I Love PDF Converter: Best Free Online PDF Converting Tool for Word to PDF & Many Other File Formats

I Love PDF Converter is an online PDF tool that has a number of PDF tools where you can open, edit. create, and convert any document to PDF format directly from a single platform without installing any pdf software on your computer. 

I Love pdf is a cloud-based online PDF conversion tool for desktop and mobile which supports files in more than 24 languages.

In order to simplify the PDF document converting process, ILovepdf offers a program for converting, editing, splitting, rotating, merging, signing, locking, compressing, and unlocking PDF files, as well as converting PDF to Word, JPG, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

I Love PDF Converter - Convert & Download Online for Free

I Love PDF Online PDF Converter & Downloader Review 2021

No need to download, buy or install costly PDF software on your PC. I Love PDF Converter provides you an All-In-One online PDF solution for your personal as well as business use. This is an online PDF tool that processes all the tasks on its cloud-based storage. So converting a number of your pdf documents will not affect your computer performance. In the list down below we have mentioned the best features of the iLovePDF converter.

I Love PDF Converter - Convert & Download Online for Free

Perfect quality Free PDF Converter – ilovepdf.com PDF helps you to create, edit, open, view, convert, compress and reduce the size of your PDF files. This universal PDF converting tool provides all options at one place.

Easy to use Online PDF – The I LovePDF easy to use pdf tools come with a simple user interface so anyone can use this tool without having enough knowledge of software with no guide.

Cloud base PDf file conversion – The file conversion in I love PDF takes place in the cloud storage and this tool will not consume any capacity of your computer device.

Cross platforms supported – ILove PDF tool is fully based on the web browser and works on cross platforms. You can use I Love PDF on your Windows 10,8,7, Mac, Linux or even on Android and iOS mobile devices online.

Download iLovePDF for Desktop, Mobiles & Windows

1- iLovePDF Desktop Download

Download iLovePDF Desktop App to work with your favorite PDF tools on your Windows or MAC PCs. Get a lightweight PDF app that helps you process heavy PDF tasks offline in seconds.

iLovePDF Mobile Download

Download iLovePDF Mobile App to manage pdf files remotely. Turm your Android or iPhone mobile device into an online PDF editor & scanner to annotate pdf, sign pdf, and share pdf documents online.

iLove IMG Download

Download iLoveIMG converter web app to modify images in bulk for free. Open, Crop, convert, compress, resize, and more. All the PDF tools you need to enhance your images are available online for free on this website.

Is I Love PDF safe to use?

Like SmallPDF iLovePDF is also 100% Safe online PDF Converter. After converting your PDF files, I love pdf converter will permanently delete all of your files & data from its server within 1 hour. So no one can access your personal data & files uploaded on Ilove PDF website. It’s a reliable PDF editor and converter for any device, even for android & iOS devices as well. I love pdf online pdf service is much secure & safe than any other online pdf tool because Ilovepdf tool assures privacy with 100% guaranteed.

ilovePDF Pricing

IlovePDF is a free online pdf tool where you can perform almost any task related to your PDF files. Anyone having a computer device and internet connection can use I love pdf converter online for free without paying a single penny. If you convert pdf files on a regular basis, you can also sign up for I lovepdf pro for free to convert your file online. For Ilovepdf subscriptions, Just visit www.ilovepdf.com through your web browser and enjoy using all pdf tools for free.

How to use I love PDF Tools to Convert, Compress, Merge and Sign PDF Files for Free?

You can convert any pdf file to 21 plus files formats using the online pdf converter tool for free. We have detailed the process to convert your pdf files with simple steps in no time. Open the Official site of I Love PDF Converter and follow the steps below.

1- IlovePDF Compress – How to compress a PDF with I Love PDF Compressor

If you want to reduce the size of your PDF file to upload online. The I Love pdf Compressor is one of the best online tools to compress your PDF file without losing file quality. You can upload PDF files up to 5GB on this PDF compressor. Even with a large PDF file, this pdf compressor will only take a few seconds to compress it with magic.

How to reduce a PDF file size online:

  1. Open the iLove PDF Compressor tool.
  2. Upload your file to online PDF compressor.
  3. This tool will automatically start to shrink and reduce the file size.
  4. Click Continue to modify PDF document if needed.
  5. After compressing, click Download to get the compressed PDF file to your computer.
  6. SmallPDF PDF Compress
  7. Compress PDF

2 – iLovePDF Merge PDF Files – The easiest way to combine PDF Files

Use I Love PDF to merge PDF files online – Merge and combine your PDF online with I Love PDF free. The small PDF Merger pdf tool enables you to combine multiple PDF files in a single PDF document to make pdf to ILovepdf Merge file, with just a few clicks.

