Fortnite: Actor Dwayne Johnson Will Soon Join The Video Game?

Fortnite: Actor Dwayne Johnson Will Soon Join The Video Game?

This is the news of the day! On the occasion of the event that will close Chapter 2 of Fortnite, actor Dwayne Johnson could well be part of the adventure.


Fortnite is a true gem that continues to attract players from around the world. Young, mature, beginners, experienced, men, women… This video game is unanimous!

You just have to see the very positive feedback on the Web, especially on Twitter or Reddit.  A few days ago, Epic Games announced the upcoming end of Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

A chapter that ends as it should, to make way for the third chapter for season 8 of Fortnite. Occasionally, developers have had plenty of ideas to surprise gamers.

They first came up with new skins that are very popular. For example, there are characters from Naruto (Sasuké and Sakura). And Matrix heroes like Trinity and Neo.

Know that this exceptional end will begin in a little more than 48 hours. It will therefore shed light on Chapter 3 of his battle royale.

But while players are more impatient than ever, there are a few rumors of the upheavals to come when it comes to the end of Chapter Two. Notammen t about the battle royale map.

And that’s not all! In recent days, an advertisement has suggested that one of the highest-paid players in the world could join the battle royale!


After a month of questioning this famous character, his name has just fallen. It is then Dwayne Johnson. Yes yes, you hear well!

Fortnite players have recognized his deep voice behind his armor and impressive build. “The Rock” would blend in so well with the crowd of skins.

By analyzing the thing more closely, we notice that the players have got it right! And for good reason! Dwayne Johnson made a mistake while posting a post on his Instagram account.

Indeed, he posted a video on an advertisement about his energy drink, named ZOA. By opening his refrigerator, his fans saw the drinks… But also the Foundation mask!

Moreover! Dwayne Johnson also referred to a “zero point”. And finally, Fortnite fans also noticed a sci-fi t gun.

At first glance, there is nothing disturbing about it, and yet this gun looks a lot like one of the weapons used by the Foundation character.

By doing the puzzle, there is therefore everything that suggests that Dwayne Johnson will be one of the Seven in the Fortnite adventure! If nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s only a matter of time!

One thing is certain, this possibility delights the players!