WebWhatsApp – How to Download & Use Web.Whatsapp on PC

Free texting right in the browser

WebWhatsApp for Windows is an online chat and messaging service from the comfort of your computer. WhatsApp Web has a cross-platform messaging feature, so users can completely communicate with friends by all methods without spending a dime, just need to ensure a stable Internet connection. Use the online WhatsApp Web service to chat and message your friends without having to use a smartphone.

WhatsApp Web allows you to message completely for free right in the browser without installation, very convenient, right? In addition to the common features of a messenger, WhatsApp can also create group chats, send unlimited photos, videos, and music, allow you to edit your profile, and receive notifications when there are new messages.

Web Whatsapp for Windows – Chat, and Messaging Service Right in the Browser

Download Information

  • Developer: WhatsApp
  • Evaluate first 2 3 4 5
  • Downloads 2.258
  • Use Free of charge
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

With today’s increasingly developed society, chat software on smartphones has always developed quite quickly. Not to mention Viber, or Zalo are the kings in the chat and texting array on the phone. With this software, users can contact all their friends and relatives in the phonebook without having to spend any money. To develop software, many manufacturers have launched versions for computers with similar features when used on phones such as Viber for Windows, or Zalo for PC. When using this software, users can call and text friends in the contacts right on the computer. And recently, the maker of Web WhatsApp has released a version of WhatsApp Web for computers with many similar functions but not as attractive.

WebWhatsApp - How to Download & Use Web.Whatsapp on PC

The main function of this WhatsApp Web online service is to support users who can contact anyone on the phone by texting, chatting, and calling at no cost. WhatsApp Web uses QR code scanning to identify each person’s phone, and then automatically displays the contacts right on the Web. This service supports quite a lot of users, especially providing full cross-platform chat features like on phones.

To be able to use this online service, users must upgrade WhatsApp on all operating systems. After opening the camera and accessing the homepage so that the system automatically recognizes the scan code, users can use the software. In addition, your phone must also ensure a stable Internet connection because the browser only acts as an interactive interface for the phone, so check your 3G or Wifi before using WhatsApp Web.

The service’s system will immediately display the user’s contacts and those who are also using WhatsApp. From here, you can completely perform familiar and simple operations like when using WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp Web provides intelligent control tools such as reporting information when anyone messages you, user’s personal information, and updating your interface and status. If you want to protect your own information, you may not need to log in personal information. In addition, the online service also provides a remote log-out feature through an application on the phone, avoiding the case that the user does not log out. The browser does not limit the number of messages, even users can attach photo files as well as video and audio with not too large size.

How to Open and Use Web Whatsapp on PC for Free?

How to Open and Use Whatsapp web on PC for Free?

Step-1. Open Whatsapp on your Phone and click the three vertical dots button on the top right corner and select WhatsApp Web or Link a Device. The WhatsApp Web window will appear after getting your device password, continue to click on the plus icon in the top left corner of the screen. Now the QR code scanning interface appears, scan the QR code displayed on the web interface to log in to your desktop.

Scan QR COde with your Mobile

Step-2. After successfully scanning the QR code, you will receive a notification from WhatsApp asking for permission to display a notification every time there is a new message in the lower right corner of the screen. This will help you not to miss new messages, calls from friends whether you are working in another tab or other windows.

So that the WhatsApp messages on mobile and the web version will sync with each other, you can send Whatsapp messages to your friends from your computer easily.

Step-3. It will show your Whatsapp dashboard on a desktop PC. Enjoy Using Web.Whataspp on PC. Enjoy using Whatsapp on pC.

Whatsapp Web Desktop

Currently, WhatsApp for Web supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S60, Nokia S40. However, there is a limitation of WhatsApp for Web that you cannot send or receive messages on the browser if your phone has WhatsApp removed or is offline.

Note to users

A limitation of WhatsApp Web only supports Google Chrome web browser, if you use another browser, you are required to install Google Chrome on your computer. Your phone also needs to be upgraded to the latest version for WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp Web only supports Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Android operating systems, while iOS is still open, and has no intention of attacking this market. Perhaps also a reason why WhatsApp Web does not satisfy all users.


WhatsApp Web viewed in a browser supports free chat and messaging for Windows so that users can contact those in their contacts without spending a dime. With a simple interface, the fast data transfer speed will definitely bring many benefits to users. Although the WhatsApp Web online application has many points to upgrade, it is also worthy of a free chat service on Windows for users.