11 Best Starfield Companions: Crafting Cosmic Bonds with Barrett and Andreja

Starfield, the vast expanse of wonders featuring over 1000 planets and 100 star systems, invites players to embark on a truly cosmic adventure. Within this colossal universe, the game offers a unique facet – the companions. With over 20 distinct personalities, each bringing their own set of skills, backstories, and quirks, players are in for a diverse and immersive experience. This guide aims to unravel the intricacies of ten exceptional companions, providing insights into their personalities, strengths, and roles in your cosmic crew.

Companions in Starfield

Starfield’s companions are divided into three categories: Constellation companions, Secondary companions, and Hired companions. Each category presents a tapestry of diverse backgrounds, requirements, and practical applications, ensuring that every player’s journey is uniquely tailored.

Top Companions in Starfield

1. Sam Coe: The Heartwarming Space Cowboy

Sam Coe: The Heartwarming Space Cowboy
  • Recruited Automatically During “Empty Nest”
  • A charming rogue with a heart of gold.
  • Skills: Piloting maestro with 4 stars, adept in Rifle Certification (3 stars), Payloads (2 stars), and Geology (1 star).
  • Unveils a touching family history as a descendant of Solomon Coe, founder of the Freestar Collective.
  • Sam is not just a skilled companion; he’s a symbol of familial connection in the vastness of space.

2. Andreja: The Enigmatic Stealth Expert

Andreja: The Enigmatic Stealth Expert
  • Recruited Automatically During “Unknown” Boasts the highest Stealth skill among companions, a secretive aura with 4 stars.
  • Skills: Particle Beams (3 stars), Energy Weapons (2 stars), Stealth (1 star).
  • While mysterious, Andreja’s conflicted morality and gradual openness make her a captivating companion.
  • A top-tier choice for those who prefer subtlety and intrigue in their interstellar journey.

3. Sarah Morgan: The Virtuous Leader

Sarah Morgan: The Virtuous Leader
    • Automatically Recruited During “Old Neighborhood”
    • De facto Chair of Constellation, displaying exceptional leadership skills.
    • Skills: Astrodynamics (4 stars), Lasers (3 stars), Leadership (2 stars), Botany (1 star).
    • Exemplifies lawful goodness, making her an ideal companion for morally inclined players.
    • Sarah stands as a paragon of virtue, leading your crew with grace and dedication.

    4. Andromeda Kepler: The Inquisitive Author

    Andromeda Kepler: The Inquisitive Author
    • Hired In Cydonia
    • An aspiring author exploring the intricate relationship between science and religion.
    • Skills: Outpost Engineering (2 stars), Piloting (1 star), Aneutronic Fusion (1 star).
    • Offers an interesting backstory that enriches the narrative of your cosmic journey.
    • Andromeda Kepler, with her curiosity and authorial pursuits, adds depth to your crew’s dynamics.

    5. Barrett: The Scientific Explorer

    Barrett: The Scientific Explorer
    • Automatically Recruited During “Back To Vectera”
    • Constellation member with a fleshed-out personality and diverse skill set.
    • Skills: Starship Engineering (4 stars), Particle Beam Weapon Systems (3 stars), Robotics (2 stars), Gastronomy (1 star).
    • A well-rounded option with endearing and supportive qualities, making him a solid choice for various roles.
    • Barrett’s adventurous spirit and scientific acumen contribute to the richness of your spacefaring experience.

    6. Omari Hassan: The Defensive Strategist

    Omari Hassan: The Defensive Strategist
    • Hired In Akila
    • Commands a high hiring fee of 15,000 credits, but his defensive skills make him invaluable.
    • Skills: Shield Systems (3 stars), Starship Engineering (2 stars).
    • Although Omari’s backstory is limited, his dedication to finding his family in the cosmos adds a layer of depth.
    • Enhances ship defense efficiency, reducing damage and ensuring a safer voyage through the cosmos.

    7. Lin: The Confident Leader and Engineer

    Lin: The Confident Leader and Engineer
    • Requires Completion Of “Back To Vectera” On Vectera
    • The first character met during the story, serving as a confident leader and Colony War veteran.
    • Skills: Demolition (1 star), Outpost Engineering (3 stars).
    • Underrated but competent, Lin is a solid early-game choice for engineering tasks and outpost management.
    • While slightly one-dimensional, her no-nonsense attitude ensures efficiency in designated roles.

    7. Gideon Aker: The Ballistics and Missile Expert

    Gideon Aker: The Ballistics and Missile Expert
    • Hired In New Atlantis
    • Commands a hiring fee of 16,500 credits, but his expertise in ballistics and missile weapon systems justifies the cost.
    • Skills: Ballistics (2 stars), Missile Weapon Systems (2 stars).
    • Despite lacking a distinct personality, Gideon’s practical application in combat situations is unparalleled.
    • A worthy investment, especially for players who prioritize combat proficiency in their crew.

    9. Amelia Earhart: The Historical Perspective

    Amelia Earhart: The Historical Perspective
    • Requires Completion Of “Operation Starseed” On Charybdis III
    • Born in 1897, Amelia Earhart brings a unique historical perspective as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
    • Skills: Piloting (2 stars), Rifle Certification (2 stars).
    • While not the most useful in on-foot travel, Earhart’s inclusion adds a touch of historical charm to your crew.
    • An excellent choice for those who appreciate a blend of history and futuristic exploration.

    10. Dani Garcia: The Robot Enthusiast

     Dani Garcia: The Robot Enthusiast
    • Hired In Neon
    • A researcher and engineer with a soft spot for robots, Dani offers decent utility with ratings in Robotics, Chemistry, and Energy Weapon Systems.
    • While lacking a compelling backstory or vibrant personality, Dani serves as a reliable option among Hired companions.
    • Ideal for ship-related tasks, Dani is a competent addition to your crew, though not the most memorable.

    11. Andreja: The Stealth Specialist with a Mysterious Aura

    Andreja: The Stealth Specialist with a Mysterious Aura
    • Recruited Automatically During “Unknown”
    • Joining automatically during the “Unknown” mission, Andreja is the stealth specialist with an air of mystery.
    • Skills: Stealth (4 stars), Particle Beams (3 stars), Energy Weapons (2 stars), Stealth (1 star).
    • Boasting the highest Stealth skill, Andreja excels in sneakier applications during your cosmic adventures.
    • Despite her aloof and secretive personality, Andreja’s intriguing backstory unfolds gradually, deepening the connection over time.
    • As one of Starfield’s four marriage candidates, Andreja adds layers of complexity to your crew dynamics.

    My Verdict

    In the vastness of Starfield, each companion is a unique thread woven into the tapestry of your cosmic journey. Whether you seek a charming cowboy, an enigmatic stealth expert, or a virtuous leader, these companions contribute to the richness and diversity of your interstellar adventure. Assemble your crew wisely, balancing skills, personalities, and roles, for in the cosmos, the bonds you forge with your companions will shape the destiny of your cosmic odyssey.