Private Server Master Royale Infinity 2024 Download

Master Royale Infinity, the private Clash Royale server, invites gamers into a realm of endless possibilities. This MOD, often referred to as the Chinese Clash Royale, ensures that players experience the game without any constraints, offering unlimited resources and a level playing field for everyone.

Revel in the Clash Royale Experience without Boundaries

As a tower defense strategy game spawned from the renowned Clash of Clans, Clash Royale boasts millions of players worldwide. Many enthusiasts, seeking enhanced gaming experiences, turn to private servers or MODs, and Master Royale Infinity stands out among them.

Download the Master Royale Infinity 2024 APK for Android

Click the download button below to download the Master Royale Infinity Private server 2024 APK for Android devices at no cost. This Master Royale Infinity App is free to download and use on your phone.

App Information

App NameMaster Royale Infinity 2024
Package NameMaster-Royale-Infinity.apk
Size395 MB
Latest Version Available17
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0 & Above

Master Royale Infinity APK 2024 for Android – Download Link

You are now ready to download Master Royale Infinity App for free. Here are some installation notes:

App Screenshot

What Sets Master Royale Infinity Apart?

This private server mirrors the official game’s appearance but introduces several exciting features:

  1. Free Unlimited Gems: Start your games with an astonishing one million gems.
  2. Unlock All Cards: Access to all cards in the game, allowing for diverse and strategic gameplay.
  3. Unlimited Chests: Open chests without any limitations, ensuring a constant influx of rewards.
  4. Abundant Gold: Begin your journey with one million gold pieces, empowering your in-game transactions.
  5. Online Matches: Engage in battles against other users in thrilling online matchups.
  6. Monthly Events: Participate in exciting events held every month, adding an extra layer of fun and competition.

Remember, Your Progress Stays Within Master Royale Infinity

It’s crucial to note that any progress made within CR Infinity does not impact the official version of the game. The modifications and enhancements offered by Master Royale Infinity are solely confined to the private server.


Master Royale Infinity is a modified version of the original game, developed by a third party unaffiliated with Supercell, the game’s owner. The content provided has not been validated or approved by Supercell, and there is no affiliation with their trademarks. Both Supercell and its trademarks are unrelated to this development.

Our verdict: This program is a modified version of the original application, developed by a third party unassociated with the owner or We have not verified, validated, or approved the program. Downloading, installing, and using this program is the user’s exclusive responsibility, and bears no liability for any effects or results on your device. Neither nor the original developer of the modified app has any relationship with this version.