zombies, defending against balloons, or orchestrating a clash of creeps in a fantasy realm, the diverse selection on Steam caters to all tastes. Dive into these captivating worlds, sharpen your strategic prowess, and defend against the relentless waves that await you. Happy defending!

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