How to Fix Lost Ark FPS Drop and Stuttering on PC?

Are you facing frustrating FPS drops and stuttering issues while playing Lost Ark on your high-end PC? You’re not alone! Many gamers with powerful rigs are encountering performance problems that hinder their enjoyment of the game. But fear not – we’ve compiled effective solutions to help you regain those lost frames and enjoy a smooth gaming experience in Arkesia.

How to Fix Lost Ark FPS Drop and Stuttering on PC?

1. Change Launch Options

Improve performance by adjusting Lost Ark launch options through Steam. Right-click Lost Ark in your Steam library, select “Properties,” and click “Set Launch Options.” Add options like -novsync, -notexturestreaming, and -useallavailablecores. Save changes and launch the game.

2. Mouse Polling Rate Adjustment

Resolve stuttering by adjusting your mouse polling rate. Lower it from 1000 to 125 through your mouse settings in your computer’s device settings.

3. Update Graphics Driver

Ensure optimal performance by updating your graphics driver. Use automatic methods like Driver Easy to save time and effortlessly update drivers with a single click.

4. Graphic Settings Optimization

Experiment with in-game graphic settings. Switch between low and very high settings based on your system’s capabilities. Access settings from the in-game play screen and test changes.

5. Full-Screen Mode Usage

Switch to full-screen mode for potential FPS improvements. Access game settings and change the display mode to full screen.

6. Disable Overlays

Turn off overlays like Nvidia FPS and Discord overlays, as they may contribute to FPS drops.

7. Turn off Firewall

Add the game .exe file to the firewall exception list to prevent Windows Firewall from hindering game performance.

8. Chat Settings Adjustment

In crowded areas, adjust chat settings by turning off loot, currency, and experience gain notifications to reduce processing load.

9. DirectX Version Check

Verify that Lost Ark is set to use DirectX 12 within the game options.

10. Consider Memory Upgrade

Upgrade your RAM for a potential FPS increase. Consider moving from 16GB to 32GB if feasible.

11. Check CPU-GPU Compatibility

Ensure compatibility between your motherboard, CPU, and GPU. Check specifications and make necessary adjustments or upgrades.

12. Set High-Performance Mode

Access Power Options in Windows and set your computer to High performance for optimal gaming performance.

13. Solo Gameplay Optimization

Run Lost Ark solo without additional applications or streams running in the background for optimal performance.

14. Check PC Overheating

Monitor for signs of overheating and address any issues promptly.

15. Optimize NVIDIA Control Center

Adjust settings in the NVIDIA Control Center to enhance GPU performance. Set “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance” and enable “Ultra Low Latency” for reduced input lag.

16. Use MSI Afterburner

For manual GPU adjustments, use MSI Afterburner cautiously. Adjust GPU fan speed and consider overclocking for stable performance.

17. Optimize Internet Connection

Switch to a wired connection for stability and better online performance.

18. Cap FPS

Cap frame rate using in-game settings or third-party tools for stable performance.

19. Close Background Applications

Close unnecessary background applications using the Windows Task Manager to free up system resources.

By following these steps, you can optimize Lost Ark for higher FPS and eliminate stuttering, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience on your PC.