Pictures of Actress Javeria and Saud’s Daughter Jannat Warmed the Atmosphere of Social Media

Pictures of Actress Javeria and Saud's Daughter Janat

Actress and host Javaria Saud shared photos of her daughter, Jannat Saud, on Instagram but was criticized by users. 

According to the details, actress Jawiria Saud is now rarely a part of showbiz activities. Which was liked by some social media users while the majority criticized it.

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In the pictures, Javeriya and Saud’s daughter Jannat can be seen in a new and unusual hair look. In the pictures, their hairstyles have been changed. Someone likened them to older women.

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Javeria and Saud's Daughter Jannat

One user said that she is a little girl and is reducing her innocence with such experiences. 

A user named Nina Khan wrote with regret that she was such a lovely girl, what has happened while a user named Ayesha wrote that children look innocent. Fashion is not for children, in addition, another user called Jannat an older woman.

Javeria and Saud's Daughter Jannat