Recuva Download for Windows 10/7 (32/64-bit PC) Free Offline Installer

Effective data recovery software

Recuva 1.53.1087 is a professional and efficient data recovery software. With Recuva, you can get back deleted or lost files if your computer crashes. Besides, this data recovery application is also capable of recovering deleted data from Recycle Bin, memory cards digital cameras, iPods, MP3 players, etc.

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Download Recuva for Windows 7/10 64-bit & 32-bit PC – Offline Installer

Download Recuva 1.53.1087 latest version for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 11, Windows Vista, and Windows XP PC. This is an Recuva offline installer setup file for v1.53.1087 and will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Download Information

  • Release: Piriform
  • Version: 1.53.1087
  • Use: Trial
  • Capacity: 5.3 MB
  • Downloads: 378,422
  • Request: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Quickly and Easily Recover Deleted Files.

Accidentally deleted important files? Lost files when the computer crashes? No problem – Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card or mp3 player.

1. Professional file recovery software

Recuva Download for Windows 10/7 (32/64-bit PC) Free Offline Installer

Recuva can recover photos, music, documents, videos, emails or any other type of file you’ve lost. And it is capable of recovering data from any storage media such as memory cards, external hard drives, USB…

2. Recover from damaged disk

Unlike other file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. Better flexibility means greater chances of file recovery.

3. Deep scan for buried files

For hard-to-find files, Recuva has an advanced deep scan mode that scans your drive for any traces of deleted files.

4. Secure file deletion

Sometimes you want a file to disappear. Recuva’s secure overwrite feature uses industry-standard and military-grade erasure techniques to ensure your files are wiped clean.

Features of professional data recovery software Recuva

Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Your Computer

You accidentally delete files without realizing that they will be needed later. Those files can include pictures, documents, music, and even your email. With Recuva, you can restore them back incredibly quickly, securely, and simply. This small Windows program scans your hard drives to find the files you need and then restores them in a snap.

Recuva can work on any rewritable device you have. Whether you need to recover pictures from a digital camera memory card, files you’ve backed up to an external hard drive, or documents you carry around every day on a USB stick, Recuva will restore them for you. . For professional photographers, Recuva supports Nikon RAW and Canon RAW (.CRW) formats. If you listen to music on your iPod, Recuva can recover files directly from that iPod drive. Even if you can’t access files on your iPod directly, Recuva can. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about losing your music from iTunes or iPod.

Recover Data from Corrupted or Formatted Drives

Recuva can handle situations such as damaged hard drives, files you forgot to back up before reformatting the drive, camera memory cards and holiday photos that no longer work, etc.

Windows (and other operating systems) use a hidden index on hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. Instead of having to search through the entire hard drive for a file you requested, all it has to do is look it up in the index for faster results.

Unfortunately, that index is corrupted, and Windows can’t find your file, even if the file itself is undamaged. That’s when Recuva appeared. Unlike Windows, Recuva will scan all parts of your hard drive, looking for the bits that make up your files. If the drive’s index is damaged, then the other parts of the drive are also damaged. Recuva will show you the list of files it has found on that drive, and estimate how likely it is to recover them successfully.

Similarly, when you format your hard drive (especially when you use the Quick Format option), Windows deletes that hidden index but doesn’t overwrite existing files until you start storing new data. go there. Recuva can still scan the hard drive contents to find your files.

Recover Deleted Emails

If you’re using a desktop program like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, you know that deleting emails from that email program sends them to the internal trash or Recycle Bin. If you empty the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin, it means the email has been deleted and there is no way to get it back. The email program does not delete emails or emails to the Windows Recycle Bin but does empty its own recycle bin or Recycle Bin. Fortunately, Recuva offers a solution to this problem.

Email programs like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird do not store individual emails. Instead, they store each directory like a database file. For example, there might be one folder for Inbox, another for Sent Mail, another for Drafts, one for Trash, and one for emails you’ve archived.

When you empty the Trash folder of an email program, that program will empty the database file. Instead of restoring that database file, Recuva will go and recover individual emails. When you restore emails with Recuva, they appear in a compressed .ZIP file (for example, Outlook You can use any standard ZIP file reader (including Windows built-in) to open the .ZIP file and view the emails inside.

