CherryTree for Mac Download for macOS & Windows 10/11 PC

CherryTree is an XML documents editor software, that stores all your data in an XML file, ensuring easy access and portability. CherryTree supports an extensive range of source code types, including ASP, C, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Pascal, Perl, PHP, and more. It offers advanced features such as syntax highlighting, paragraph formatting and alignment, image and table insertion and management, and the ability to insert and manage code boxes.

Moreover, CherryTree enables the creation of hyperlinks, whether they are linked to web pages, nodes within the application, or external files. It allows printing and exporting nodes to PDF format, facilitates the organization of node structure, supports powerful search capabilities using regular expressions, and offers the option to replace text strings within notes or node names. You can also import data from various note-taking applications such as Notecase, Tuxcards, Basket, and Keepnote.

Free Download CherryTree for Mac & Windows Operating Systems

Downloading and installing CherryTree is straightforward and free. The latest version,, offers the most up-to-date features and improvements. Click the Download Button below to Download CherryTree Offline installer setup the Latest version for your Windows 7,10,11 PC and MacOS from our fast and secure download server.

Download Information

  • Developer: Giuseppe Penone
  • Version: / 0.39.4
  • Usage: Open Source
  • File Size: 77.22 MB
  • Downloads: 9,287
  • Operating System: macOS, Windows 11/7/8.1/10/XP/Vista
CherryTree for Mac Download for macOS & Windows 10/11 PC

Cherry Tree Software Overview

Cherrytree is an application that allows you to manage, organize, edit, and take notes. It provides a powerful and feature-rich environment for creating and maintaining a hierarchical collection of notes, bookmarks, source codes, and other personal information. Think of it as a personal wiki system that stores all your data in an XML file.

CherryTree boasts an intuitive and customizable interface, ensuring a pleasant and efficient user experience. It includes essential features like an Undo function, table editing and importing/exporting (in CSV format), line wrapping, and auto-saving. The application is available in multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base.

To utilize Cherry Tree on a Mac computer, you need to have the GTK library and GtkSourceView library installed on your system.

Key Features of CherryTree for Mac:

  • Auto-save: Automatically saves your work to prevent data loss.
  • Bookmarks: Easily reference important notes.
  • Cross-platform: Access your data seamlessly across multiple platforms.
  • Document export: Export documents to formats such as HTML and PDF.
  • Encryption: Optional encryption feature to ensure data security.
  • Hierarchy: Create notes in a hierarchical structure.
  • Images: Insert images into your notes.
  • Links: Establish hyperlinks between notes.
  • Plugins: Extend CherryTree’s functionality with plugins.
  • Rich formatting: Apply formatting options like bold, italic, and underline.
  • Search: Quickly find essential information within your notes.
  • Syntax highlighting: Visualize code snippets and markdown text effectively.
  • Tables: Create and edit complex tables.
  • Tags: Organize your notes using tags.
  • Templates: Create templates for common note types.

Compatibility and License:

CherryTree for Mac is a free application released under the GPLv3 license. This open-source license allows anyone to freely download, install, run, and distribute the software without significant restrictions. The current available version is, which you can download from [download link].

System Requirements:

CherryTree for Mac is compatible with macOS. Please ensure that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements specified by the application. Note that only the 64-bit version of CherryTree is available for download on Mac.