Adobe Flash Player 64-bit for Windows 7/10 Download for Free

View and play Flash in the browser

Adobe Flash Player 64-bit or Flash Player is supported for watching movies, playing games, and running flash ads directly on the browser. In particular, with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, users can also experience flash content in full-screen mode, so it will be very interesting.

Flash Player is a compact application that provides a powerful and consistent user experience across operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and other popular devices. Flash Player Plugin is trusted by many users because of its powerful ability to handle SWF, FLV, and Flash files. At the same time, it also allows decoding multi-threaded video, compressing audio, creating ActionScript

Free Download Flash Player for Windows PC Latest version 32.0.0 free for 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows XP/Vista & Windows 8.1. Get offline installer setup direct high-speed download link of Adobe Flash Player for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit for Windows PC.

Download Information

  • Developer: Adobe
  • Version:
  • Use: Free of charge
  • File Size: 20.6 MB
  • Downloads: 13.788,79
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/8.1/10

In particular, update the latest Adobe Flash Player to immediately patch the security vulnerability CVE-2018-5002. Hackers use Office files to exploit Flash zero-day vulnerability. An attacker will send Office files to the victim, download a malicious SWF file from a remote server and execute the file inside an Office document.

The malicious file will exploit CVE-2018-5002 to execute code on the user’s computer, then infect the victim’s computer with other malicious software. From now on, update Flash Player to the latest version to protect your computer’s safety!

Adobe Flash Player 64-bit Download for Windows 7 & Windows 10 PC

Adobe Flash Player software is a browser plug-in that provides a breakthrough in user web experience and is installed on more than 98% of computers with Internet connectivity. It can be said that Adobe Flash Player is an indispensable plug-in on browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera … to be able to view all flash images while surfing the web without any problems. So download Flash Player to your computer to experience the exciting features that this software brings!

Flash Player has been optimized for high performance on phone screens and designed to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities, providing a richer and more varied user experience.

To check the current version of Adobe Flash, go to Control Panel > Flash Player as shown below:

Main features of Adobe Flash Player

  • Rich user experience
  • An immersive media experience
  • Deploy powerful web applications in runtime
  • Appropriate and common cross-platform runtime dependency
  • Built for mobile devices
  • Create productivity, efficiency and execution
  • Harnessing creativity
  • User Security Control
  • Link to network and system resources
  • The right web experience.

New Features of Adobe Flash Player

Support for highly efficient SWF compression
Adobe Flash Player uses LZMA compression to reduce SWF file sizes by up to 40%, allowing users to enjoy a richer experience with shorter download times while reducing tape consumption. pine.

64-bit support
Flash Player can now use support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Multi-threaded video decoding
Provides live streaming and real-time interactive video with improved playback performance and increased aspect ratio of high bit rate content running on operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

G.711 Audio Compression for Phones
Supports interoperability with telephony systems through Flash Media Gateway (FMG) and other 3rd party clients (over open RTMP protocol) without transcoding.

Concurrency (ActionScript generator)
Generate more productive content by offloading tasks (high-latency operations and long-running programs) to work in the background to make more efficient use of resources.

H.264/AVC decoding software for camera
Stream beautiful video from your computer’s camera with more efficient compression along with extensive support, allowing for real-time high-quality communication (like video chat and video conferencing) as well as live video broadcasting.

LZMA support for ByteArray
In addition to ByteArray’s zlib compression, this type of LZMA-based compression can be used to quickly and efficiently compress data inside a ByteArray.

Access Adobe Flash
Take advantage of features like key rotation support, V3 license chains, domain support, advanced output protection, and device filtering.

Enhanced support for high-resolution bitmaps
Allows the development of applications that use large bitmaps. BitmapData objects are no longer limited to a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels (16,777,215 pixels), and the maximum bitmap width/height is no longer limited to 8,191 pixels.

Socket Process
Enhances data transfer management with a new property to specify the number of bytes remaining in the write buffer and a new event when data is sent to the network layer. New APIs allow easy monitoring of progress and providing feedback.

New MovieClip Attribute
Take advantage of the new Playing property with the ability to revert the MovieClip’s current running state.

Webcam support for StageVideo
Use GPU acceleration to create webcam video streams with greater efficiency.

Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
Protects video playback through devices without the need for a permission server.

Sandbox binding support Sandbox
binding allows specific ActionScript objects or functions to be used over a domain connection between the SWF and the SWF.

Random number generator protection
Developers can now take advantage of random number generator protection to build more secure algorithms and protocols.

Asynchronous bitmap decoding
Improve application responsiveness and smooth animations by decoding images on first load, instead of doing it on command. Those images can be saved in case of need.

Support Supports the advanced image compression standard JPEG-XR (ISO/IEC 29199-2 international standard) to provide more efficient compression than JPEG, allowing multiple compression methods to be implemented. different without loss of quality, while adding alpha channel support.

Easy-to-use (portable) text input interface
Mobile apps can now use text input on Android, BlackBerry Tablet, and iOS operating systems, including interactive user actions Use with backgrounds such as zooming and text selection.

Experience 3D Graphics
Discover a new architecture with 2D/3D GPU hardware acceleration that provides low-level Stage 3D APIs in applications.

Texture compression with alpha support for Stage3D
Transparent images now support texture compression (ATF file format).

TLS Secure Sockets Support
Take advantage of new support for secure credentials in client/server applications.

Native JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
ActionScript developers can now use highly efficient parsing functionality and JSON formatted data. In addition, they can seamlessly integrate existing data into their projects.

Advanced mouse control and relative coordinates
Create engaging games for new layers of content, including first-person games that use mouse-related functions as well as relative mouse coordinates.

Flash Player background updates
New versions can now be delivered more efficiently to end-users with this enhanced update tool for Windows and Mac OS.

Collecting Unnecessary Programs
Provides additional control by setting a schedule to collect unnecessary programs, so that the collection process does not affect the user experience.

New RemoveChildren API
DisplayObjectContainer now uses the new remove Children API, allowing developers to quickly remove all programs they don’t want children to use with a single API call.


  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz, Athlon 64 2800+ or ​​higher.
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM.
  • Graphics memory: 128 MB.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Safari 4.0 or later.
  • Opera 9.5 and up.
  • AOL 9.0 or later.

How to Download and Install VLC Media Player on Windows 10/7 PC

  • First, check the system requirements to install VLC Media Player on PC.
  • Click the Download Button above to Download VLC Media Player.
  • Once Download link is generated, Click on “Download Now” button to get the setup file.
  • Open the Download folder, and double click on the setup.exe file to start installation.
  • Select RUN to Start installation.
  • Read the Terms & Condition carefully and select Accept and install.
  • After installing the new program, some time it requires rebooting of your computer to run.
  • Now you can open the installed program by clicking the icon from the start menu if its not on desktop.

Review Adobe Flash Player: Support to view Flash on the browser

In short, Adobe Flash Player is an essential utility for browsers, because most websites require Adobe Flash Player to be installed in order to view flash videos on web browsers.

Advantages of Adobe Flash Player:

  • Can run flash games.
  • Watch flash video on browser easily.
  • Supports multiple web browsers.
  • All free.
  • Support on many different devices.

Disadvantages of Adobe Flash Player:

  • Running on Google Chrome sometimes freezes, crashes.