4k Tokkit Download 64-bit: TikTok Downloader for PC

Download TikTok Videos from Accounts and Hashtags

4K Tokkit 64 bit stands out as the ultimate solution for those looking to download TikTok content in bulk. This versatile application allows you to save TikTok challenges, captions, entire accounts, hashtags, and individual videos in high quality. It’s not just a download tool; it’s a comprehensive TikTok content management system. With 4K Tokkit, you can watch TikToks offline, browse your TikTok feed without ads, and easily repost your favorite clips to other social networks.

Free Download 4k Tokkit for Windows, macOS & Ubuntu

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Download Information

  • Developer: Open Media
  • Version: 2.4.0
  • Use: Demo
  • FileSize: 101 MB
  • Download: 22,240
  • Platforms: Windows 7, 10, & Windows 11 x64
4k Tokkit Download 64-bit: TikTok Downloader

A Multitude of Download Options

4K Tokkit offers a wide range of features for TikTok enthusiasts. Here are some of the key functionalities it brings to the table:

Download TikTok Hashtag Videos

One of the standout features of 4K Tokkit is its ability to download TikTok hashtag videos. You can easily save TikTok challenge videos, as well as other content from TikTok hashtags. These videos are available in MP4 format with resolutions of up to 720p, ensuring high-quality downloads.

Download TikTok User Videos

4K Tokkit also enables users to bulk-download videos from TikTok accounts. This means you can save all the videos from your favorite profiles and even grab avatars of TikTok users. It’s a one-click process that simplifies content management.

Back Up Your TikTok Account

Want to safeguard your TikTok content or have an archive of your uploads? 4K Tokkit lets you download every TikTok video from your profile with a single click. You can also save your TikTok avatar and export your download history for easy access.

Other Remarkable Features

4K Tokkit is more than just a downloader; it’s a comprehensive TikTok content management tool. Here are some additional features that make it an indispensable companion for TikTok users:

Download New TikTok Clips Automatically

Stay up-to-date with your favorite TikTok creators and hashtags effortlessly. The app can automatically check for new videos and grab fresh content daily without requiring any manual intervention.

Download TikTok Videos by Date

Customize your download experience by adjusting the date range in the in-app calendar. This feature enables you to download videos published during specific time periods, making content management more precise.

Save TikTok Video Captions

4K Tokkit not only lets you download TikTok videos but also ensures that you get them with their original captions. You can easily hover your cursor over the video icon to view the captions in-app and even copy them to your clipboard for reference.

Download Clips that Feature the Same Music

For music enthusiasts, this feature allows you to grab all TikTok videos associated with a particular audio track. Simply paste the link to the sound, and you can start saving all TikTok videos that feature that track.

Save TikTok Clips Individually

Whether you want to save a single TikTok video or create a collection of your favorite content, 4K Tokkit makes it simple. Just enter the link to a TikTok video, and you can download it to your computer as a single file.

Access Private TikTok Accounts

Unlock the ability to save videos recommended to specific TikTok users and download videos from private TikTok accounts you follow. This includes grabbing all media and profile pictures in a single click.

Download Liked TikTok Videos

You can easily save all the videos you’ve liked on TikTok in one go. Moreover, you can download publicly available likes of any TikTok account, making content management even more streamlined.

Change Your TikTok Location

Explore TikTok videos popular in other countries, regions, and cities by switching to another location using the built-in proxy setup. It’s a great way to broaden your TikTok horizons.

Remove the TikTok Watermark

If you prefer your downloaded videos without watermarks, 4K Tokkit has you covered. You can remove the watermark from one or multiple downloaded videos at once, ensuring you enjoy watermark-free content.

What Users Are Saying

4K Tokkit has garnered praise from its users, with many highlighting its effectiveness in downloading TikTok content. While some users have expressed their desire for a watermark removal feature, the overall feedback is positive.

Pricing: Getting Started with 4K Tokkit

To get started with 4K Tokkit, you can try it for free. The app offers a demo version with limitations, including 2 TikTok hashtag and account downloads, and 50 daily TikTok video downloads. This allows you to explore the app’s features before committing to a plan.

When you’re ready to unlock the full potential of 4K Tokkit, you can choose from the following plans:

  • Starter: This plan is free and requires no credit card or trial period.
  • Lite: For $15, you gain access to the main features for a year.
  • Personal: Priced at $20, this plan offers access to the main features for personal use.
  • Pro: For a limited time, the Pro plan is available at $45, offering unlimited access to all features, including commercial use.


4K Tokkit is a powerful and versatile tool for TikTok enthusiasts who want to download, manage, and enjoy their favorite TikTok content with ease. With a wide range of features, it’s the ultimate TikTok downloader that simplifies content management and enhances your TikTok experience. Give it a try and unlock the potential of 4K Tokkit today.