Each email is stored in the standard .EML format, which means you can import it into an email program – not just the one it was sent or received. With Recuva, you’ll never have to worry about losing important email again, even if your email program thinks it’ll never get it back.

Recover Deleted iPod Music

Deleted a song from your iPod or MP3 player? Never mind, Recuva will help you to restore it along with all the ancillary information.

Recover Unarchived Word Documents

Is Microsoft Word corrupted or did you forget to archive that important word document? With Recuva, you don’t need to worry as it can intelligently rebuild Word documents from their temporary files.

Quick Start Wizard

For newbies, Recuva offers a quick start wizard to guide them through the file recovery cycle. Just tell Recuva what type of files you’re looking to recover, where to store them, and the program will do the rest.

Thorough scan

Recuva includes many settings that you can use to tweak it to work the way you want it to. However, it can work perfectly with its default set of settings. Recuva’s dual scan levels are a prime example of that. 

When you search for lost or deleted files, you have plenty of time to do it. However, in a situation where you are being urged, it will be different. Recuva will give you the best of both worlds: the default quick scan, or the full scan for more results.

Recuva’s default scan will run through large hard drives to find deleted files in seconds. If you are looking for files that you recently deleted or the files are not on a damaged or corrupted drive, you should try the default scan mode first. It works fast and will find your files 90% of the time. If time is important, this is the choice for you. 

However, not every deleted or damaged file can be easily found. Recuva’s thorough scan option helps you find files buried deep in hard drives or removable drives. It will take longer than the default scan mode. But how much longer depends on the capacity of your drive. Recuva’s thorough scan will dig into the bits and bytes of the drive and find out all that can be recovered.

Securely delete files that you want to permanently delete

If you can recover files with Recuva, so can hackers. Anyone with access to your drive can run Recuva or a similar program to recover old files that may contain financial records, passwords, confidential documents, or other information that you don’t know. want to keep private. 

Although this program is called Recuva (meaning restore), there is still a chance that this software will be misused. Therefore, Recuva has built-in tool to erase your file traces inside. This is a protection feature that only Recuva has.

The Difference Between Recuva Free and Pro Versions

Recuva FreeRecuva Free Professional – $19.95
Advanced file recovery technologyAdvanced file recovery technology virtual hard drive support automatic update special support

Here is an example of how Recuva protects your personal data:

After completing your 2009 budget file, you delete the old budget file and start the new one for 2010. Almost, that 2009 budget file is still recoverable on your Windows computer. , especially with a powerful recovery program. 

To make sure that the 2009 budget file is completely deleted, run Recuva and search for the documents on that drive. When Recuva finds the 2009BUDGET.xls file, right-click it and select Secure Overwrite. Recuva will overwrite the portion of the hard drive where 2009BUDGET.xls still exists until no recovery software (including Recuva) can recover the file.

If you are looking for advanced cleaning and personal data protection features, you can consider CCleaner software. CCleaner can assist you to delete cookies, passwords, browser history, recently used document names, etc.

Mobile version

Recuva works whether you’re using a desktop, notebook, or any other Windows-based computer. You can download it from any browser via an Internet connection. But what if you don’t have the ability to connect to the Internet? Or if you are helping others recover digital photos? Or, what if you need to recover files from a computer that doesn’t allow you to install software?

Recuva has a portable version that requires no installer in those situations. It’s compact enough to be stored on a USB drive, so you can take it anywhere. For the regular version of Recuva, download the .EXE file and double-click it to launch the program installer. For the portable version, just go to /Recuva/download/portable and download the .ZIP file. The .ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed to save space. 

You need a tool to extract that .ZIP file. Possibly a built-in tool in Windows. Extract the contents of the .ZIP file to a new folder on your USB drive called “Recuva.” When you need to launch the program, double-click the Recuva.exe file. Or, if you are running 64-bit Windows, double-click the Recuva64.exe file.

Since Recuva portable lives entirely on USB drives, it leaves no traces of usage on your computer. Requiring no installation and hard disk space, Recuva is the ideal portable program to recover your files anywhere, anytime.