Secure PDF merging online – All the files you upload, as well as the file generated on our server, will be deleted permanently within an hour. So you don’t have to worry about your data security.

Easy PDF combining with a preview – IlovePDF combine tool allows to to combine your PDF files by dragging files in the editor to rearrange or delete selected pages from the combined pdf file. You can also add more PDF files to merge them into one single document.

How to combine PDF files online?

  1. Open the I Love pdf combiner tool by clicking the button.
  2. Drag and drop to upload PDF files into the small DF combiner tool.
  3. Arrange individual pages in the desired order.
  4. Add rotate or delete more files, if needed.
  5. Click ‘Merge PDF!’ to combine or merge the pdf.
  6. After complition simply download your PDFs.

3 – iLovePDF Split PDF – How to Split PDF Files

I Love PDF Split tool provides you an easy way to extract/split pages from a combined PDF document.

ILovePDF Split has a simple two-click pdf separation process. This tool instantly separates your PDF to I Love PDF pdf files into individual one-page pdf files. Extract specific pages from combined PDF documents. You can also add and extract pages from multiple PDF files simultaneously.

How to extract pages from PDF online?

  1. Open I Love PDF ‘Split PDF‘ tool online by clicking the button.
  2. Upload your file by drag and drop into the PDF Splitter.
  3. Choose ‘Extract every page into a PDF’ or ‘Select pages to extract’ from the options.
  4. From the file, select the pages you want to extract.
  5. Click ‘Split PDF’, wait for the process to finish.
  6. Downlaod PDF when ready.
  7. Split PDF –  Split PDF Files

4- iLovePDF eSign PDF – Sign PDF Files Electronically

Sign documents and request electronic signatures.

Create Your E-Signature with Small eSign- Nowadays PDF files with electronic signatures are highly demanding in the business. With I Love pdf Online eSignature generator tool you can easily draw your signature with your mouse or trackpad on the windows screen.

You can also take a photo of your signature with your mobile camera and upload an image of your signature to your computer.

Secure & Compliant E-Signatures – Request and create safe and secure E-signatures for you. Ilove pdf eSign tool complies with ISO 27001 and legal eIDAS standards for Electronic Signatures (SES).

Invite Others to Sign – You can also request an electronic signature from up to 100 people online using ilove pdf free eSign tool electronic signature generator. You can show them the place where they need to sign exactly.

How to electronically sign a PDF document online?

  1. Open theI Lovepdf esign tool by clicking the ‘Sign PDF’ button.
  2. Upload your PDF to eSign PDF tool.
  3. Create a new and unique electronic signature.
  4. Add date and text and with signatures if needed.
  5. Click ‘Finish’ and download the signed pdf document.
  6. eSign PDF – Sign PDF Files Electronically

5 – iLovePDF to Word Converter Online

With I Love PDF to word converting tool, you can convert your PDF file quickly and easily. Convert your file from PDF to MS Word Format with just a simple drag-and-drop. This PDF converter tool can convert PDF to Word I love pdf within seconds. The best thing is that there’s no size limit for the upload file. In this Online PDF to Word, I Love pdf converter tool, you don’t have any registration to use our service. Convert PDFs to editable Word files at no time with ease.

Convert PDF to Word in the best quality – If you are looking for the best quality PDF to word converting tool, there’s nothing cheaper than ilovePDF to Word converter. This simple pdf converter provides you the best quality file conversion.

How to convert PDF to Word online for free?

  1. Visit to ilove pdf-to-word by clicking the button.
  2. Upload your PDF file to online PDF converter.
  3. I love pdf tool will automatically start the conversion process.
  4. Wait untill the conversion process is completed.
  5. Download your Word file.

6 – iLove PDF to Excel Converter – Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets online

Excel spreadsheets are an important files type for every business. Sometimes you receive Excel sheets in PDF format in your mail and you need to convert PDF files to Excel to edit and add more data.

Using the I Love pdf – PDF to Excel online converter tool, you can export PDF documents into Excel files within no time. ilovepdf to Excel converter will keep all your data in its original format, including every table, row, sheet, and column along with all formulas unchanged.

How to convert PDF to Excel online?

  1. Open iLove PDF to Excel Converter by clicking the button.
  2. Uplod your PDF file by drag and drop to PDF to Excel Converter.
  3. If the file is a scan copy, OCR will activate automatically.
  4. Wait untill Smallpdf reconstruct adn convert the file to Excel format.
  5. Download the excel file to your computer.

Small PDF to Excel Converter

7 – iLovePDF to PPT Converter – Convert PDF to PowerPoint online

If you need to transform your PDF files to PPTX slides, there’s nothing cheaper than an online PDF to PPT converter.

