BlackBerry-Style Keyboard Case for iPhone 14, 15 Designed for Creators

Tech Influencers Mr Mobile and CrackBerry Kevin introduced the physical Smartphone Keyboard case for iPhone

In a bold move reminiscent of BlackBerry’s iconic physical keyboard, the tech world is buzzing about Clicks, a cutting-edge iPhone keyboard case introduced by a new company founded by tech influencers MrMobile and CrackBerry Kevin. Clicks is poised to bring back the tactile typing experience, questioning whether 2024 is the year to embrace the return of the physical smartphone keyboard.

Priced at $139, the Clicks case for iPhone 14 Pro is set to ship on February 1st, with the iPhone 15 Pro following in mid-March. The company is also accepting reservations for the $159 iPhone 15 Pro Max model, expected to launch in early spring.

BlackBerry-Style Keyboard Case for iPhone 14, 15 Designed for Creators

iPhone Keyboard case Colors – Image: Clicks

Unlike its predecessors, particularly the infamous Typo case funded by Ryan Seacrest, Clicks stands out as a modern, vibrant, and intentionally designed accessory. The case, available in bumblebee (yellow) and London sky (grayish-blue) colors, offers a refreshing take on the traditional keyboard case.

One notable feature of Clicks is its connectivity, eschewing Bluetooth and batteries. It seamlessly attaches to the iPhone, resembling the installation process of a Backbone controller. Users slide their phones in, align the power port with the USB-C or Lightning connector, and snap the case securely in place. Furthermore, Clicks draws power directly from the iPhone, supporting pass-through fast charging for the iPhone 15 Pro.

BlackBerry-Style Keyboard Case for iPhone 14, 15 Designed for Creators - Image Clicks

iPhone 14, 15 Pro Keyboard Cover Case photo- Image: Clicks

Despite its innovative design, the Clicks case is not without drawbacks, as highlighted by tech reviewer Michael Fisher. Its size may present an adjustment challenge, transforming the sleek iPhone into a device with TV remote-like proportions. Additionally, the absence of a built-in magnet means MagSafe accessories may not adhere as well, although wireless charging functionality remains intact.

BlackBerry-Style Keyboard Case for iPhone 14, 15 Designed for Creators 2

iPhone 14, 15 Pro Keyboard Cover Case Sliding – Image: Clicks

Fisher acknowledges these drawbacks in a video review, emphasizing that Clicks aims to cater to creators who value tactile precision in their typing experience. The company, boasting a team that includes former employees from Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, positions Clicks as a response to the perceived abandonment of hardware keys in smartphones.

BlackBerry-Style Keyboard Case for iPhone 14, 15 Designed for Creators

iPhone 14, 15 Pro Keyboard Yellow Cover Case Look – Image: Clicks

A companion app is in the works, set to launch on the Apple App Store, promising ongoing enhancements and functionality for the keyboard. Early adopters who secure the “Founders Edition” of Clicks will enjoy VIP support and exclusive access to new color options.

The Clicks case doesn’t just bring back the tactile feel of a physical keyboard; it also incorporates features reminiscent of computer keyboards, such as a backlight and a CMD key for iOS keyboard shortcuts. This attention to detail aligns with Clicks’ goal to provide users with a satisfying, immersive typing experience on their iPhones.

Sliding an iPhone 14 Pro into the case. Image: Clicks

In a press release, Clicks emphasizes that the case addresses the issue of smartphone keyboards occupying significant screen real estate. By reintroducing physical keys, Clicks aims to empower users to immerse themselves fully in apps and content without compromising on typing comfort.

For those who have longed for the return of a physical keyboard on their smartphones, the Clicks case is poised to be a game-changer, allowing users to communicate and create with the tactile feedback that only real buttons can provide. As the tech world eagerly awaits its debut at CES, Clicks may mark a turning point in the evolution of smartphone accessories.