Adobe Presenter 11.1 Download for Windows 7/10 PC

Tools for creating lectures, presentations and eLearning

Adobe Presenter software, a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, helps users to easily convert PowerPoint slides into presentation documents and media-rich eLearning content without losing a similar PowerPoint environment.

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Experience Adobe Presenter, discover how simple it is to add audio or video interpretations, create automated presentations that are managed online and viewed anywhere and anytime. With Adobe Presenter, users can encourage viewers to give feedback or track student progress with interactive feedback forms, surveys, and questionnaires.

Download Adobe Presenter – Presentation Software for Windows 7/10 [32, 64-bit] PC

Download Adobe Presenter’s latest version 11.1 for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, & Windows XP PC. This is the offline installed setup file for Adobe Presenter and will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating systems.

Adobe Presentation software is the best program to create lectures on demand. Turn PowerPoint 2016 slides into interactive e-lessons with great content, quizzes & export them to HTML5. Monitor the quality of learners through an integrated online learning management system (LMS).

  • Release: Adobe Systems
  • Version: 11.1
  • Use: Free Trial
  • Capacity: 1.8 GB
  • Downloads: 164.681
  • Request:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/111

How to Download Adobe Presenter Video? Introduction video

after creating the presentation on Adobe Presenter you can simply click the export button to download adobe presenter video, Watch the intro video below…

Turn slides into interactive eLearning

Transform PowerPoint presentations into engaging online learning content. Add quizzes, scenarios, and creatives, export as HTML5 to access them on PC and mobile browsers. Create highly interactive teaching videos. Monitor learner quality with a leading LMS.

Create video tutorials in 3 easy steps

Quickly create HD video lectures for use in training modules, classroom & distance learning, MOOC sessions, or fun courses. Capture screen content with audio or webcam video, right at your computer, without having to invest in expensive studio equipment. Use the simple 3-button interface for easy video editing and exporting.

Useful insights analysis

Test students’ understanding with eye-catching quizzes. Get helpful insights when tracking learner quality, SCORM-, AICC-, xAPI- compiler integrations including the entire new LMS service, Adobe Captivate Prime.