I Love PDF to PowerPoint convert provides you a quick online pdf to ppt convert for your files. The best thing about this PPT Converter is that your PowerPoint presentation will retain its original format, and you can revise and edit your original file.

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint online?

  1. Click the Button to Open ILove PDF-to-PPT Converter.
  2. Click ‘Choose file’ to upload the pdf file.
  3. iLove pdf to PowerPoint converter will upload a file and start converting.
  4. Wait until finish the conversion.
  5. Download your PPT on your PC.

8 – iLovePDF to JPG Converter – Extract images or save each page from PDF to JPG

I Love PDF to JPG converter made PDF to JPG conversion very easy. This is the best online web JPG converter to transform PDFs into high-quality JPG images files within seconds.

You can upload any file size on this platform and also no registration or sign-up is required to convert your PDF files. Simply upload a PDF file and let i Love PDF finish conversion quickly.

How to convert PDF to JPG online?

  1. Drag and drop your file in the PDF to JPG converter.
  2. Select ‘Convert entire pages’ or ‘Extract single images’.
  3. Click on ‘Choose option’ and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Download the converted files as single JPG files, or collectively in a ZIP file.
  5. Small PDF to JPG Converter

9 – iloveWord to PDF – Convert your DOC to PDF online

I Love Word to pdf online converter lets you directly upload your word file into the toolbox to convert Word file to PDF. You can upload and convert any file size, and there’s no login or sign-up is required in this tool to convert Ms word files to PDF documents.

How to convert Word to PDF online?

  1. Click to open i love PDF Word to PDF converter.
  2. Upload word file by drag and drop your DOC or DOCX in Word to PDF converter.
  3. The conversion to PDF will take few seconds.
  4. You can also compress, edit or modify your file further.
  5. Click Download to save your new PDF.

10 – ILovePDF Excel to PDF – Convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF

Convert your Excel files to PDF before sending them in the email to make them even more secure. I love Excel to PDF is the most popular online tool to convert your Microsoft Excel sheets to PDF documents with ease.

For your security, all of your Excel sheets and PDF files will be deleted permanently from I Love pdf server after one hour, so no one can access your private files.

How to convert Excel to PDF online?

  1. Click to open I Love Excel to PDF converter.
  2. upload your file to the MS Excel to PDF converter.
  3. Wait as the tool to convert spreadsheet to PDF format.
  4. On the output page, you can modify files further if needed.
  5. Download, share or save the file to Dropbox.

11 – I Love PPT / PowerPoint to PDF – Convert your PowerPoint to PDF

Turn your PowerPoint files into PDF in one click for easy sharing. iLovePDF Online PPT to PDF converter can quickly transform your PowerPoint presentations into PDF files.

I Love PowerPoint to PDf converter will not change files layouts and formate. All converted slides will preserve the CX. After converting, all your files will be permanently deleted from servers for your security.

How to convert PPT to PDF online?

  1. Click to open I Love PPT to PDf converter.
  2. click to upload file to converter.
  3. Wait untill Smallpdf convert the file to PDF format.
  4. Wait untill tool proceed to modify the file.
  5. Click ‘Download’ to save your PDF file.

12 – I Love JPG to PDF – The best web app to convert JPG to PDF

If you want to convert your JPG image to PDF to make it more clear and secure, the JPG to PDF ilovepdf can make it quick for you. Just drag and drop the JPG file to the online toolbox and convert it with one click. I love JPG to Pdf small pdf converter also provides you additional settings to adjust the format of the output pdf file.

I love pdf online all-in-one image to PDF converter is a simple tool and anyone can use it easily without creating any login account or sign up. You can also add JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and, TIFF to convert them to PDF format. Jpg to excel iLovepdf tool also available to convert JPF to excel/spreadsheets.

How to convert JPG to PDF online?

  1. Open I Love pdf jpg to pdf converter online.
  2. Upload your image to the JPG to PDF converter.
  3. Adjust the letter size, orientation, and margin as you wish.
  4. Click ‘Create PDF now!’ and wait for tool to convert the image to pdf.
  5. Save the converted PDF file to your computer.

13 – iLovepdf Protect PDF Files – Encrypt your PDF with a password.

I Love PDf password protector tool helps you to protect your pdf files with a secure password. The best thing is that you don’t need to download or install any software to set a password for your PDF. Just upload it, protect your PDF and download the encrypted file.

How to password protect a PDF document?

  1. Click to open i Love PDf protector (Protect PDF).
  2. Upload the file by drag and drop your PDF file to the toolbox above.
  3. Enter the password you’d like to set.
  4. Click ‘Encrypt PDF’ to add the password to the PDF.
  5. Download your encrypted PDF file!

