v2rayN Download for Windows [2dust/Core GitHub Version]

最新 v2rayN 使用教程快速入门篇/v2rayn-core دانلود : A GUI client for Windows, support Xray core and v2fly core and others

V2RayN is a free VPN and proxy software, and a versatile V2Ray client for Windows that supports both Xray core and v2fly core, enabling you to enhance your online privacy and access various internet protocols. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get started with V2RayN.

Download V2RayN-Core for Windows 10 & 11 PC

Download V2RayN today to enjoy a more secure and private online experience. By following these steps and utilizing the powerful features of V2RayN, you can enhance your online privacy and access a wide range of internet protocols with ease.

Click the button below to Download 2dust v2rayN-core for your Windows 10 & Windows11 PC. This is V2RayN offline installer file and will work for 64-bit operating systems.

Download Information

  • Developer: GitHub
  • Version: 5.38
  • Use: Open Source
  • FileSize: 515 KB
  • Download: 10,240
  • Platforms: Windows 10, & Windows 11

Instruction to Download and Install v2TayN on Windows 10 & 11 PC

  1. Choose the Right Version: Depending on your familiarity with V2RayN, you’ll want to select the appropriate version.
  2. If you’re new to V2RayN, download the core version by clicking v2rayN-Core.zip from the official releases page.
  3. For experienced users, download the standard version by selecting v2rayN.zip (You will also need to download V2Ray core and place it in the same folder as v2rayN.exe).

Installation and Setup

  1. Run the V2RayN Installer: Once the download is complete, run the installer to begin the installation process.
  2. Select Your Language: By default, V2RayN is in Chinese. To change the language, navigate to the top menu bar and select the seventh item, which allows you to switch to your preferred language.
  3. Unzip and Place Core Folder: To ensure V2RayN works properly, unzip the downloaded files and place the Core folder in the V2RayN directory. Failing to do this may result in errors when attempting to connect to a protocol.

Configure Servers

Access the Server Tab: In the V2RayN interface, go to the Server tab, which provides you with various server options, including Socks proxy servers, VMess, VLess, Shadowsocks, and Trojan servers.

Set Up a Server: Setting up a server is straightforward; you need the proper credentials and configuration. You can also add custom servers, but remember to have a JSON configuration file for this purpose.

Enjoy V2RayN

Connect to Your Desired Server: After configuring the server, you should be able to connect to your selected protocol immediately, ensuring secure and private internet browsing.

V2RayN Features

  • Advanced Configurations: Customize settings for different destinations.
  • Advanced Features: Supports custom plugins and UDP forwarding.
  • Built-in Router: Bypass firewall restrictions with router-level rules.
  • Configuration: Import and export configuration files.
  • DNS: Built-in DNS server for local DNS resolution.
  • Encryption: Supports AES-128-GCM and ChaCha20-Poly1305.
  • Obfuscation: Supports Vmess and Shadowsocks.
  • Protocol Obfuscation: Mask traffic as normal HTTPS.
  • Protocols: Supports V2Ray, Shadowsocks, and Socks.
  • Routing: Rule-based and domain-based routing.
  • Secure Encryption: AES-128 and ChaCha20 encryption.
  • Servers: Use custom and subscription servers.
  • Stealth Mode: Hide your traffic from restrictive networks.
  • Support: Access a built-in help guide and support forum.

Compatibility and License

V2RayN is a free application released under the GPLv3 license, providing you with the freedom to download, install, run, and distribute the software with minimal restrictions. The latest version, 6.23, is available for download.

Supported Windows Versions

V2RayN can be used on Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers and is available as a 64-bit download.