Baldur’s Gate 3 Cheat Engine Download for PC

Looking to enhance your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience with cheats? Baldur’s Gate 3 is an expansive RPG adventure filled with challenges and opportunities. For players seeking to enhance their experience through cheats and modifications, the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cheat Engine offers a powerful toolset. This guide will walk you through downloading and using the BaldursGate3-CheatTable, a powerful toolset for customizing your gameplay.

Baldur's Gate 3 Cheat Engine Download for PC

How to Download Baldur’s Gate 3 Cheat Engine?

There are two ways to grab the latest version:

1- Direct Download:

  • Click the link below to download the BaldursGate3-CheatTable directly…

2- Manual Download:

  • Visit the BaldursGate3-CheatTable repository on GitHub:
  • Locate the file named BG3-Table.CT and click to open it.
  • On the top right corner, find the download icon next to “Raw” and “Copy” and click it.

Using the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cheat Engine:

Important Note: Before using any cheats, it’s recommended to back up your saves to avoid unintended consequences.

  • Enable Console Commands: Follow the in-game instructions to activate console commands. This allows you to use the cheat engine’s features.
  • Launch Cheat Engine: Download and install Cheat Engine from the official website: (Disclaimer: Using third-party tools may violate game terms of service.)
  • Attach to Baldur’s Gate 3: Open Cheat Engine and select Baldur’s Gate 3 from the running processes list.
  • Load Your Save: Start Baldur’s Gate 3 and load your desired save file.
  • Open the Cheat Table: In Cheat Engine, open the downloaded BG3-Table.CT file.
  • Activate Cheats: Navigate through the cheat table categories (Console Commands, Movement Cheats, etc.) and activate desired options.

Features Galore:

The BaldursGate3-CheatTable offers a variety of features to customize your gameplay:

  • Character Boosts: Modify stats, experience, and abilities.
  • Resource Management: Gain unlimited gold, items, and crafting materials.
  • Combat Tweaks: Adjust movement speed, action points, and resistances.
  • Spell Mastery: Unlock all spells or manipulate spell slots.
  • Item Spawner: Spawn any equipment you desire.
  • Companion Control: Alter companion attitudes and approval.

Credits and Support:

A big thanks to the dedicated community contributors behind the BaldursGate3-CheatTable: Zanzer, Cidrow, Quan Lee, Thekross, Avike, and TheMaoci.

For further assistance or discussions, visit the forum thread on

Remember: Using cheats can alter the intended gameplay experience. Use them responsibly and have fun!