Nix Injector 1.73 APK Download for Android

Free Skin Injector App for Mobile Legends: Big Bang Games

Nix Injector 1.73 APK, developed by the reputable Lansord NIX, is a third-party application revolutionizing the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gaming experience. Crafted with precision, this APK serves as a powerful tool, providing users access to premium features and skins previously exclusive to a select few. With 15 years of expertise, this injector has evolved into a comprehensive toolkit catering to the needs of both seasoned and novice players.

Download the Nix Injector App Now

Click the download button below to download the Nix Injector APK 1.73 for Android devices at no cost. This Nix Injector App is free to download and use on your phone.

App Information

App NameNix Injector App
Package NameNix-Injector.apk
PublisherLansord NIX
Size11 MB
Latest Version Available1.73
Operating SystemAndroid 8.0 & Above

Nix Injector APK for Android – Download Link

You are now ready to download Nix Injector App for free. Here are some installation notes:

App Screenshot

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Skin Unlocks: Access a unique collection of premium character skins to personalize your in-game avatar.
  • Customization Hub: Tailor every aspect of your gaming experience with precise changes to characters and visual elements.
  • Device Compatibility: Compatible with various devices and gaming systems, ensuring accessibility for Mobile Legends players.
  • Enhanced Battle Visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning battlefield with improved graphics and animations.
  • Expansive Terrain Exploration: Discover new landscapes and realms within Mobile Legends, adding excitement to each match.
  • Strategic Drone Advantage: Gain a tactical edge with strategic insights to outwit opponents on the battlefield.
  • Progress Security Features: Ensure the safety of your game progress, settings, and achievements.
  • Customizable Gaming Environment: Personalize everything from controls to graphics, making the gaming experience unique.
  • Optimized Tablet View: Enjoy Mobile Legends on larger screens with optimized graphics for an enhanced gameplay experience.

Nix Injector APK New Update Highlights:

  • Ad-Free Experience: Eliminate disruptive ads for an uninterrupted gaming flow.
  • Virus-Free Assurance: Thoroughly scanned and verified to be virus-free, prioritizing device security.
  • Resolved Issues: Meticulously crafted to eliminate bugs, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Enhanced User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an even more intuitive design for easier navigation.
  • Optimized Performance: Speed and responsiveness optimizations for a fluid gaming experience.
  • Compatibility with Mobile Legends Updates: Seamlessly integrates with the latest Mobile Legends features and updates.

How to Install Nix Injector APK:

  1. Access the Download Button: Initiate the download from the top section of the Nix Injector website.
  2. Locate the Downloaded APK File: Find the downloaded Nix Injector app in your device’s file manager.
  3. Initiate Installation: Click on the APK file to start the installation process.
  4. Installation Progress: Wait for the installation to complete, indicated by a progress bar.
  5. Completion and Confirmation: Receive a confirmation message when the app is successfully installed.
  6. App Ready to Use: Locate the app icon on your home screen or in the app drawer.

How to Use Nix Injector APK:

  • Download and Install Nix Injector: Get the app from the provided links in this article.
  • Launch the App: Open the app to view the user-friendly interface.
  • Select Desired Features: Choose features aligning with your preferences in Mobile Legends.
  • Click the Injector Button: Initiate the process to add selected features to your account.
  • Open Mobile Legends: Enjoy the selected features within the game environment.
  • Important Note: Use the app judiciously to avoid violating Mobile Legends’ terms of service. Exercise caution and avoid excessive use to prevent potential account bans.

Nix Injector APK is a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing Mobile Legends. Download the latest version to personalize your gaming experience and embark on a new era of mobile gaming.


1. Is Nix Injector APK safe to use?

Yes, it undergoes thorough scanning for a virus-free and secure gaming experience.

2. Can I use Nix Injector on any device?

Absolutely, it’s compatible with a wide range of devices for accessibility.

3. How do I unlock skins in Mobile Legends?

Navigate to “Exclusive Skin Unlocks” in the app to choose premium character skins.

4. Are there risks with third-party apps?

Users should be cautious and understand potential risks, using such tools responsibly.

5. Does it support the most recent Mobile Legends updates?

Yes, the latest version seamlessly integrates with evolving Mobile Legends features and updates.