Download Windows 11 ISO & Install on PC – Latest Build 25182

Save and Secure ISO Image for Laptop & Desktop PC

Guys in today’s post how do we download and install Windows 11? When Windows 10 came out 6 years ago, Microsoft said that there will be no new Windows after this! But now, 6 years later, Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 11! This operating system will look exactly like all previous Windows!

This is NT Operating System. After installing Windows 11, you will see a brand new interface! In which new icons, new animations, new Start Button, new taskbar i.e. complete layout, you will get a brand new look! Windows 11 has a lot of new features that we will learn about in today’s post!

Download Windows 11 ISO free latest version for your desktop PC and laptops. Grab the ISO image file and create a Windows bootable USB for free to install it on your 64-bit PC. This is an ISO image file available on the fast and secure downloading server. It’s the official ISO image copy and its 100% safe to download and install on your PC without any hesitation.

Note: We always recommend to download Windows ISO images if you are unable to download them from Microsoft’s official site.

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How to Download Windows 11 ISO & Install on PC?

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Windows 11?
  2. How to Download Windows 11?
  3. Install Requirements
  4. Windows 11 Features in Hindi
  5. How to Install Windows 11

What is Windows 11 ISO?

Windows 11 is the latest Microsoft Operating System for desktop computers! Microsoft is about to bring Windows 11 in the same series as Windows 7 and Windows 10! Windows 11 ISO is an image file having all the data required for the installation of Windows 11 on a PC.

How to Download Windows 11?

If you already use Windows 7,8 or 10 you can update it to Windows 11 for free! And if you want to download Windows 11 ISO File, there are two legal platforms where you can download Windows 11 ISO.

The official way to download Windows 11 is from Microsoft’s official site, but if you want to download Win 11 ISO quickly you can download it from If you want to download Windows 11 ISO safe and secure file, you can do so by clicking on the link below!

Download Information

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Latest: Build25182
  • Use: Free w/o activation key
  • FileSize: 4.5 GB
  • Download: 15,533
  • Platforms: Desktop PC & Laptops

Windows 11 Systems Requirements

Before installing Windows 11, there are some requirements that must be in your Laptop / PC! You can’t install Windows 11 on your PC if you don’t have it all in your system!

1- Processor

Your system must have at least 1GHz and 2Core Processor for this! Which is compatible with 64-bit processors and also compatible with System on a Chip (SoC)!

2- Display

The display must be at least 9 inches and must support a minimum of 720p!

3- Graphics Card

Graphics Card Direct 12 Must Be Supported!

4- Storage

When it comes to storage, there should be at least 64GB of storage!

5- Memory

Windows 11 requires at least 4GB of RAM! Will not support in PC / Laptop with less than Ram!

Latest Windows 11 Features

Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced Windows 11! In which it is stated that it will have more features than windows 7 and windows 10! After installing Windows 11, users will get to see a very different experience! Let us now know about its features!

New Style

In Windows 11, Microsoft has added different features from previous operating systems! Like in it you will see a start button in the middle and all the icons will meet with Soft Edge!

Virtual Desktop Support

This feature is very special in Windows 11! Just like Apple’s MacBook etc. has Virtual Desktop, in Windows 11 you will find Virtual Desktop!

Integrated Android App

In this new feature of Windows 11, you can use Android App in Windows 11! For this, you can download android apps from Amazon App Store and use them in your system!

How to Install Windows 11 on Windows 10 PC?

There are 2 ways to install Windows 11 Install on your system! Both the first Automatic Windows 11 Install and the second Manual Windows 11 install are very easy! You can use anyone!

Automatic Windows 11 Install

Step-1 First you go to the start button in your system and click on Settings!

Step-2 Now you will see the option of Update & Security, click on it! Here you will find the option to check for updates, click on it!

Step-3 Now if your system meets the requirements of Windows 11! So this Automatic will be installed!

Manual Windows 11 Install

The way you used to install all the previous operating systems on your pc or laptop! In the same way, you can make his bootable device by downloading the above Windows 11 ISO File! And Install Windows 11 On Your PC? Laptop! But no Official ISO File has been released yet!

So, friends, I hope you have understood how to download and install Windows 11. So if you liked this post, please let me know by commenting below! And if you have any questions.