Family’s New Car Proton X50 Takes a Dip in Floodwaters Just an Hour After Showroom Joy

KUALA LUMPUR – In an unexpected turn of events, a family’s pristine Proton X50 found itself submerged in floodwaters merely one hour after leaving the showroom in Puchong. The unfortunate incident was brought to light by Facebook user @Azhazul Azri, who shared a series of posts capturing the contrasting moments of joy at the showroom and the distressing sight of the car battling rising waters on a Puchong road.

Family's New Car Proton X50 Takes a Dip in Floodwaters Just an Hour After Showroom Joy

The joyous occasion of the car handover, depicted in two posts and a photo, turned into a watery ordeal for the new owners. According to Azhazul Azri, the family’s Proton X50 was delivered at 5 pm, only to be engulfed by floodwaters by 6 pm on the same day.

A silver lining in this unfortunate event emerged as Azhazul Azri highlighted that the family, wisely advised by his younger sibling, had opted for a special perils coverage. The decision to add this additional coverage was made despite the nominal commission earned by sales agents, sometimes as low as RM10, when customers choose supplementary protection.

The primary objective of these sales agents is to ensure that customers enjoy peace of mind, especially during unforeseen incidents such as this one. While some netizens expressed empathy for the family, others shared their thoughts on the unpredictable nature of such incidents.

Facebook user @mohd ariff helmi commented, “Scary bro, just an hour and already got hit,” while @farizol abdul ghani remarked, “Just an hour out. Even with insurance, the feeling is not the same anymore.”

User @syfiq suhaimi emphasized the importance of special perils coverage, stating, “Cost for my car was RM500, but if it’s flooded like this, even 5,000 is not enough to repair.” @james te concurred, adding, “Due to frequent heavy rain, special perils are compulsory, even if costing 300-500 per year.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather-related challenges and the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage in safeguarding valuable assets against unforeseen circumstances.