Hajj 2022 Policy Government of Pakistan

The announcement of Hajj policy is expected in a few days. The following preparations should be completed by now if your want to perform Hajj 2022 through the government or with Private hajj groups. Valid Passport with more than 6 months of expiry, Vaccination, and Valid Identity Card, these three tasks should be completed by now.

Arrangement of money for Hajj, an initial estimate of six to eight lakhs 600000 to 800000, the complete figure will come after Hajj policy. Check out the best travel company for Hajj 2022 to book your Hajj 2022 Package.

Calculate the cost of the family and others you are responsible for.

Utility bills, children’s school, college fees, the amount of Eid al-Fitr sacrifice, the purpose of which is to arrange the expenses that are required in your absence, where the children and parents and others will be in your absence, and how the work will be arranged.

Hajj 2022 Policy Government of Pakistan

Also arrange to take some money with for Hajj sacrifice (Qurbani), mobile SIM data holder, dates, and other gifts, transportation during Hajj days is very expensive, etc. The Hajj Ministry says to take at least two thousand riyals with us, we think we should keep some more.

Hajj 2022 Timetable – Schedule

In previous years, Hajj flights departed from 4 or 5 Dhul-Qaeda. Given the small number of pilgrims this year, it is possible that 15 will depart from Dhul-Qaeda.

In this regard, the first Hajj flight has only two months left and the Hajj policy has not been announced yet.

In previous years, when the Hajj policy and applications were announced, there were at least 6 months left to go for Hajj and during that time the government made its own arrangements.

Now that the first flight is only 2 months away and the policy has not come yet, it means that now everything will be done very fast and only those whose documents, vaccine money etc. will be completed in all respects will be able to submit applications. Click here for Hajj 2022 guide.

From the above discussion it has been concluded that those who intend to go for Hajj should now complete their preparations and not waste time waiting for anything, otherwise, God willing, the opportunity will not be missed.
May Allah be your supporter and helper. Ameen