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Adobe Stock or AdobeStock Online is a huge, free stock image store for you to find exclusive, beautiful, and quality images for your graphic design projects.

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What is AdobeStock?

Adobe Stock provides users with professional stock images – a product from Adobe Systems. You can use stock images to design banners, posters, invitations, eCards, etc. for personal or work purposes.

Above we mentioned the concept of “stock image”, so what is it actually?

Adobe Stock Image Downloader Free Download for PC

Downloader Information

  • Developer: Adobe Systems
  • License: Free of charge
  • Downloads: 1,499
  • Operating System: Windows

What is Stock Images?

Many people mistakenly think that Stock photo is a ready-made image, without copyright and we are allowed to freely use it in our design without asking anyone’s permission. But that is not the case.

Adobe Stock photos or Stockphotos are photos taken by individuals, owning copyright and in personal archives, available for immediate use. The concept of Stock photo is the opposite of an Assignment photo – are photos taken by the customer upon request and the image copyright belongs to that author. Simply put, Adobe Stock photo is the image we see everywhere: on products, in magazines, or photos taken by yourself…

Stock photos are also divided into many categories such as Stock photo royalty-free (anyone can use it without paying royalties), Stock photo has management rights (exclusive use or limited use time).), Stock photo has an extended license (grants a license to use the photo for a variety of purposes and ways).

When you sign in to AdobeStock, you will immediately own 10 free stock photos. There’s also an Adobe Stock Premium Collection plan with quality photos from community donations. Besides, the images on Adobe Stock Full will have different prices and copyrights which you can discover on each photo.

Download Adobe Stock for PC

Using Adobe Stock is quite simple. You just need to search for images by any keyword. The tool will suggest related keywords as you are typing the search. In addition, users can find stock photos by themes such as animals, buildings and architecture, business, drinks, environment, emotional state, food, graphics, habits and interests, work industry, landscape, life, people, plants, flowers, culture, religion, science, social issues, sports, technology, traffic, travel, news, entertainment, belief sports…

With the Adobe Stock application, finding photos has never been so quick and easy to create professional-looking designs. Adobe Stock is also part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications, where you can preview images (with watermarks) on your designs. Then access and manage photos directly in Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC…

Registered Adobe Stock users can browse a wide range of high-quality photos, then download them if desired. Images in Adobe Stock can be used directly on presentation slides, inserted into PDF documents or designs.

AdobeStock Images Online Review 2022


  • A wide variety of high-quality photos can be searched and explored.
  • Suggestions for searching and classifying, suggesting photos according to needs.


  • Limit the number of files downloaded per month.
  • The process of downloading images can slow down low-end computers.