Fortnite: Epic Games Returns To The App Store But Without the Video Game!

Fortnite: Epic Games Returns To The App Store But Without the Video Game!

Epic Games is back on iPhone with the App Store but without its famous Fortnite video game! We’ll give you more details. 

Fortnite publisher Epic Games is back on the App Store and Android. But with a new game and under a different name!


Epic Games is definitely back on the App Store. Indeed, a new video game has recently entered Apple’s catalog.

This is Rocket League Sideswipe. Psyonix is developing this mobile game. Which is none other than a property of Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite.

After long months of testing, the famous automobile football game is therefore available on mobile thanks to the Apple Store. Note that Rocket League Sideswipe is also available in the Play Store.

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This announcement would have gone almost unnoticed if Psyonix did not belong to Epic Games. You should know that the developer of Fortnite is at war with Apple!

Indeed, Epic Games has even been banned from the App Store. Just that! Thus, the return of the developer of Fortnite is rather a surprise! But the latter seems to have found a way to come back under another name.

Indeed, he used the Psyonix account. It, therefore, seems that this developer account is being used for the first time. But the first time you start Rocket League Sideswipe, you will be asked for your Epic Games account in order to play online.

So we can say that Rocket League Sideswipe is quite simply an Epic Games game in disguise. But why did Apple accept this mobile game despite the war between it and the American developer? We tell you more.

Fortnite: Epic Games Returns To The App Store But Without the Video Game!


It all starts in August 2020. The publisher of Fortnite offers its players to buy the video game currency for less. By going directly through their payment system. Rather than using Apple’s. Knowing that the latter takes 30% commission on transactions.

The apple brand did not take long to react. Fortnite therefore no longer existed on the App Store. iPhone and iPad players no longer had access to updates to their favorite games.

The publisher of Fortnite has therefore filed a complaint against the group for abuse of a dominant position. Last September, justice therefore ruled.

Apple “won” because justice did not consider that it was a monopoly. But Epic Games also won! Indeed, justice concluded that the publisher had the right to direct Fortnite players to its own store, the Epic Store.

Today, Epic Games is therefore back under the name Psyonix. Did Appel feel that the Psyonix teams had nothing to do with it? Or has mobile gaming fallen through the cracks? Astonishing all the same!

In any case for the moment, Rocket League Sideswipe only offers training matches, offline and online. The ability to make purchases is expected to enter mobile gaming later.

As for virtual currency, we can only earn it and not buy it yet. Thus, transactions may only be possible on the App Store in the future.