Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle: 360-Degree Sensors Could Make the Wild TS Ultra Much Safer

The hubless electric motorcycle with sci-fi style and a great name

Modern cars boast an intricate web of sensors dedicated to ensuring your safety, but motorcycles have traditionally relied on riders’ reflexes and awareness. However, Finland’s Verge Motorcycles is about to change the game with the upcoming launch of the Verge TS Ultra, presenting a groundbreaking rider safety system that could lead the industry. Let’s delve into the unique features of this electric marvel and its cutting-edge safety technology.

The TS Ultra’s Unparalleled Power and Design

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle

The Verge TS Ultra is a departure from the ordinary, not just in looks but in performance. With an electric engine delivering an impressive 201 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque, it outpaces even the Corvette E-Ray. What sets it apart is its hubless ring motor design, allowing for a radical appearance and addressing concerns about weight distribution.

Innovative Battery Placement

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle

Verge Motorcycles’ engineers took a bold step by relocating the battery to the bottom of the frame, lowering the center of gravity for improved stability. To accommodate this change, they placed the motor inside the rear wheel, adopting a hubless ring design that not only challenges convention but also enhances the overall aesthetic.

Sensor Package: Starmatter Vision

Adding to the TS Ultra’s allure is the Starmatter Vision, a sensor package that elevates rider safety to unprecedented levels. Six cameras provide a 360-degree view around the bike, complemented by high-resolution radar units to detect obstacles ahead and approaching vehicles from behind. Verge Motorcycles remains tight-lipped about the radar unit provider but assures they’re of the highest quality available.

Immersive Rider Experience

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle

The rider receives real-time warnings through dual displays, with the tank-mounted display offering intricate details about the surroundings, all presented using Unreal Engine for stunning 3D graphics. The Starmatter software, updatable via integrated wireless connectivity, ensures the TS Ultra remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Spatial Audio Integration

Acknowledging the importance of spatial audio, Verge Motorcycles plans to integrate the TS Ultra with in-helmet audio systems, enhancing the overall riding experience. While details on this next-gen audio system remain undisclosed, it promises to elevate auditory feedback beyond current market standards.

Price Points and Models

The TS Ultra comes with a hefty starting price of $44,900, featuring the advanced sensing package and an impressive 233 miles of range. For budget-conscious riders, the TS Pro at $29,900 and the base TS at $26,900 offer varying power and range options. While the lower-end models forego the advanced sensing package due to cost considerations, all Verge Motorcycles TS models share internal sensors for continuous improvement through over-the-air updates.


Verge Motorcycles is set to redefine motorcycle safety and aesthetics with the TS Ultra. Although the price may be steep, the promise of cutting-edge technology, combined with the bold design choices, positions the Verge TS Ultra as a futuristic reality in the world of motorcycles. Stay tuned for its anticipated release this summer, heralding a new era in motorcycle innovation.