14 – Ilovepdf Unlock PDF Files – An easy-to-use online PDF password remover

We often need to password-protect our PDF file to make it secure so no one can open misuse of your data. You can only unlock the pdf file by providing the correct password. But you will be in trouble if you forget your pdf file password. I love PDF unlocker will unlock your file in seconds to make it ready for download quickly. Files with an owner password can be unlocked instantly.

If you need to open a file that is strongly encrypted, just upload your file on I love pdf unlocker and the password will be removed within seconds. You can get the unlocked PDF by simply clicking download.

How to remove passwords from PDF files?

  1. Click to open the Small PDF Unlocker.
  2. upload your document by drag and drop in the Ilove PDF Password Remover.
  3. The decryption process will starts automatically.
  4. You can modify your PDF further, or click ‘Download File’ to save the unlocked PDF.

15 – Ilovepdf PDF Editor – best online tool to edit PDF documents

Use I love pdf online pdf editor to add text and fill forms online without downloading and installing any pdf editor software on your Windows pc. Smallpdf edit pdf files with one click without installing any software.

I love PDF online pdf editor will allow you to quickly add text and fill PDF forms. Import files straight from your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive to the toolbox above to get started.

How to edit a PDF file online?

  1. Click to Open PDF Editor.
  2. Upload file by dragging and dropping into the PDF Editor.
  3. Add text, images, shapes or freehand annotations in your file.
  4. You can also edit the fonts, and colors in the content.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to save the changes and download your edited PDF.

16 – ILovePDF Reader – Display, print, and share PDFs online

If you are looking for an Easy-to-use I Love PDF Reader to open your pdf files. With iLove PDF reader, you can quickly open, view, and manage any PDF document with a simple click. You can also share your PDF files with others using the online pdf reader tool.

How to view & Read a PDF online?

  1. Click to Open ilove PDF Reader online.
  2. Upload your PDF to PDF Reader by drag and drop.
  3. Wait for pdf reader tool to render the document.
  4. Analyze, edit, print or share pdf file.
  5. Click ‘Download File’ to save a new version of PDF.
  6. Small PDF Reader

17 – ilovePDF Converter – Convert files from and to PDF

If you are looking for an Easy-to-use PDF Converter to convert your files to pdf or any pdf file to any other format like word, excel, PowerPoint, or Image.

With I love pdf PDF Converter software, you can quickly convert any document from and to PDF with a simple click. You can also share your PDF files with others using the online Ilove pdf converter. It is also called a small pdf maker.

How to convert to PDF from other file types?

  1. Click to Open I love pdf PDF Converter.
  2. Upload any file to online PDF converter by drag and drop.
  3. The google i Love Pdf converter tool will instantly transform the file into a PDF.
  4. You can further compress, edit or modify the output file, with the same tool.
  5. Click Download the converted PDF file to your device, or export it to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  6. Small PDF Converter

18 – Delete PDF Pages with ilovePDF- Remove pages from your PDF online

Deleting pages from PDF files required professional PDf software. I love PDF delete pages tool is an easy-to-use online PDF program to delete pages from pdf documents.

With a I love PDF Page Deleting tool, you can quickly delete any page from a combined PDF with a simple click.

How to Delete Pages from PDF documents Online?

  1. Click to Open www ilovepdf Delete PDF Page tool.
  2. Upload combined multi paegs PDF file to Online Delete PDF page tool by drag and drop.
  3. Delete each page by hovering over its thumbnail and click the trash icon.
  4. You can also rearrange and rotate the pages if needed.
  5. Delete PDF Pages

19 – iLovePDF Page Numbering- Insert page numbers in PDF

A PDf file with a large number of pages always required page numbering. Numbering pdf pages required professional PDf software. The i Love PDF Number pages tool is an easy-to-use online PDF Page Numbering tool to for pdf documents.

With a Smallpdf online pdf page numbering tool, you can quickly number pages in a multipage PDF file with a simple click.

How to Insert Page Numbers in PDF documents Online?

  1. Click to Open www i love pdf Numbe Page tool.
  2. Upload multi paegs PDF file to insert numbers on pages.
  3. Click ‘Number pages’ to insert page numbers.
  4. Check each page by hovering over its page number.
  5. Download the PDF file with page numbers.
  6. Small PDF Page Numbering

You can also enjoy ilovepdf Rotate PDF tool to rotate and save your PDF online for free and ilovepdf Delete PDF for deleting pdf pages from a combined pdf file. ilove pdf desktop software and ilovepdf extension are not available right now but surely the tool will create a i love pdf google chrome extension for pc.