Indian Authorities Stopped Sikh Actor Guppi Grewal from Entering Pakistan

Indian security officials have stopped Sikh actor and singer Gupi Grewal from entering Pakistan via Wagah border.

According to Dawn newspaper, Gupi Grewal was coming to Pakistan on a two-day visit when he was stopped by Indian border security officials at the border near Attari and was not allowed to enter Pakistan.

Indian Authorities Stopped Sikh Actor Guppi Grewal from entering Pakistan

The report quoted sources as saying that Gupi Grewal was coming on a two-day visit to Pakistan on January 28 and was to visit Kartarpur Sahib Darbar.

After visiting Kartarpur Sahib Darbar in Narowal, Gupi Grewal was to attend a function at Punjab Governor House on January 29, after which he was to visit other Sikh religious places.

Another source said that Gupi Grewal was visiting Pakistan with six or seven others but was stopped by Indian authorities at Attari border.

Apart from attending Sikh religious services at Nankana Sahib’s Darbar, the singer and actor also had to visit Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Lahore and attend a function at Governor House at the invitation of Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar.

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According to sources, Gupi Grewal had arranged meetings with various showbiz personalities at the Governor House and possibly discussed a joint film between the two countries.

It was not immediately clear why Indian border security officials did not allow Gupi Grewal to enter Pakistan.

Guppi Grewal has previously visited Pakistan in the past and has also visited his Sikh religious sites.

Most of the important religious places of Sikhs are located in Punjab province and ordinary people including Sikh showbiz personalities also come to visit Pakistan.

Gupta Grewal also visited Nankana Sahib Darbar in January 2020 and expressed his desire to work with Mahesh Hayat in an interview at that time.

Gupi Grewal is a well known actor and singer of Indian Punjab. He is also very popular in Pakistani Punjab.

Pakistani showbiz personalities have expressed regret over not allowing Guppi Grewal to enter Pakistan, saying that while actors play the role of a bridge between two different countries, it is not a good idea to discriminate against them.