Truck Drivers Protest in Canada, State of Emergency Declared in Ottawa

A state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, following a protest by truck drivers.

According to foreign media, the situation in the Canadian state of Ottawa has deteriorated due to the unusual protests of truck drivers which have been going on for ten days, and the truck drivers have blocked most of the city after which the mayor of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency in the state.

The mayor of Ottawa said that the emergency will help deal with the protest of truck drivers, this situation is a serious threat to the security of citizens, in this situation cooperation at the government level is needed.

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Truck Drivers Protest in Canada

The mayor of Ottawa yesterday described the situation in the state as “satisfactory” and called for any major decision to be avoided.

According to media reports, the protesters first arrived in Ottawa on January 29 and set up temporary tents on the city’s streets.

According to media reports, truck drivers are protesting against the requirement of vaccines to cross the US-Canada border.