Key Features of Adobe Presenter 11


Turn slides into interactive eLearning content

  • Create content in PowerPoint: Quickly create presentations in PowerPoint, no special training, no technical expertise required. An intuitive interface guides users through the process of creating and exporting complete presentations.
  • HTML5 support for Microsoft PowerPoint: Export eLearning lessons created with Powerpoint directly to HTML5, keeping text, shapes, sounds, and effects intact.
  • Creative, engaging quizzes: Create eye-catching quizzes and quizzes using pre-designed professional templates and an engaging set of components. Easily add questions to your presentation to test your audience’s understanding and retention.
  • Create quizzes and quizzes with HTML5: Supports HTML5 to deliver eye-catching quizzes on tablets. Choose from a variety of question types, such as combo, short answer, or fill in the blank. Export point data to Tincan-compliant SCORM, AICC, and LMS.
  • Smart Learning Interactions: Insert beautifully designed interactive elements into your content with one click. Choose from a range of beautiful interactions, such as Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid and more to customize the content and appearance of your lesson.
  • Actors: Tell your story more effectively by using human characters. Choose from a variety of actors with different gestures to make your content more personal. The set of actors against the background will make the lecture look more realistic.
  • Browse the web right in the lecture: Enable effective learning by embedding the browser interface right in the lecture. Allows learners to access web-based references that complement the content in question.
  • YouTube videos in the lecture: Streaming YouTube videos right in the lecture will have a big impact and stay effective longer. Specify the part of the video you want and learners can watch it in relevant context.
  • Drag and Drop Elements: Bring your presentations to life with games, quizzes, and drag-and-drop learning modules. Provide prompt voice feedback to participants’ responses.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Support : Convert PowerPoint 2013 slides, including objects, effects, and multimedia, into rich, interactive video presentations, using an improved conversion library.
  • Sample Scenario: Create scenario-based training courses with easily editable templates. Predetermine the outcome and what the audience will gain based on the data you provide.
  • Support for universal standards: Export Adobe Presenter content once and then use it on multiple systems. Create a single package, manage on Adobe Connect Server, support SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and Adobe Connect Training.
  • Import questions from existing files: Take advantage of existing content and save time creating new questions by importing questions from other Adobe Presenter lectures or created from Articulate.
  • Slide branches: Control slide navigation and titles, create complex slide branches to guide users to grasp the content of your presentation.
  • Integrate with Adobe Captivate: Create powerful software simulations in PowerPoint with Adobe Captive . Create multiple learning modes in a single session, including how-to demos, hands-on simulations, and assessments.
  • Create question banks: Organize questions into groups and make them available as a bank. Specify the required number of questions and Adobe Presenter will, from the bank, randomly select the number of questions you want.
  • Multi-language support: Full support for converting created presentations in multiple languages. Presentation Viewer can automatically detect the operating system language to display accordingly.
  • Synchronized multimedia: Connect the video to the viewer control so that when the presentation is stopped all the effects stop the videos and when they resume they are played again.
  • Pause and resume support: Make your content more flexible with the ability to stop on any device and resume anywhere, anytime on a tablet or web browser.
  • eLearning Templates: Save time and effort to focus on the content of your lessons by choosing from well-designed, professional themes that blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. Apply them across projects to maintain a consistent look and feel. These templates are customizable to better suit your requirements.
  • Import and edit videos: Import video from any format or record directly from the webcam and embed it as a text or video talk in a slide. Edit videos using mark-in, mark-out tools and add effects like fading sound.
  • Controlled navigation: Apply navigation restrictions to ensure that individual slides are displayed for a specific period of time in your presentation.
  • Insert audio into slides: Record and sync audio with slides using the intuitive audio interface.
  • Rich effects with Adobe ActionScript: Quickly build rich interactive content with ActionScript, enhancing the effectiveness of Adobe Flash Player compatible content .
  • Compatible with Windows 8: Take advantage of the power of Adobe Presenter and all its features with the Windows 8 operating system .
  • Create survey questions: Add survey questions to your lessons to gather feedback on your eLearning content or valuable customer data. Based on survey responses, design questions to match relevance and interest.
  • Support for hand gestures on tablets: Using multi-touch technology embedded in the tablet interface, allowing learners to touch, scroll, slide, use their index finger and thumb to retract or expand on the lesson preach. Thereby increasing the instinctive interaction between learners and the content.
  • Direct access to Adobe resources: Get access to Adobe support , access to social media forums, receive timely updates from the Adobe Presenter team, all from within the app.
  • Customizable Lecture Viewer: Choose what you want to appear in front of your audience, how the text is displayed. The speaker’s information such as photo, bio, and contact information can be added.
  • Use viewer templates: There are many templates available to choose from and can be customized to your liking. After editing, you can save it for later use, helping to ensure consistency and save time.
  • Attachments: Add context to your presentation by attaching an attachment (any file type or a website link to an external website).
  • Search window: Automatically creates a Search tab to provide direct navigation to relevant slides, based on search keywords.
  • Quiz Window: Provides easy navigation for quizzes and surveys through a window in the published output.
  • Integrated notes: Import, edit, and export slide notes as a script. Optionally export notes in the created presentation.
  • Shuffle the order of questions on the test: Make sure each student has a unique test by changing the order of questions on the test and how the answers appear.
  • File size control: Choose picture and audio quality to strike a balance between precise conversions and a great viewing experience.

Create video tutorials in 3 easy steps

Download Adobe presentation
  • Create hardware-independent HD video: Conquer your audience with HD video, regardless of your PC’s AV capabilities, without the need to invest in studio equipment. Also, record screen video and webcam content with just a few clicks. Balance colors, remove noise, and enhance the overall quality of your video, all in Adobe Presenter.
  • Smart video production: Adobe’s video and audio filters automatically enhance color, lighting, and audio elements to improve video quality.
  • Video add-on: Make your videos more impressive by choosing from a range of pre-made intro and ending clips. Focus viewers’ attention by zooming in on specific content. Easily describe videos with titles, introduce yourself using the Lower Thirds option, and add custom videos and logos to meet branding requirements.
  • Background Personalization: Become a professional video maker without leaving your workplace, nor a green screen, just customize the background with a few clicks. Easily simulate any location and turn videos into high-quality learning experiences. Capture video with any backdrop, which can then be replaced with a computer screen, image, or video via Adobe Presenter Video Express.
  • Multi-video support: Add content to an existing video to add persuasiveness to your lecture by importing an external video to a selected point on the timeline. Use the original audio of the video or replace it with your own video or narration audio. The inserted videos become part of the project, which can be edited with the “3-button interface”. Based on the video length, the timeline will automatically expand.
  • In- Video Questions: Make the video interactive by inserting questions into different sections of the video’s timeline. Make sure learners have a clear understanding of a previous concept when moving on to the next. Track results on SCORM and determine the quality of a course section.
  • Arabic support: Enjoy support for Arabic to make working more intuitive. Enhance productivity, even when experiencing a professional video creation tool, with the interface of Adobe Presenter Video Express, where elements appear consistently, just where you expect them to be.
  • Annotations: Explain concepts better with the use of relevant and helpful footnotes. Highlight, comment, draw, circle, or underline to emphasize specific areas of the video and aid understanding. Edit caption properties, such as color, font, and duration of appearance.
  • Intuitive user interface: Edit videos right on the project timeline. Automatically combine full-screen content and webcam video. Easily trim clips, zoom without any instructions. Automatically adjust sharpness, lighting, enhance sound quality by reducing background noise.
  • Effects: Remove boring backgrounds using built-in stunning filters, giving videos a fresh, engaging look like never before. Apply effects to the foreground, background, or both.
  • Create SRT file: Create an SRT file from subtitles, edit and re-import it into the project. Use SRT files to provide subtitles for video-based courses, published on third-party video sites or multimedia viewers. Localize the SRT file to provide course subtitles in the local language.
  • Capture screen in native resolution: Capture the entire screen at full resolution without distorting or changing elements on the screen, taking the guesswork out of the author. Take advantage of advanced zoom for easier video editing. Publish with a resolution of 1280 x 720 or 1280 x 800.
  • Audio filter: Improve sound quality with the included filter, which reduces background noise and amplifies the sound.
  • Automatic subtitles: Thanks to the voice-to-text conversion feature, the application can create detailed captions for the audio in the video.
  • Branding: Add your company logo and color scheme to your lesson and save the settings as a theme for future use.
  • Stream video and audio: Take advantage of video and audio streaming for lectures hosted on Adobe Connect Server to enhance the immersive viewing experience.

Use statistics to act smarter

  • Publish lectures to Adobe Captivate Prime and other LMS: Get your lecture content to learners with a single click, thanks to the new LMS and Adobe Captivate Prime. The tight integration of Adobe Captivate and Adobe Captivate Prime ensures a better learning experience for users, while remaining in control of the learning environment.
  • xAPI, SCORM and AICC support: Publish content to LMSs like xAPI, SCORM, AICC and track your content.
  • HTML5 support for tracking and reporting: Track your individual learning progress by exporting lessons to any modern LMS like Adobe Captivate Prime. Get information on basic assessment criteria, such as video views, average score, fail or pass, to identify students who need correction and direct them to relevant modules.
  • Publish to video platforms: Reach a broader audience by publishing video-based content created by Adobe Presenter to YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  • HTML5 publishing support: Leverage the power of HTML5 to free courses and students from the constraints of the classroom. Give learners access to courses, even from their tablet. Deliver eLearning lessons on the go with full support for HTML5. Send grades to top LMSs and track student progress.
  • Publish for tablets: Let learners access courses right on their tablets, quickly create eLearning content using presets on iPhone, iPad. Publish content as HTML5 for easy access with a mobile web browser.
  • Accessibility: Easily create courses that meet accessibility targets for defense, government, and educational institutions.
  • Publish to Adobe Connect: Integrate with Adobe Connect software to deploy, manage, deliver, and track courses and content. Analyze feedback on slides and quizzes, generate meaningful training reports, and allow learners to track their progress. Get detailed information about viewing behaviors, including which slides were viewed, sorted in order, to identify underperforming presentations.
  • Publish your Adobe Presenter lecture as an Adobe PDF file for easy sharing.
  • Presentation Reports: Get detailed reports of who viewed on-demand presentations published to Adobe Connect Server.

As a plug-in of Microsoft PowerPoint, after installing Adobe Presenter is integrated directly into this presentation editor. You can immediately start writing your lesson or you can go to the home page of the application to watch a series of video tutorials and get to grips with the software faster.

With the powerful and handy features that Adobe Presenter provides, you can quickly and easily create impressive, professional eLearning lectures and courses right in the familiar PowerPoint interface.

Note: The main download link takes you to the registration page, Adobe asks for some information needed to activate the trial feature, as well as select the appropriate version to download.

Minimum configuration for installing Adobe Presenter

  • Minimum 2GB Ram
  • 1GB free hard drive for installation, and 5GB during use
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768 (1280 x 720 recommended)
  • Browser Internet Explorer 8.x , Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Safari 4.x
  • Adobe Reader software to view content during presentations
  • Windows Media Player
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 (32-bit) to install 32-bit Adobe Presenter, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (64-bit) for 64-bit Adobe Presenter
  • Microsoft XML Library 4.0
  • QuickTime

Update to the latest Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter 11.1

New feature

  • Includes Presenter Video Express 2017
  • PowerPoint 2016 Support (Office 2016)


  • Enhanced user experience after security improvements in Flash Player 23 and above.
  • Fixes an error where some users could not run Presenter on the computer.
  • Fixed an issue where Presenter’s Flash previewer was not working as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where some videos used in Presenter were not working due to improper conversion using Adobe Media Encoder (AME).
  • Fixes an issue where the cursor would still show an arrow, even when the mouse pointer has moved over the button.
  • Fixed an issue where the Presenter add-in would sometimes disappear from PowerPoint.